Breaking News! All Shandler for All Schechter Trade?

The wires started rumbling earlier today. With Glenn Colton and Rick Wolf’s Tout Wars AL team lapping the field more times than, um, Mario Andretti, Larry Schechter proposed to Ron Shandler—one point and place behind him in the standings—a swap of their entire teams. Ron says he rejected the proposal as ridiculous, but then found the possibilities gnawed at him.

He’ll explain why he liked the deal, whether or not he does it, later, I’m sure. One of his reasons, however, was surely the possibility of turning things upside down, and having something novel to write about.

Support for a deal from members of the LLC and some tout owners has been immediate. Larry tweated:

Fred Zinkie, not a shy one when it comes to trading tweated back:

Ron is thinking about it. Tweet your views @ronshandler @LarrySchechter @toutwars @kroyte!