2011 TOUT: AL Contenders Announced!

The contenders in Tout Wars AL in 2011 are (# = New League, * = Tout Rookie)

Jason Grey, espn.com (2010 Champion)
Larry Schechter, sandlotshrink.com #
Jeff Erickson, rotowire.com
Todd Zola, mastersball.com #
Dean Peterson, stats.com
Steve Moyer, baseballinfosolutions.com
Mike Siano, mlb.com
Jason Collette, baseballprospectus.com
Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton, rotoworld.com
Ron Shandler, baseballhq.com
Matt Berry, espn.com
Lawr Michaels, mastersball.com

TOUT MIXED: Gardner’s Wrap Up

“After an intense final week, there was a distinct lack of drama on the last day of the regular season in the Tout Wars mixed league. The season-long leader, Andy Behrens of Yahoo.com, managed to hold on for the title — winning by 3.5 points over Fanball.com’s Charlie Wiegert as my team faded to third place, 4.5 points back.”

Read the rest at Usatoday.com.

Your 2010 TOUT WARS Champions!

The results won’t be official until tomorrow, but the champions appear to be clear:

TOUT AL: Jason Grey wins his third Tout title.

TOUT NL: Nate Ravitz wins his first Tout title, as he and 2009 champion Brian Walton switch places in the standings.

TOUT MIXED: Andy Behrens holds on for his first Tout title.

Congratulations to this year’s SABR Trophy winners!

TOUT MIXED: Time for the Godfather to “ Call In a Few Favors!”

Charlie Wiegert writes:

The Godfather movie posterAs I sat and listened to Cardinals President Bill Dewitt Jr and GM John Mozliak try to put a positive spin on the Cardinals season and make their pitch for next year to a select group of season ticket holders, I was more worried about how John Lester and Francisco Liriano were going to do last night.  I became a fantasy scoreboard watcher, sitting with one eye on Chris Carpenter and the other on the visitor scoreboard.

The White Sox score first on Lester and I blurt out “Oh Shit”, and have a bunch of people around me wonder what’s going on, since nothing happened on the Cardinals field. Come on Lester, get your act together here tonight I sputter, you do want win 20, right?  The Cardinals score as Albert rips a double into the left field corner and Spillborghs hacks the rebound off the wall and Schumaker easily trots home.  I look up at the scoreboard and see Victor hit a two run homer and the Red Sox have the lead…alright, things are going good.

For the Cardinals, things would get better, with two more runs in the second and third innings, and Carpenter is cruising.  Most of the throng of an announced 36,000 attendance that wasn’t a person more than 25,000 in the ball park is wondering why the Cardinals haven’t played more like this the last few weeks.  This game could have meant something, we’d be fighting for a playoff spot.

But as I look at the scoreboard, the only games that meant something to me are going wrong.   The White tie it up, and Toronto takes a two run lead on Liriano.  It would only get worse! The White Sox hit Lester with a 4 spot in the 4th and tack 2 more on in the 5th, and the Blue Jays hit the Twins with 2 in the fifth.  The only fifth I’m really thinking about at this spot is the one of Glen Livet I wish I had so I could drown away my sorrow, as I just watched my Tout wars team lose almost all hope.

As the Cardinals and Carpenter finish up the masterpiece over the Rockies, I hope Tulo’s one hit is the worst night from my hitters.  It wasn’t!  They went 8 for 31, a .258 average. As Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion show the fans at Target Field this can be a home run ball park after all, Lester, Liriano and Heath Bell combine for a 12.23 ERA and 2.23 Whip.   Somewhere there is a fat lady getting ready to sing (or maybe she already has but I don’t want to hear it!).

I’ve now fallen 3.5 points back.  I need Slowey, Lannan and Daniel Hudson to all throw shut outs and lot of other people to get lit up this weekend…so the Godfather is calling in some favors from the players that can make that happen!  Don’t hold your breath…I don’t have any horse heads I can put in peoples beds to get their attention!