No Schadenfreude Here!

Brian Walton has such a giant lead in NL Tout that it is hard not to be upset that he’s lost Albert Pujols to a fractured forearm for a month. Too bad! I feel really badly that his great season has been tarnished, and I really really hope he’s able to hold onto his lead.

USA Today’s Steve Gardner, another Tout NL competitor, feels badly for Brian, too, though he doesn’t come right out and say it.

Scott Pianowski Shops Braun. Uses Brains.

Last week in NL Tout Scott Pianowski, for his good hit-no pitch team, sought offers for his main stud, Ryan Braun. His requirements, an ace pitcher and an everyday hitter, were stringent, and few made offers.

This week Scott tells all, but doesn’t address the elephant in the room: Can anyone catch Brian Walton without making a bold pivot?

Tout NL Leader Brian Walton revisits the day…

…he didn’t put in a speculative claim Dee Gordon for buck. Read it at It was last Sunday, just seven days ago.

Despite the gaffe Walton increased his lead in Tout NL this week, and may have seeded even more success down the road.