AL Tout Live Blog, the transcript is here.

The Tout AL draft is done. Here’s a transcript of the live blog, with some photos of your favorite touts. Click Here

The draft spreadsheet is here.

I happened to read Jason Collette’s excellent live blog of last year’s NL draft while putting together this year’s liveBlogs. Draw whatever conclusion you like, an awful lot of the game we play is counter intuitive. This is well worth reading as you get committed to this year’s players.

Announcing the SABR Trophy

SABR logoTout Wars is pleased to announce the Society of American Baseball Research’s sponsorship of the SABR Trophy, with a presentation by SABR Board member F.X. Flinn of trophies to the three 2009 Tout Wars champions before Friday’s Tout Wars AL Draft.

Tout Wars and SABR hope this inaugurates a long association of championship-caliber play and an expanding appreciation and understanding of the game of baseball.

Read SABR’s press release.

Tout Wars AL lineup is set…

The twelve teams of Tout Wars AL are set. One big change this year. Sam Walker, author of Fantasyland, has decided to move on with his two Tout Wars titles.

Taking his place is the estimable Rob Leibowitz, of, a long time Tout Wars vet who played last year in the NL league.

The rest of lineup includes 2009 champion Lawr Michaels, second place finisher Mike Siano, third place finisher Ron Shandler, and Jeff Erickson, Joe Sheehan, Jason Grey, Steve Moyer, Matthew Berry, Jason Collette, Rick Wolf/Glen Colton, and Dean Peterson.

The AL auction will be held at 4 pm on Friday, March 26th.

The event will be live blogged. We’re working on getting some unfortunately limited number of guest passes. If you’re interested, please write to, with Tout Wars Guest in the subject, and which draft you would like to attend.

The winners!

There is more to be said about the Tout Wars winners than will be said in this post. You can read some of it in The Fantasy Baseball Guide 2010. Surely Lawr and Brian will write about it at, and Chris will write about it at The fact is this:


AL: Lawr  Michaels,

NL: Brian Walton,

Mixed: Chris Liss,

Mike Siano-Lawr Michaels Smackdown, er, conversation here.

It’s a dogfight in AL Tout, and the dogs are’s Mike Siano and’s Lawr Michaels. Rare is the day that both don’t spend some time in first place. Both will be blogging here, their darkest deepest thoughts. Maybe even murderous thoughts, now that I think about it. Follow the evidence here.

Tout AL 7/27 Swat


Rel Mills. $Claim R Rowland Smith ($19. Next Moyer 6 Peterson 5 Sheehan 2. Vickery: $7)
Rel R Hill. Claim C Meredith.
May not reclaim Matt Harrison, who is still on the 15 day DL.
DL Westbrook. $Claim Matt Palmer ($1. Next: $0. Vickery: $1)
Res Wise. Activate Gordon.
Cut Cunningham, if necessary.
Rel W Balentien. Res Anderson. $Claim C Gimenez ($4. Next: Collette $4. Vickery: $4)
Res Linebrink. $Claim J Sowers ($1. Next: $0. Vickery: $1)
Res Cormier. Act Ryan Perry.
Rel Dellucci. $Claim B Wallace ($1. Next: none Vickery: $1)
$Claim M Saunders. ($24. Next: Siano 20, Grey 19, Peterson 15, Erickson 15, Michaels 7, Berry 6, Moyer 6. Vickery: $21)
Res Griffey. Activate K Millar.
Res Brignac. Claim Valencia.
Res Olsen. Claim Coke.
CUTS: Olsen, Crowe
Res Kotsay. $Claim E Peterson ($13. Next: Colton 4, Sheehan 1. Vickery: $5)
Res C Davis. $Claim D Barton ($7. Next: Sheehan 2, Colton 2. Vickery: $3)
Res Millwood. Claim Tony Pena.
CUT: Kotsay
Res WOod. Cut Freel. $Claim LaRoche ($69. Next: Colton $60, Collette 32, Peterson 25, Moyer 21, Siano 20, Grey 19. Vickery: $61)
Res Mazzaro. Act Laffey.
Cut Salazar. Act C Guillen.
losing bid