Seth Trachtman Takes Tout Daily by FanDuel’s Week 9 Contest!

strachtmanSeth Trachtman got only seven points from his pitcher, Charlie Morton, in Friday night’s Tout Daily contest, but an excellent offense across the board added up to a win in Week 1 of Phase 3 of the contest.

Even if Morton hadn’t earned the win in a wild game in Atlanta, Trachtman would have prevailed, behind huge games from Adam Jones and AJ Pollock, and solid performances from Jose Bautista, Paul Goldschmidt, Dustin Pedroia and Will Middlebrooks. Only Salvador Perez on his team failed to earn at least three points.

The next three teams, Paul Greco, Michael Beller and Andy Behrens all rostered favorite Jake Odorizzi for the evening, but their plans were dashed when he was removed after four and a third innings with an oblique strain. All three also had Adam Jones on their teams.

Trachtman takes the lead in Phase 3 of the five phase contest. Each Phase is four weeks. The three teams with the highest scores for the four weeks combined will earn tickets to the August 28th final, in which 15 teams will vie for $2,000 in prizes.

You can see the leaderboard here.

This week’s winning squad:

Screenshot 2015-06-06 08.29.45

June 1 FAAB Reports for Tout Wars!

First up, Mastersball does without Perry Van Hook this week, but manages to highlight some interesting moments in this week’s FAAB bidding. How much did you bid for Eduardo Rodriguez in your leagues?

Mike Gianella gets to ponder that question in his FAAB report at Baseball Prospectus, and he gets to fiddle over the NL free agent pool, which has been left for dead in recent weeks.


Scott Pianowski Wins Tout Daily by FanDuel Phase 1!

Scott-Pianowski-YahooScott Pianowski finished first for the second time in four weeks in Tout Wars Daily by FanDuel, to finish first in the inaugural Phase of the contest, and wins a ticket to the Championship Day, on which the 15 Phase winners will compete for $2000 in prize money.

Pianowski rode St. Louis starter Lance Lynn, and got solid performances from Joey Votto, Dee Gordon, and Joc Pederson for the win. He was trailed in Week 4 by Jeff Erickson and Al Melchior. You can see all the entries and results right here.

The other two Championship Ticket winners in Phase 1 are Week 3 champ Adam Ronis and three-time Top 10 finisher Jeff Erickson. They closely edged out Lenny Melnick, who along with all the other touts will begin with a clean slate for Week 1 of Phase 2, starts next Friday, May 8th. See the Tout Daily Leaderboard here.

Here’s Pianowski’s Week 4 winner:

Screenshot 2015-05-02 11.38.01

Tout Wars FAAB Reports for April 27!

The Mastersball crew charts and comments on this week’s big moves. Rob Leibowitz goes AL, Brian Walton NL, Zach Steinhorn on Mixed Auction, and Perry Van Hook on Mixed Draft. The big buys were Jimmy Paredes, Addison Russell and John Axford.

thorshammerMike Gianella does deep analysis of Tout Wars moves (and LABR, too) over at Baseball Prospectus, including an intriguing digression on Mjölnir, Thor’s hammer in both Norse mythology and Marvel comics.

Your April 20 FAAB REPORT LINKS For TOUT WARS! takes on Tout NL, AL, Mixed Draft and Mixed Auction, with commentaries from Todd Zola, Brian Walton, Zach Steinhorn and Perry Van Hook.

Mike Gianella has some notes about Tout NL, as well as some LABR leagues.

Mixed Draft Redemption Schedule

This year, for the first time, Tout Wars Mixed Draft owners will be able to redeem the draft day “price” of a player for FAAB dollars, if a player he owns goes on the Disabled List. The rule reads, in part:

If a player who was bought in the auction is placed on a major league disabled list, 7-day, 15-day or 60-day, his Tout Wars team may release him and ask his SWAT to add the player’s auction salary back to this year’s FAAB. In the Mixed Draft league, players will be given dollar values based upon the prices paid in the Mixed Auction league. For instance, the first player drafted will take the value of the most expensive player taken in auction. Similarly, the 20th player drafted will have the price of the 20th most expensive player bought in auction, regardless of position.

The Redemption Price List can be found here.