May 15, 2017 FAAB Reports

Mastersball weighs in with reports on all five leagues, with a complete record of bids and wisdom from Todd Zola and his crew.

Mike Gianella talks about Tout NL’s moves this week, plus comments about LABR Mixed (with some Tout info as well) and LABR AL.

Mike Gianella Wins Tout Wars NL for the Second Time in Three Years!

That could be the headline if the final Tout NL standings at the end of the season are the same as the projected standings heading into the season. The projected standings are based on the players taken in the Tout NL auction using‘s projections., the Tout Wars stat service, offers projected standings based on rest of the year stats from two sources. In the other standings, based on Clay Davenport’s projections, onRoto owner Scott Wilderman is projected to finish first, with Gianella in second, but we should disregard those. Wilderman uses the Davenport projections to make up his bidding list.

Tout Mixed Draft Winners! Preseason Style.

Our stat provider,, has a feature that allows us to apply two sets of projections to the current rosters, and see the year’s “final” standings before the season even starts.

Gary Davenport’s projections like Greg Ambrosius and Anthony Perri:

While the BaseballHQ projections tip to Anthony Perri and Greg Ambrosius, with a helping of Ray Murphy:

It’s probably a comfort to two-time defending champ Adam Ronis (and everyone other than Ambrosius, Perri and Murphy, that last year’s projected standings had him finishing 10th and ninth respectively. That’s why we let them play.

See you on Opening Day!

Jonathan Pierce Wins Doubt Wars NL!

doubtwarslogoJonathan Pierce has edged out If You Build It They Will Come for the 2016 Doubt Wars NL championship.

Doubt Wars players put together dream rosters after the Tout
Wars auctions are done, pricing players at $1 more than their Tout Wars price. Draft day rosters are held all season long, and then combined with the Tout Wars draft day roster to form one big roto standings.

The team with the highest average rank in the TW 5×5 categories is the champion.

This year’s highest finishing Tout NL owner was champion Todd Zola, who finished fifth overall in Doubt Wars.

See the whole standings here.

Pierce’s team was built around big seasons from Wil Myers, Gregory Polanco, Wilson Ramos and Trevor Story, plus Tanner Roark, Noah Syndergaard and Anthony DiSclafani. (Update: This story was originally and incorrectly published with the roster from Pierce’s Doubt Mixed team. Sorry about that.)


Congratulations Jonathan Pierce!

Look for the Doubt Wars Mixed results in the next day or so.

The Tout Wars Leaderboard Has Been Updated!

Though Tout Wars leagues are not money leagues, one way to measure a tout’s success is to pay the winners as if there were money involved.

Each year we charge each entry an imaginary $100, then divide the purse to the top 33 percent of the winners, with first place earning 50 percent and each place behind that half as much. In 15 team leagues the payouts are $674, $287, $93, -$3, -$51. In 12 team leagues the payouts are $540, $220, $60, $-20.

With his rookie win in Tout H2H, Jeff Zimmerman has the highest average win per season, slightly ahead of Adam Ronis, who has two firsts and fourth in his three season.

Ronis is tied with Fred Zinkie, on average. Zinkie has three firsts, two seconds and a fourth in his six seasons. Zinkie’s winning total is second overall, a little behind Tout Wars’ six time champion Larry Schechter.

Head over to the chart to see how the Touts are doing.


It’s Full Moon on a Full Moon This Week! Plus, Tout Daily Finals Field Is Set!

Screenshot 2016-08-20 09.20.23Last night’s full “sturgeon moon” was anything but a fish for Rick Wolf’s Full Moon Tout Daily entry.

Launched by Cole Hamel’s dominant win and brought home by Masahiro Tanaka’s equally strong performance, Rick’s team danced in the moonlight to a 17 point victory.

Full Moon’s offense was powered by stalwart Joey Votto, the surprising Keon Broxton, this year’s biggest surprise Jonathan Villar, and youthful powerhouse Gary Sanchez.

full-moon-2Last night’s contest, the last of the Tout Daily regular season, determined the winners of the final three golden tickets to the Tout Daily finals, which will be held next Friday, August 26th, at

Brian Walton finished 11th on the week and first for Period 5, winning his second ticket to the finals. He’ll have two entries next week, having also finished first in Period 1.

Todd Zola finished third on the week, and second for Period 5, winning his second ticket to the finals. He finished first in Period 4.

Mastersball partners Zola and Walton also finished first and second in Total Points over the 20 weeks of Tout Daily. There’s no award for that, apart from the special satisfaction of a job well done.

Eno Sarris finished 12th on the week, and third for Period 5, winning his first ticket to the finals. He finished 19th overall, demonstrating that there are many paths to the staging ground for the assault on the pinnacle (otherwise known at the 2016 Tout Daily Championship).

The estimable Charlie Wiegert is the reigning Tout Daily Champion, and he will pass his crown next week to one of these on the full roster of Tout Daily Finalists (sorted by Total Points on the season):

Todd Zola X 2
Brian Walton X 2
Mike Gianella
Jeff Erickson X 2
Tim Heaney
Tristan Cockcroft
Rick Wolf
Jason Collette
Eno Sarris
Patrick Davitt
Rob Leibowitz
Patrick Mayo

You may follow along live next Friday night, or check in on the results at And check for a preview of the night’s contest, and the game story on Saturday morning.

Use the link to sign up to play daily fantasy baseball games for free for fun or enter pay contests to win prizes.

The regular season final leaderboard can be found here.

The state of the moon on August 26th will be Waning Crescent.


Sarris Crushes Tout Wars Daily Field! Walton Takes Big Lead!

Screenshot 2016-08-13 10.13.58Eno Sarris got a monster game from Charlie Blackmon in Philadelphia (his three solo homers added up to 19 points on the night) and a solid game from Rajai Davis (his three steals were owned by just one percent of RTSports players), plus nice games from Dylan Bundy and Evan Longoria to lap all the Tout Daily by field except Todd Zola.

Zola finished six points behind Sarris, riding Yu Davish’s first 100+ pitch game since starting his recovery from TJ, Hanley Ramirez’s rout (two homers, six RBI) and Longoria’s nice game, plus solid contributions from Stephen Vogt, Jabari Blash, and Billy Hamilton (3 steals on one hit, one walk, three strikeouts).

Derek VanRiper led the rest of the pack, 13 points behind Sarris, with Brian Walton in fourth. Walton’s strong finish vaulted him to the top of the Period 3 standings, 19 points ahead of second place Steve Moyer.

Moyer’s lead after period two was erased following his weak performance in week 3 (Christian Yelich, for example, was 0-4 with four strikeouts), and he is now in a dogfight with VanRiper and Sarris for the final two golden tickets to the finals, about 15 points ahead of the next pack of contenders led by Zola, Adam Ronis, Jake Ciely and Lawr Michaels.

Ronis (fourth) and Ciely (sixth) have the most total points in the Tout Daily series in 2016, without earning a ticket to the finals. Next Friday’s contest is their last chance this year. Before the season Ciely was a strong advocate for giving the highest scoring team to not earn a ticket a ticket into the finals. What did he know then?

Walton and Zola are the only contenders who already have tickets to the finals.

See the complete leaderboard here.

Join us next Friday for the final week of the final period of Tout Daily by

And join us August 26th, when 15 teams compete for the title of Tout Daily 2016 Champion!