The May 22 FAAB Reports for Tout Wars!

Todd  Zola and the merry lads at Mastersball have the words and numbers for all the leagues and let us know what happened this week. Check it out here.

Mike Gianella’s NL and LABR reports are always full of wisdom and wit. This week’s is here.

May 15, 2017 FAAB Reports

Mastersball weighs in with reports on all five leagues, with a complete record of bids and wisdom from Todd Zola and his crew.

Mike Gianella talks about Tout NL’s moves this week, plus comments about LABR Mixed (with some Tout info as well) and LABR AL.

May 23 FAAB Reviews!

Not only do Mastersball writers write about the week’s moves in five leagues, but Todd Zola takes a look at the standings and how much money each team has spent.

Mike Gianella cracks wise and witty on the week’s moves in Tout AL and NL, plus LABR mixed at Baseball Prospectus.