Coming Up! Tout Weekend 2018

Tout Weekend is fast approaching. This year teams competing in the four Tout Wars auction leagues will need the luck of the Irish, as all four auctions are taking place on March 17. Yes, St. Patrick’s Day.

The location is Richmond County Bank Ballpark, home of the Staten Island Yankees. In the home dressing and exercise rooms, particularly.

The schedule:

Tout Wars Party: Friday March 16, 2018. 7pm at Foleys NY, at 18 West 33rd Street. Come one, come all.

Tout Mixed Auction: Saturday March 17, 2018. 9am at RCBB. Auctioneer: Jeff Erickson

Tout NL: Saturday March 17, 2018. 10am at RCBB. Auctioneer: Brian Feldman

Tout AL: Saturday March 17, 2018. 3pm at RCBB. Auctioneer: Joe Pisapia

Tout H2H: Saturday March 17, 2018. 4pm at RCBB. Auctioneer: Todd Zola

SiriusXM Fantasy Sports will be carrying live coverage of the four auctions, which can also be followed live on the auction spreadsheet (link to come), and Twitter (@toutwars).

The event will be open to a limited number of guests. If you’re interested in attending, let a Tout know. Only people on the guest list will be admitted to the park. There will be food and drinks available for purchase by guests.

Thanks to the Yankees for inviting us, and Andrea LaMont and Lenny Melnick for working out the details.

Tout Wars Head To Head Champion 2017: Vlad Sedler

At the end of April, Vlad Sedler, Andrea LaMont and Howard Bender were tied for second place, behind Peter Kreutzer’s hot start. But Kreutzer stumbled the next week, and so did Sedler and Bender, leaving LaMont alone in first.

By the end of May, Sedler had climbed back up to second place, four games behind LaMont, and in the last period in June he moved ahead by three games. While his lead seesawed from series to series, Sedler didn’t reliquish the lead the rest of the way, and finished with a three-game lead over LaMont in the end.

Sedler’s team was built around the power of Paul Goldschmidt and Giancarlo Stanton. He bought Noah Syndergaard as his ace, but when Syndergaard went down he relied on break seasons for Robbie Ray and James Paxton, and the reemergence of Dallas Keuchel as an ace to carry his staff. Plus Craig Kimbrel as a closer.

Tout Wars H2H Final Standings Are Posted!

Jeff Zimmerman is officially the Tout Wars H2H champion. Followed closely behind by Brent Hershey.

Follow the link to see the roto standings for the first, second and full season, and the league’s final standings.

To see the final H2H standings visit

Jeff Zimmerman Wins Tout Wars Head 2 Head!

The Tampa-Texas game is not quite over, but there is no way for Andrea LaMont to overtake Jeff Zimmerman in the the pitching categories, so he’s assured a victory (pending the release of official statistics tomorrow) in the league’s first year.

We’ll release the official final standings on Monday, after the second half and full year roto standings are calculated and distributed.

THE FINAL WEEKEND: Tout Wars Head 2 Head

Done! Not really. Actually, it’s a squeaker!

Going into the last weekend, Jeff Zimmerman is nine games ahead of Brent Hershey in the Head to Head portion of the schedule, a seemingly insurmountable lead. But this week Zimmerman is losing to Andrea LaMont, 2-3 in hitting, 2-3 in pitching, and 4-6 overall, which would give him a weekly record of 0-6.

Hershey, meanwhile, has strong leads in eight categories over Paul Sporer, which would give him a weekly record of 6-0 if it holds up.

Here are the current standings:


If the current results hold up, Zimmerman finishes the head to head part of the contest at 84-48, while Hershey will 81-51.

Of course, these teams are also competing in 5×5 roto contests, for the first half, second half, and full season. These are converted to W-L records.

In the first half Hershey was 12-0, while Zimmerman was 11-1. Uh-oh.

In the second half Hershey is in first place again (through Thursday’s games). Double uh-oh.


That’s another 12-0 for Hershey and an 11-1 for Zimmerman. And it’s hard not to assume that the overall full-year standings will tell a similar story, which puts our projected finish at:

Jeff Zimmerman: 117-51
Brent Hershey: 117-51

You can bet that Zimmerman is rooting hard against Andrea LaMont this weekend, and Hershey is rooting for her.

(In case of a tie in total points, according to the Tout Wars Constitution, the team that wins in more categories is designated the winner. If neither team wins more categories, the glory—and the title—is shared.

In the second half, Hershey is up six cats to four, and in the first half Hershey led by five cats to four, so Zimmerman’s best bet to win is to edge LaMont over the weekend in at least one more category, to go 5-1 for the week.)


Zimmerman Dominates in Tout Head To Head!

As we draw to the end of the penultimate series of the 2017 Tout Head to Head season, Jeff Zimmerman is soundly beating Jeff Boggis, and is poised to go 6-0 for the week.

Brent Hershey’s second-place team is being edged by Peter Kreutzer’s team in both hitting and pitching, and is in danger of going 0-6 for the week. But this has been a see saw battle all the way, so there is certainly a fair chance that Hershey’s team will pull it out. There are four days of major league games left to play.

Here are the current standings for head to head play.


But Tout Daily isn’t just about the head to head. Wins and Losses are also applied based on roto 5×5 standings for the first half, second half, and whole season. We’ve had a hard time introducing this novel system into the automated scoring our stat service provides, but here are the standings for the various periods to date.

The first half standings:

Screenshot 2016-07-05 11.33.36

The current second half standings are:


We’ll hold off on the end of season standings until the season is over, but it seems pretty clear that there will be no dramatic surprises. The first and second half Top 3 are the same, if slightly resorted.

And here are the combined first and second-half to date standings:



It’s going to take some major reversals for Brent Hershey to overtake Jeff Zimmerman in the race for the first Tout Head to Head crown.

Tout FAAB Remarks for the Week of August 29th!

Mastersball hits on four cylinders (Rotoman skipped out on H2H comments, but Todd wades in gracefully) about this week’s FAAB moves right here!

If Rotoman had remembered to send Todd Zola copy, he would have said: Stephania Bell grabs the only prize that mattered this week: Gary Sanchez, the greatest catcher of all time. Rotoman is terrified of not making his innings and decided to load up on starters this week, in hopes he can get back to running out relievers in the two two-week H2H contests coming up in September.

Mike Gianella’s comments on Tout NL and AL (plus LABR Mixed) at Baseball Prospectus may blow your mind.

Tout Wars Head 2 Head Halfway Report! It’s all Hershey and Zimmerman!

Tout Wars Head 2 Head is different than the other Tout leagues.

In those other leagues, scored Rotisserie style, you look at the standings and you see who is winning and losing.

In Tout Head 2 Head, you have to look at the Head to Head records, in which Brent Hershey is tied with Jeff Zimmerman.

Screenshot 2016-07-05 11.30.50

Then, since we’ve reached the halfway point in the season, you need to look at the first half roto standings, which determine the outcome of 12 additional games. (You can see the complete first-half standings here.)

Screenshot 2016-07-05 11.33.36

Hershey finished ahead of Zimmerman in the roto standings, so he earns a first-half record of 12-0, while Zimmerman adds an 11-1 mark to his head to head score. Do this for all 12 teams and you have the combined first-half records.

Screenshot 2016-07-05 11.36.05

Hershey has a slim lead over Zimmerman, with Peter Kreutzer and Jake Ciely close enough to challenge. Then Michael Beller and Jeff Boggis have room enough to dream.

How many second-division teams will be able to move up? That’s why they’ll play the second half, while Brent Hershey and Jeff Zimmerman battle to win. All teams will be affected by 12 games awarded based on second half stats and another 12 games awarded based on the overall season roto standings.

How do our Tout Wars teams’ records compare to their major league counterparts? In other words, how are they doing?

The Leader
The Leader

Brent Hershey equals the Chicago Cubs, and then some.

Jeff Zimmerman is a supercharged San Francisco Giants.

Peter Kreutzer is the Cleveland Indians.

Jake Ciely is the Washington Nationals.

Michael Beller is the Boston Red Sox.

Jeff Boggis is the Houston Astros.

Stephania Bell is the New York Yankees.

Jeff Mans is the New York Mets.

Howard Bender is the Oakland As.

Paul Sporer is the Tampa Bay Rays.

Doug Anderson is the Atlanta Braves.

Andrea LaMont is the Minnesota Twins.

Good luck in the second half everyone!