Five Beat All Touts in June 2nd #toutchallenge at FanDuel.

Despite rostering two Dodgers hitters  (Kendrick and Ethier) who scored 0 total points in the team’s 9-8 win over Colorado, eggmantaxi took the June 2nd Tout Challenge behind a huge game from Chris Archer.

Four of the five teams that finished ahead of top tout Lawr Michaels had Archer. The other, like Michaels, had Lance Lynn.

The teams that beat the Touts: eggmantaxi, drew123, sportsprophet, fossa, and marshalld76.

The winning squad (click to enlarge):

Screenshot 2015-06-03 09.50.37

The Touts who finished in the Top Half:

Lawr Michaels
Al Melchior
Charlie Wiegert
Scott Swanay
Adam Ronis
Jake Ciely
Doug Anderson
Todd Zola