Introducing the New Draft and Hold League

Tout Wars is introducing a sixth league, adding a 15-team, 50 round Draft and Hold contest. The league will follow standard Tout Wars rules but without trades and free agent pick-ups.

The idea to expand Tout Wars was proposed by our late friend, Lawr Michaels, citing the need to recognize the quality of work being done by a slew of younger writers. Lawr suggested making the league a Draft and Hold format as a natural complement to the other Tout Wars offerings. The rest of the board unanimously agreed and the Tout Wars Draft and Hold League was born.

Without further ado, here are the 15 esteemed participants for the inaugural season:

Participant Affiliation Twitter
Alan Harrison The Fantasy Fix @TheFantasyFix
Anthony Aniano Rotoballer @AAnianoFantasy
Ariel Cohen FanGraphs, CBS Sportsline @ATCNY
Brad Johnson Fangraphs, Rotoworld @BaseballATeam
Doug Anderson Fantrax @rotodaddy
James Anderson Rotowire @RealJRAnderson
Jeff Mans Fantasy Guru Elite @Jeff_Mans
Jon Hegglund Baseball Prospectus @JonHegglund
Matt Modica The Athletic @ctmbaseball
Michael Florio Fantrax @MichaelFFlorio
Michael Stein Fantasy Judgment @FantasyJudgment
Mike Sheets ESPN Fantasy @MikeASheets
Jeff Boggis Fantasy Football Empire @JeffBoggis
Ryan Hallam Fighting Chance Fantasy @FightingChance
Vlad Sedler Fantasy Guru Elite @rotogut

The league will begin drafting in mid-February. Give the Tout Warriors a follow as many will be sharing their picks, not to mention talking some trash.

Announcements on the Mixed Draft (March 5) and Tout Wars weekend (March 15-17) will be forthcoming.