It is Time for Doubt Wars!

doubtwarslogoThe Tout Wars auctions are in the books. Budgets have been busted, sleepers have woken up, and after a busy weekend the Touts are traveling, sleeping, and mulling over their rosters, remembering what went right, and turning over what went wrong in their minds, over and over.

Which means it’s time for you to play Doubt Wars, the game in which you Play Against the Pros.

How does it work?

Sign up using the form below, sending your name and the email address you use at, the great stat service Tout Wars uses. Make sure to say what league or leagues you want to play in.

In a few days you’ll be able to log into and sign into your Doubt Wars league.

Choose a full roster for your team, player by player, using Tout Wars prices + $1 from the Create Rosters in the Team Menus section of the left nav.

Doubt Wars is a draft and hold league. No transactions once the team is set. The follow their teams and the standings all season long at It’s like playing against the Tout Wars pros.

At the end of the season we compile the final stats for all NL, AL and Mixed entries and calculate the three winners, who are then sent a package of publications and memberships from Tout Wars companies and players who contribute.

But nobody does this for the prize. The process of putting together a shadow team based on what the Tout Warriors paid this past weekend is a delicious roto challenge. Read about the 2015 winners here.

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  1. Me too. It’s really fun. Unlike all those mock drafts in magazines, we actually have a winner at the end and can follow the score all season long.

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