Tout Daily Finals: The Race.

They started playing at 7:05. Now, three hours later, the top teams are running out of innings.

Challengers, with pitchers and more innings coming, lurk.

At 10:15, here are the Top 5.

Screenshot 2016-08-26 22.16.31

That’s Patrick Davitt, Tristan Cockcroft, Rick Wolf, Mike Gianella, Eno Sarris.

NOTE: Gianella (KingFolderol) has more innings left. Sarris’s second starter, Jeff Samardzija, hasn’t yet begun.

NOTE: The Top three teams all rostered Gary Sanchez, who has put up 14 points for just $2,600 in salary.

NOTE: At 11:15, Patrick Davitt has a miniscule lead over Tristan Cockcroft. Davitt has one inning of Mike Napoli and one inning of Brandon Guyer left to go. Cockcroft has one inning of Napoli. Absent a major rush from Eno Sarris, Jason Collette, or Mike Gianella, it looks like Davitt has this thing wrapped up.

NOTE: At midnight, the paths to beat Patrick Davitt are limited. Eno Sarris gets there if Jeff Samarzdija pitches a complete game shutout with eight strikeouts. He’s got five K through five IP, with a six run lead, so it isn’t impossible. Brian Walton also has Samarzdija live, but is 1.66 points behind Sarris. He needs a double from Addison Russell to pass Eno, plus Samarzdija to be good to pass Davitt.

NOTE: 12:21. Another scoreless inning, another strikeout for Samarzdija. Sarris and Walton are stalking:
Screenshot 2016-08-27 00.21.20