Tout H2H: Approaching the End of the First Half

As we approach the major league halfway point, so too do we approach the halfway mark of Tout H2H. Ten of the season’s 22 contests are on the books, and Brent Hershey has a four-game lead over Jeff Zimmerman.

Screenshot 2016-06-20 16.06.54Tout H2H contests are each worth six games. Most run one week, though four (at the start of the season, midway, All Star break and the week following, and the end of the season) are two weeks long.

The winner in hitting in each contest earns two wins, and the winner in pitching earns two wins.

Ties split the two games.

The winner in overall points for the week, the WPF (for) and WPA (against) columns above, wins another two games, and the loser loses two. Ties, again, split the two games.

So, a dominant week means a 6-0 record, a terrible week is 0-6, but any record in between is possible.

But this isn’t all the scoring in Tout H2H. The league also adopted roto scoring, which would determine 36 games worth of the standings. Teams would be ranked in the 10 categories as they are in a traditional roto league, and the first place team would earn a 12-0 records, while the last place team would earn a 0-12 record. These, and those of all the teams in between, would be added to their H2H record.

There are three roto contests: First half, Second Half, and Full Season.

The first half won’t close until July 3, halfway through the season’s 11th H2H contest, but we thought it might be fun to take a look at the roto standings with two weeks to go.

Screenshot 2016-06-20 16.18.43 You can click on the graphic to see it larger. Click this link for the full standings, with category detail.

What it shows is that the two top teams and the last place team in H2H contests (so far), are atop and beneath in the roto standings, but in between there is a jumble.

Jake Ciely loses four places, Stefania Bell gains five. And so on and so on. Certainly all of this will change some in the next two weeks. The big question is whether teams will try to stack their squads, to make up points in the roto standings.

Given the six-man benches of each team, that might prove harder to do than improving one’s team’s record in H2H play. What is for sure is that each team has options.

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  1. Dang! Good thing I’ve got a couple of weeks to keep righting the ship. That losing streak killed me and a 1-11 addition to my record would be the kick to the groin after being knocked down. Wins against Hershey & Bell were big. Now I gotta smack Beller around for a week to continue the mission. Look out!!

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