Tout Wars FAAB Report: Week of August 13

Welcome to the weekly Tout Wars FAAB report, on its new home right here on the Tout Wars site. Each week, we’ll review the free agent acquisitions from all five leagues, with commentary from a league member, as well as yours truly. We changed the timing of the weekly run to 1 PM ET every Sunday, with the report posted later that afternoon so you’ll have time to digest and apply to your own leagues. In addition, I’ll be joining Lawr Michaels and Justin Mason on the Tout Wars Hour on the FNTSY Network every Sunday at 3:20 PM ET to discuss the results.

You can find the complete list of Tout Warriors here. Everyone starts with 1000 FAAB units, less any penalty incurred by finishing below a designated point in the standings. This is a means of keeping everyone motivated to keep playing all season long. The minimum bid is $0. FAAB units can be traded as well as rebated for players released off the DL.

The report will list all winning bids along with unsuccessful tries and contingencies. This provides the maximum level of information to help gauge interest on the players.

The American and National League only formats are 12-team leagues, as is the new points-based head to head league, The Mixed Auction and Draft each have 15 clubs. All the leagues have four reserves with an unlimited DL, expect the head to head league, which allows six reserves.

The headings above each league are links to publicly accessible sites where you can see standings, roster and a complete review of transactions. The initial auctions and drafts can be found here.



CMullins, Bal Jeff Erickson 375 Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 175 Rob Leibowitz 145
Lawr Michaels 37 Larry Schechter 3
THildenberger, Min Jeff Erickson 111
TAustin, Min Jason Collette 74 Jeff Erickson 375 Rob Leibowitz 38
Larry Schechter 2
RUrena, Tor Mike Podhorzer 56
ROHearn, KC Rob Leibowitz 42
TMay, Min Mike Podhorzer 34 Chris Liss 0
KStewart, Min Jason Collette 26
JMinaya, CWS Mike Podhorzer 16
TPannone, Tor Lawr Michaels 9 Seth Trachtman 3
AJurado, Tex Seth Trachtman 3
AWynns, Bal Vlad Sedler 2 Mike Podhorzer 0
YDiaz, Cle Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 2
BGuyer, Cle Larry Schechter 1 Jeff Erickson 56
GAllen, Cle Larry Schechter 1 Jeff Erickson 56
ALewicki, Det Seth Trachtman 1
YRamirez, Bal Chris Liss 0
LVoit, NYY Chris Liss 0
GGreiner, Det Mike Podhorzer 0
BSmith, KC Chris Liss 0


JRickard, Bal Rob Leibowitz 14 Larry Schechter 0
JMFernandez, LAA Jason Collette 7
AEngel, CWS Jeff Erickson 3 Larry Schechter 0
RStanek, TB Jason Collette 2
CTocci, Tex Larry Schechter 1 Chris Liss 0
TCole, LAA Jason Collette 1
HFillmyer, KC Seth Trachtman 0 Chris Liss 0
JField, Min Larry Schechter 0
MGerber, Det Larry Schechter 0
RLaMarre, CWS Larry Schechter 0
RoPerez, Cle Mike Podhorzer 0

Todd’s Take

This is a good example why it’s better to resist the temptation to get SOMEONE at the trade deadline  as opposed to holding the hammer for August. There’s no telling how Cedric Mullins will perform, but he’s being given the reins to center field in Camden Yards with Adam Jones scooting over to right. I was holding out for Anthony Santader or even Austin Hays, but it appears Mullins will be the one to be auditioned.

Twins dominate the rest of the bidding, especially at closer with Fernando Rodney and his make believe  quiver headed to Oakland. Most feel Hildenberger will get the gig while some are calling the Trevor May card. My make believe money is on Addison Reed who is under contact for decent money through next season. Kohl Stewart is drawing interest as the prospect is being called up to take the rotation spot of Adalberto Mejia. Finally, with Logan Morrison out for the year, Tyler Austin gets the call. If Austin plays full time, Jason Collette has himself a nice buy.



JNix, SD Grey Albright 54 Todd Zola 37 Brian Walton 16
Andy Behrens 11 Phil Hertz 6
Tristan H. Cockcroft 0
DBote, ChC Andy Behrens 51 Mike Gianella 14 Phil Hertz 7
Scott Wilderman 2
WMiley, Mil Andy Behrens 41 Phil Hertz 6 Steve Gardner 2
Tristan H. Cockcroft 0
CKelly, SF Todd Zola 17
BKennedy, SD Todd Zola 13
COswalt, NYM Phil Hertz 8 Tristan H. Cockcroft 0
ROrtega, Mia Phil Hertz 2 Phil Hertz 5 Craig Mish 1
AGarica, StL Steve Gardner 1 Phil Hertz 2
CCasali, Cin Grey Albright 1
RStephenson, Cin Tristan H. Cockcroft 0 Phil Hertz 2
JWilson, ChC Derek Carty 0


TToussaint, Atl Grey Albright 54
DFloro, LAD Grey Albright 31
BDixon, Cin Andy Behrens 21 Phil Hertz 0
CFerguson, LAD Grey Albright 11 Phil Hertz 1
DHudson, StL Grey Albright 11
JBlevins, NYM Grey Albright 11
JChargois, LAD Grey Albright 11
IGalloway, Mia Phil Hertz 8 Phil Hertz 3
AGarrett, Cin Andy Behrens 7
RBlack, SF Phil Hertz 2
JMathis, Ari Grey Albright 1
TWolters, Col Grey Albright 1
KGlover, Was Phil Hertz 0
TGuerrero, Mia Phil Hertz 0
TomHunter, Phi Phil Hertz 0
AChafin, Ari Derek Carty 0
BBrach, Atl Derek Carty 0

Todd’s Take

Starting pitchers dominated the NL Tout bidding as the Padres promoted a couple of their more advanced prospects, though far from the jewels of their system. Jacob Nix (no relation to Jayson or Laynce, else his name would be, you know, Jaycob) copped the top bid, coming of a scoreless debut Friday night, blanking the Phillies for six innings on four hits. Nix displayed good control with the ability to keep the ball in the yard on the farm, albeit with a pedestrian strikeout rate.

With limited funds, I landed on the other recent Padres call-up, Brett Kennedy. His initial foray into the bigs didn’t do as well as Nix as Kennedy was shelled by the Brewers. Still, he could get a look and in Petco Park, there will be better days.

I also grabbed former top prospect Casey Kelly, who was once famously traded along with Anthony Rizzo by the Red Sox for Adrian Gonzalez. Several years, and injuries later, Kelly is toiling for the Giants. After coming in relief of Ty Blach over the weekend, Kelly may get a rotation look.



RLopez, CWS Bret Sayre 111 Derek VanRiper 22 Jeff Zimmerman 4
Scott Swanay 3 Jeff Zimmerman 0
FReyes, SD Ron Shandler 57 Fred Zinkie 27 Derek VanRiper 17
Al Melchior 4 Jeff Zimmerman 1
ADiaz, Tor Ron Shandler 57 Zach Steinhorn 23 Ray Flowers 21
Fred Zinkie 16 Al Melchior 4
SAlexander, LAD Bret Sayre 55 Jeff Zimmerman 44 Ray Flowers 17
Al Melchior 6
THildenberger, Min Jeff Zimmerman 54 Tim Heaney 7
MGivens, Bal Scott Pianowski 47 Jeff Zimmerman 54 Brent Hershey 43
Ray Flowers 23 Zach Steinhorn 16
Tim McLeod 4 Jeff Zimmerman 4
RMadson, Was Bret Sayre 45 Jeff Zimmerman 24 Zach Steinhorn 18
Ray Flowers 17
JNix, SD Tim McLeod 42 Ron Shandler 5
CMullins, Bal Ray Flowers 39 Brent Hershey 29 Bret Sayre 17
Jeff Zimmerman 14
BJohnson, Bos Scott Pianowski 37 Derek VanRiper 22
CIannetta, Col Scott Pianowski 31 Scott Swanay 0
JJeffress, Mil Tim Heaney 26 Ray Flowers 17 Al Melchior 6
MMinor, Tex Zach Steinhorn 22 Ray Flowers 13
JGant, StL Derek VanRiper 22
AFrazier, Pit Ray Flowers 21
RErlin, SD Ron Shandler 18 Al Melchior 2
SReidFoley, Tor Tim McLeod 17 Al Melchior 6 Fred Zinkie 1
JIglesias, Det Zach Steinhorn 17
GAllen, Cle Bret Sayre 17
TWhite, Hou Scott Pianowski 13
PLopez, Mia Ron Shandler 11
DTravis, Tor Scott Pianowski 7
TToussaint, Atl Tim McLeod 6 Fred Zinkie 3
TMay, Min Al Melchior 6 Tim Heaney 7
CFerguson, LAD Tim McLeod 4
BKennedy, SD Jeff Zimmerman 4
WCastillo, CWS Zach Steinhorn 2
MBarnes, Bos Brent Hershey 2 Bret Sayre 10
TWard, LAA Fred Zinkie 1
EDiaz, Pit Scott Swanay 0
AGordon, KC Jeff Zimmerman 0
YPetit, Oak Fred Zinkie 0 Bret Sayre 0


CMaybin, Sea Ray Flowers 21 Jeff Zimmerman 1
WLeBlanc, Sea Ray Flowers 13 Scott Pianowski 1
AReed, Min Ray Flowers 13
MagSierra, Mia Ray Flowers 13
RNunez, Bal Ron Shandler 12 Bret Sayre 0
JFamilia, Oak Bret Sayre 10 Fred Zinkie 0
KStewart, Min Ron Shandler 5
SGaviglio, Tor Ron Shandler 5
TMilone, Was Jeff Zimmerman 4
JFaria, TB Tim McLeod 2 Tim Heaney 0
ASlater, SF Jeff Zimmerman 1
DRobertson, NYY Fred Zinkie 0
MTaylor, Was Bret Sayre 0
SLeon, Bos Scott Pianowski 0
SOh, Col Jeff Zimmerman 0

Jeff Zimmerman’s Commentary

The number of moves ticked up this week as real and fantasy teams filled needs.

Personally, I had three open slots to fill with several players heading to the DL. I needed pick a lane and decided to concentrate on getting one closer.

After the dust cleared, I spent $54 on Trevor Hildenberger. Most of the other newly appointed closers went around the same price:

Scott Alexander: $55
Mychal Givens: $47
Ryan Madson: $45

Nine owners (5th to 13th) are separated by 14 Saves. If owners want to make a move, they can here.

I needed to replace Mike Trout in the outfield and the options were horrible. It was either part-time one trick guys or low talent accumulators. I went with Alex Gordon for his seven-game week and hopefully get Trout back soon. I was interested in Cedric Mullins but got out bid ($39) by Ray Flowers. Mullins could provide a nice source of steals.

Bret Sayre spent $111 on Reynaldo Lopez and his two starts against the Royals and Tigers. Besides Lopez, Bret picked up Alexander and Madson.
Ron Shandler also opened his wallet spending $57 on Franmil Reyes and Aledmys Diaz. Both are solid choices as Ron tries to climb up the standings.

Todd’s Take

Whenever I say something like this, I hope it isn’t taken as a back-handed swipe at another other league, be it Tout Wars, my own leagues, your leagues, whatever. With that said, golf applause to the Mixed Auction participants for such a spirited round of bidding. League leader Tim Heaney has more than a 25-point lead but the other 14 chasing him don’t care – they’re making every effort to scratch for every point, the way it should be. An impressive 13 of 15 owners bid this week with all 13 winning at least one player.



SAlexander, LAD Michael Beller 104 Scott White 27 Charlie Wiegert 22
RMadson, Was Gene McCaffrey 73
AOttavino, Col Scott White 27
WAdames, TB Charlie Wiegert 22 Adam Ronis 22
TBeckham, Bal Adam Ronis 22 Gene McCaffrey 0
JBarria, LAA D.J. Short 18 Jeff Boggis 11
JCandelario, Det Gene McCaffrey 12
JGant, StL Jeff Boggis 11
DJansen, Tor Adam Ronis 7 Rudy Gamble 1
HFillmyer, KC Jeff Boggis 6
PLopez, Mia Jeff Boggis 6
ALewicki, Det Jeff Boggis 2
DPalka, CWS Rudy Gamble 2
BHolt, Bos Tom Kessenich 1
AWynns, Bal Perry Van Hook 0
AReed, Min Michael Beller 0


BPeacock, Hou Scott White 17
ADiaz, Tor Charlie Wiegert 15 Adam Ronis 8
NAhmed, Ari Charlie Wiegert 15
ENunez, Bos Adam Ronis 14 Tom Kessenich 1
CMullins, Bal Adam Ronis 8
JBeeks, TB Jeff Boggis 2
AGordon, KC Tom Kessenich 1 Gene McCaffrey 0
AFrazier, Pit Tom Kessenich 1
ASlater, SF Tom Kessenich 1
BPhillips, KC Tom Kessenich 1
CMaybin, Sea Tom Kessenich 1
JCave, Min Tom Kessenich 1
RHerrera, KC Rudy Gamble 1

Todd’s Take

Despite a recent struggle, Scott Alexander was the high bid, hoping he gets the bulk of the save ops with Kenley Jansen dealing with the recurrence of an irregular heartbeat. Kenta Maeda is also in the mix.

Infielders were front and center among the bats with Willy Adames, Tim Beckham, Jeimer Candelario and Daniel Palka all on new Tout teams. Beckham is finally in the groove after a long injury recovery. Adames is now the regular Rays shortstop with Adeiny Hechevarria out of the picture while Candelario hopes to revert to early season form where he was displaying more power.

An under the radar pickup is Jays catcher Danny Jansen, earmarked for a Monday promotion, hopefully to begin the phase-out of Russell Martin. Jansen’s bat is more advanced than his defense. That said, there’s no indication Toronto has any plans to move Jansen from behind the dish.



YChirinos, TB Jake Ciely 25
JMcNeil, NYM Jake Ciely 15
PLopez, Mia Peter Kreutzer 13 Justin Mason 3
CRichard, SD Jeff Mans 11
CGearrin, Tex Stephania Bell 8
TMilone, Was Justin Mason 5
HFillmyer, KC Justin Mason 3 Peter Kreutzer 11 Jeff Mans 6
THernandez, Tor Dr. Roto 3
JHellickson, Was Dr. Roto 3
JGant, StL Justin Mason 0
SGaviglio, Tor Justin Mason 0
WAdames, TB Clay Link 0


TBeckham, Bal Jake Ciely 10
AGomber, StL Peter Kreutzer 7
BreAnderson, Oak Peter Kreutzer 3 Dr. Roto 2
JShields, CWS Dr. Roto 2
FLiriano, Det Jeff Mans 1
AMondesi, KC Clay Link 0
BJohnson, Bos Justin Mason 0
BKennedy, SD Justin Mason 0
DTravis, Tor Clay Link 0
JVargas, NYM Justin Mason 0
MGonzalez, Hou Clay Link 0
RMcMahon, Col Clay Link 0

Todd’s Take

Ah, the never-ending chase for two-start pitchers. Reynaldo Lopez and Clayton Richard lead the pack.

Despite this being a shallower 12-team league, I’m a little surprised Teoscar Hernandez was available. Though, to be fair, a .707 OPS the last month has a little something to do with it.