Tout Wars FAAB Report: Week of August 6

Welcome to the weekly Tout Wars FAAB report, on its new home right here on the Tout Wars site. Each week, we’ll review the free agent acquisitions from all five leagues, with commentary from a league member, as well as yours truly. We changed the timing of the weekly run to 1 PM ET every Sunday, with the report posted later that afternoon so you’ll have time to digest and apply to your own leagues. In addition, I’ll be joining Lawr Michaels and Justin Mason on the Tout Wars Hour on the FNTSY Network every Sunday at 3:20 PM ET to discuss the results.

You can find the complete list of Tout Warriors here. Everyone starts with 1000 FAAB units, less any penalty incurred by finishing below a designated point in the standings. This is a means of keeping everyone motivated to keep playing all season long. The minimum bid is $0. FAAB units can be traded as well as rebated for players released off the DL.

The report will list all winning bids along with unsuccessful tries and contingencies. This provides the maximum level of information to help gauge interest on the players.

The American and National League only formats are 12-team leagues, as is the new points-based head to head league, The Mixed Auction and Draft each have 15 clubs. All the leagues have four reserves with an unlimited DL, expect the head to head league, which allows six reserves.

The headings above each league are links to publicly accessible sites where you can see standings, roster and a complete review of transactions. The initial auctions and drafts can be found here.



JVillar, Bal Patrick Davitt 1007 Doug Dennis 754 Mike Podhorzer 439
Rob Leibowitz 278 Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 243
Vlad Sedler 129 Larry Schechter 80
Seth Trachtman 50
CMaybin, Sea Doug Dennis 754 Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 243 Larry Schechter 80
Vlad Sedler 23
TPham, TB Rob Leibowitz 145 Mike Podhorzer 133 Larry Schechter 80
Seth Trachtman 15 Vlad Sedler 8
TGlasnow, TB Mike Podhorzer 116 Jason Collette 76 Vlad Sedler 24
Lawr Michaels 17
LForsythe, Min Larry Schechter 80 Mike Podhorzer 76 Doug Dennis 55
Seth Trachtman 35 Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 10
TWhite, Hou Jason Collette 56 Doug Dennis 55
JBeeks, TB Mike Podhorzer 42 Vlad Sedler 24
BLowe, TB Mike Podhorzer 28 Jason Collette 6 Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 0
RLaureano, Oak Seth Trachtman 25 Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 6
AMejia, Min Seth Trachtman 25 Jason Collette 5
BreAnderson, Oak Vlad Sedler 24 Larry Schechter 10 Seth Trachtman 5
Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 1
KCowart, LAA Seth Trachtman 18 Mike Podhorzer 12 Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 2
JAdduci, Det Vlad Sedler 6
EYoung, LAA Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 6
TVieira, CWS Jason Collette 6
JAlvarado, TB Larry Schechter 5
AEscobar, KC Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 2 Mike Podhorzer 12
DRobinson, Tex Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 0


ROHearn, KC Larry Schechter 32
AJurado, Tex Seth Trachtman 4
RPressly, Hou Jason Collette 4
LAvilan, CWS Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 2
AMeadows, TB Seth Trachtman 1 Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 1
HSantiago, CWS Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 1
TRenda, Bos Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 0

Todd’s Take

What was gearing up to be a boring deadline period in the American League picked up a bit with four hitters and a pitcher adding some meat to the pickings. Though, the injury to Tommy Pham dampened things a bit as he would likely be the top pick in most AL formats, unless you need the speed Jonathan Villar or Cameron Maybin can offer.

Baseball HQ’s Patrick Davitt confirmed his intent was to pick up Pham but swerved to Villar to insure maximum playing time. Davitt expressed concern how much running Villar will do with Baltimore, a club that traditionally is more station to station. Hopefully, they’ll let him utilize his skill set and add some swipes before season’s end.

Maybin could actually be the better option if steals are the priority. Seattle does run, especially at the bottom of the order. Expect Maybin to play every day.

While it’s not a surprise Pham drew the third most FAAB, the low number it took to get him is certainly a head-scratcher. Larry Schechter agrees, expressing similar dismay, “I can’t believe Pham only went for $145. He may be back in as little as two weeks and was batting clean-up for the Rays. He’s a very valuable HR/SB combo.” Even more curious is several Touts have ample money left to have outbid Rob Leibowitz. In fact, Leibowitz still has the third most FAAB so depending on what happens with waiver deals and callups, he may be able to funnel the discount on Pham into more help.

Schechter acquired Logan Forsythe, saying, “Beggars can’t be choosers. With 3rd least FAAB remaining, I’m happy to get Forsythe. (I’m assuming he plays full time).” I agree, Forsythe should play nearly every day. The Twins still have the likes of Eddie Rosario, Max Kepler and (don’t laugh) Joe Mauer, so Forsythe should generate reasonable run production.

One last note in the Twins before switching to pitching. I’m very surprised Tyler Austin was only a contingency. Sure, he’s starting in the minors, but he’s a natural platoon partner for both Joe Mauer and Logan Morrison. It shouldn’t be long before Austin is with the big club.

Tyler Glasnow joins the Rays staff, eventually as a starter but he may also be the follower for a few weeks. Credit to Jeff Passan on Twitter, this is a great landing spot for Glasnow. Tampa’s pitching coach is 6-foot-8 Kyle Snyder with expertise in honing the mechanics of tall hurlers. Glasnow, of course, is 6-foot-8.



BDozier, LAD Andy Behrens 444 Brian Walton 329 Craig Mish 311
Scott Wilderman 245 Mike Gianella 244
Tristan H. Cockcroft 187 Grey Albright 97
Tristan H. Cockcroft 0
CArcher, Pit Brian Walton 329 Andy Behrens 444 Craig Mish 311
Scott Wilderman 245 Mike Gianella 244
Tristan H. Cockcroft 187 Andy Behrens 133
Grey Albright 97 Phil Hertz 36
JSchoop, Mil Craig Mish 311 Brian Walton 329 Scott Wilderman 245
Mike Gianella 244 Tristan H. Cockcroft 187
Grey Albright 97 Phil Hertz 35
Tristan H. Cockcroft 0
WRamos, Phi Scott Wilderman 245 Tristan H. Cockcroft 125 Grey Albright 97
Phil Hertz 33 Tristan H. Cockcroft 0
KGausman, Atl Tristan H. Cockcroft 187 Andy Behrens 444 Mike Gianella 111
Grey Albright 97 Phil Hertz 25
Tristan H. Cockcroft 0
HBailey, Cin Phil Hertz 27 Todd Zola 0
KKela, Pit Brian Walton 15 Grey Albright 11 Mike Gianella 5
Scott Wilderman 4
AGomber, StL Grey Albright 11 Todd Zola 0
SOh, Col Scott Wilderman 5 Grey Albright 11 Brian Walton 6
PTucker, Cin Craig Mish 2 Tristan H. Cockcroft 8
JMurphy, Ari Craig Mish 0
RErlin, SD Todd Zola 0 Phil Hertz 27 Tristan H. Cockcroft 11
SRomano, Cin Todd Zola 0


CFerguson, LAD Phil Hertz 8 Grey Albright 2
BWahl, NYM Grey Albright 6
BDixon, Cin Grey Albright 1
MHolliday, Col Craig Mish 1
CShreve, StL Brian Walton 1
BBrach, Atl Todd Zola 0 Scott Wilderman 0
RMoronta, SF Todd Zola 0 Scott Wilderman 0
AWainwright, StL Todd Zola 0
BKintzler, ChC Todd Zola 0
COswalt, NYM Todd Zola 0
DSmyly, ChC Todd Zola 0
JDiekman, Ari Todd Zola 0
RStock, SD Todd Zola 0
SCarle, Atl Todd Zola 0
TWebb, StL Todd Zola 0
WMiley, Mil Todd Zola 0
EKratz, Mil Craig Mish 0

Todd’s Take

With Manny Machado, Eduardo Escobar and Cole Hamels part of previous FAAB runs, this week comes down to needs with Brian Dozier and Chris Archer the primary targets.

Interestingly, Andy Behrens had the hammer yet bid on three players – he listed Dozier first so he won him for $1 more than Brian Walton could bid. In turn, Walton bid $1 more than Craig Mish could bid, with Behrens, Walton and Mish holding the most FAAB heading into the festivities.

Keeping with the theme, Mish bid $1 more than the next in line, Scott Widerman, grabbing Jonathan Schoop. On paper, Dozier should out-produce Schoop, but who knows, there’s a good chance Mish gets similar stats for a lower cost.

While Wilson Ramos isn’t the same caliber hitter as Dozier and Schoop, the upgrade he offers at the catching position could be almost as much of a net upgrade, depending on your roster composition.



TONeill, StL Brent Hershey 253 Fred Zinkie 131 Derek VanRiper 77
Tim Heaney 20
HBader, StL Fred Zinkie 131 Brent Hershey 174 Ray Flowers 46
Derek VanRiper 44 Tim Heaney 20
Jeff Zimmerman 14 Al Melchior 8
KGiles, Tor Zach Steinhorn 103 Ray Flowers 38 Tim Heaney 1
RGsellman, NYM Zach Steinhorn 53 Zach Steinhorn 93 Tim Heaney 28
BPhillips, KC Derek VanRiper 44 Brent Hershey 97
BPeacock, Hou Brent Hershey 43
AMejia, Min Ron Shandler 27
TGlasnow, TB Brent Hershey 25 Tim Heaney 14 Ray Flowers 13
Jeff Zimmerman 13
PErvin, Cin Fred Zinkie 15
WAdames, TB Tim McLeod 13 Tim Heaney 13
EJackson, Oak Ray Flowers 13
BLowe, TB Al Melchior 8
TRichards, Mia Al Melchior 6
DFletcher, LAA Tim Heaney 4 Al Melchior 8 Tim Heaney 1
MPina, Mil Al Melchior 2
CBurnes, Mil Tim Heaney 2
DPalka, CWS Jeff Zimmerman 1 Derek VanRiper 11
GoHernandez, SF Tim Heaney 1


RErlin, SD Ron Shandler 27 Al Melchior 2 Tim Heaney 1
TWilliams, Pit Ron Shandler 27
MBarnes, Bos Brent Hershey 21
DRobertson, NYY Zach Steinhorn 18
JJeffress, Mil Zach Steinhorn 18
RBlack, SF Brent Hershey 17
WMiley, Mil Ray Flowers 13
RStanek, TB Brent Hershey 12
ASenzatela, Col Ray Flowers 11
ESantana, Pit Brent Hershey 11
SOh, Col Al Melchior 2
JIglesias, Det Tim Heaney 1
SKingery, Phi Tim Heaney 1
MHauschild, Tor Al Melchior 0
PLopez, Mia Al Melchior 0
RNunez, Bal Al Melchior 0

Todd’s Take

Brent Hershey had his choice of either Tyler O’Neill or Harrison Bader, both in line for full-time run with Dexter Fowler sidelined with a fractured foot. It comes down to needs – Bader’s more all around production versus O’Neill’s power-heavy profile.

Zach Steinhorn is looking to make a late-season charge at saves with the pickup of Ken Giles and Robert Gsellman. Giles is expected to jump right into the back end of the Blue Jays bullpen. Giles story is well documented. Despite having a stellar 2017 campaign, he hit a rut at the wrong time (namely the ALDS) and was removed from the closer gig he rest of the playoffs. Even though he started the season saving games for the defending champs, there was never a feeling management was confident in Giles. Given a fresh start, it wouldn’t be shocking if Giles defeats the narrative and flourishes north of the border.



KGiles, Tor Adam Ronis 173 Ray Murphy 39 Scott White 19
JLeclerc, Tex Adam Ronis 134 Adam Ronis 133 Michael Beller 104
Ray Murphy 79 Perry Van Hook 69
Scott White 41
PErvin, Cin Perry Van Hook 23 Ray Murphy 9
TKemp, Hou D.J. Short 20
TGlasnow, TB Scott White 13
RBorucki, Tor D.J. Short 10
SDuggar, SF Ray Murphy 9
ONarvaez, CWS Perry Van Hook 0
JGomez, CWS Michael Beller 0
EJackson, Oak Perry Van Hook 0


RDavis, Cle Perry Van Hook 3

Todd’s Take

Like the Mixed Draft Auction league, the Draft League witnessed Giles being paired with another closer, this time Adam Ronis also acquiring Jose Leclerc. Leclerc is interesting since he’s still just 24 years old even though it feels like he’s older. “One skill away” is a common theme when looking at starters. Leclerc is a great example where this applies to a closer. If Leclerc can hone his control, he could be a top-ten closer.



TRichards, Mia Clay Link 54 Andrea LaMont 14 Dr. Roto 10
AMinter, Atl Dr. Roto 24 Andrea LaMont 3
JVillar, Bal Stephania Bell 23 Dr. Roto 22
SRomano, Cin Stephania Bell 12 Justin Mason 3
HBader, StL Dr. Roto 8
RLopez, CWS Stephania Bell 7 Clay Link 0
JBarria, LAA Peter Kreutzer 7 Michael Rathburn 4
JJunis, KC Peter Kreutzer 7 Michael Rathburn 4
IKinerFalefa, Tex Stephania Bell 6
NTropeano, LAA Michael Rathburn 6 Justin Mason 3
BHardy, Det Michael Rathburn 4 Peter Kreutzer 3
FArcia, LAA Michael Rathburn 3
AMejia, Min Justin Mason 3 Peter Kreutzer 7
RMartin, Tor Michael Rathburn 1
YAlonso, Cle Justin Mason 1
TGlasnow, TB Clay Link 0
ADeSclafani, Cin Clay Link 0
WChen, Mia Justin Mason 0
YGallardo, Tex Justin Mason 0


THernandez, Tor Dr. Roto 8 Justin Mason 1
TBeckham, Bal Dr. Roto 5
CAdams, NYY Clay Link 4
RErlin, SD Peter Kreutzer 2
BJohnson, Bos Michael Rathburn 2
TRoss, SD Peter Kreutzer 1
CaJoseph, Bal Michael Rathburn 0
KGiles, Tor Clay Link 0
YChirinos, TB Clay Link 0

Todd’s Take

Like expected, the H2H competitors continue to treat the free agent look like an extra roster spot, churning pitching based on matchups. With one start against the Cardinals on his ledger, Trevor Richards was the most sought after hurler. Stephania Bell fortified her rotations with Sal Romano and Reynaldo Lopez, though neither has a double-dip on the docket. Justin Mason snagged the only two-start guy this week as Wei-Yin Chen lines up for two home efforts. This is relevant since he sports a 2.18 ERA at home as opposed to a 10.27 mark away from The Aquarium. Plus, the second game is with the Mets and their league-worst lineup versus lefties.

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  1. Yes, Baltimore doesn’t run a lot, but Buck Schowalter, when asked if Villar will have the green light, replied “Is there anything greener than green?”

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