Tout Wars FAAB Report: Week of July 19

Welcome to the weekly Tout Wars FAAB report, on its new home right here on the Tout Wars site. Each week, we’ll review the free agent acquisitions from all five leagues, with commentary from a league member, as well as yours truly. We changed the timing of the weekly run to 1 PM ET every Sunday, with the report posted later that afternoon so you’ll have time to digest and apply to your own leagues. In addition, I’ll be joining Lawr Michaels and Justin Mason on the Tout Wars Hour on the FNTSY Network every Sunday at 3:20 PM ET to discuss the results.

You can find the complete list of Tout Warriors here. Everyone starts with 1000 FAAB units, less any penalty incurred by finishing below a designated point in the standings. This is a means of keeping everyone motivated to keep playing all season long. The minimum bid is $0. FAAB units can be traded as well as rebated for players released off the DL.

The report will list all winning bids along with unsuccessful tries and contingencies. This provides the maximum level of information to help gauge interest on the players.

The American and National League only formats are 12-team leagues, as is the new points-based head to head league, The Mixed Auction and Draft each have 15 clubs. All the leagues have four reserves with an unlimited DL, expect the head to head league, which allows six reserves.

The headings above each league are links to publicly accessible sites where you can see standings, roster and a complete review of transactions. The initial auctions and drafts can be found here.



JPazos, Sea Patrick Davitt 15
ARomine, NYY Larry Schechter 13 Vlad Sedler 3 Seth Trachtman 3
RRua, Tex Vlad Sedler 12 Seth Trachtman 0
DSmithJr, Tor Seth Trachtman 8
CPoche, TB Jason Collette 6
JSucre, TB Seth Trachtman 6 Larry Schechter 6 Vlad Sedler 2
JoeSmith, Hou Jason Collette 2
SOhtaniP, LAA Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 2 Chris Liss 0
JJames, Hou Mike Podhorzer 1
SReidFoley, Tor Mike Podhorzer 1
JSheffield, NYY Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 1
WHarris, Hou Doug Dennis 0 Patrick Davitt 0


MPerez, Tex Vlad Sedler 9
YRamirez, Bal Vlad Sedler 4
AReed, Hou Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 1
DFreitas, Sea Seth Trachtman 0
RLaMarre, CWS Seth Trachtman 0
TRogers, Min Patrick Davitt 0

Todd’s Take

Let’s look at everyone’s place in the standings along with remaining FAAB.

1. Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 103 $769
2. Mike Podhorzer 73.5 $952
3. Chris Liss 73 $90
4. Seth Trachtman 72 $430
5. Lawr Michaels 71 $236
6. Jeff Erickson 68 $1,039
7. Jason Collette 60.5 $515
8. Larry Schechter 58.5 $157
9. Vlad Sedler 58.5 $225
10. Doug Dennis 56.5 $1,012
11. Rob Leibowitz 46.5 $808
12. Patrick Davitt 39 $1,047

Colton and the Wolfman are mid-pack in terms of FAAB. Mike Podhorzer has the 4th most but it’s unlikely a significant player will fall to him. It looks like this isn’t the year to be hoarding FAAB in AL only with the likelihood of scant crossover help.



AToles, LAD Brian Walton 80 Phil Hertz 67 Andy Behrens 49
Craig Mish 11
FReyes, SD Brian Walton 50 Andy Behrens 11 Tristan H. Cockcroft 0
JReyes, NYM Andy Behrens 21 Scott Wilderman 3
CBurnes, Mil Todd Zola 17 Phil Hertz 2
AConley, Mia Grey Albright 11 Phil Hertz 0
JMcNeil, NYM Phil Hertz 5 Lenny Melnick 1
VCaratini, ChC Todd Zola 3 Scott Wilderman 0
BHoladay, Mia Lenny Melnick 1
VRobles, Was Tristan H. Cockcroft 1
MKeller, Pit Craig Mish 1
MMoroff, Pit Scott Wilderman 1
ESantana, Pit Phil Hertz 0


JLuplow, Pit Brian Walton 12 Phil Hertz 9
RMadson, Was Todd Zola 7
PAlonso, NYM Tristan H. Cockcroft 1
MDenDekker, NYM Grey Albright 1
NCuevas, Col Grey Albright 1
EKratz, Mil Todd Zola 0 Lenny Melnick 0
BDuensing, ChC Todd Zola 0
RLopez, SD Todd Zola 0
RRosario, ChC Todd Zola 0
SKieboom, Was Todd Zola 0
STuivailala, StL Todd Zola 0
TLyons, StL Todd Zola 0
KTomlinson, SF Scott Wilderman 0
NOrf, Mil Scott Wilderman 0
TKelly, NYM Scott Wilderman 0
COswalt, NYM Phil Hertz 0
JWilson, ChC Phil Hertz 0
RBlack, SF Phil Hertz 0
RErlin, SD Phil Hertz 0
SKelley, Was Phil Hertz 0

Todd’s Take

1. Grey Albright 88.5 $706
2. Steve Gardner 83.5 $741
3. Mike Gianella 76 $230
4. Craig Mish 75.5 $328
5. Phil Hertz 69 $64
6. Scott Wilderman 62.5 $328
7. Brian Walton 62 $445
8. Andy Behrens 59.5 $577
9. Tristan H. Cockcroft 59 $1,069
10. Derek Carty 57.5 $971
11. Todd Zola 53.5 $30
12. Lenny Melnick 33.5 $29

I’ll go out on a limb and predict Tristan Cockcroft will bid $972 on Manny Machado on Sunday night.

The top is interesting as the front two teams are 4th and 3rd with respect to remaining FAAB units. The league may come down to the acquisition by each after the deadline deals flesh out.

For what it’s worth, when looking at the AL FAAB totals, I didn’t suggest it was a mistake for the lowest teams to still have a ton of FAAB left, knowing all too well where the bottom clubs are with the rest of their budget.



YDarvish, ChC Fred Zinkie 174 Zach Steinhorn 12
ARosario, NYM Ray Flowers 46 Bret Sayre 18 Tim Heaney 7
Tim McLeod 6
DStraily, Mia Zach Steinhorn 33 Tim McLeod 6
CFrazier, NYY Scott Swanay 24
LGiolito, CWS Tim McLeod 15 Tim Heaney 3
AToles, LAD Scott Swanay 13 Scott Swanay 24
JJeffress, Mil Zach Steinhorn 13 Scott Swanay 1
JMcNeil, NYM Ron Shandler 8
JCave, Min Scott Engel 8
CMaybin, Mia Tim Heaney 7 Al Melchior 6
JHellickson, Was Al Melchior 6
PAlonso, NYM Bret Sayre 6
JKang, Pit Bret Sayre 6
EDiaz, Pit Fred Zinkie 6 Tim McLeod 5
JBonifacio, KC Scott Engel 5
ERamos, Phi Scott Swanay 3
ONarvaez, CWS Scott Engel 3
RBraun, Mil Fred Zinkie 2
KCrick, Pit Bret Sayre 1
JUrias, LAD Tim Heaney 1


FHernandez, Sea Zach Steinhorn 28 Ray Flowers 9
EJackson, Oak Ray Flowers 9
DRobertson, NYY Zach Steinhorn 8 Fred Zinkie 2 Scott Swanay 0
TKemp, Hou Al Melchior 6 Fred Zinkie 2
JWendle, TB Scott Engel 4 Fred Zinkie 2
RMoronta, SF Scott Swanay 3
LGarcia, CWS Scott Engel 3 Fred Zinkie 2
SCishek, ChC Scott Swanay 2
RStanek, TB Fred Zinkie 2 Scott Swanay 0
CGomez, TB Tim Heaney 1
KWong, StL Tim Heaney 1
SDuggar, SF Scott Engel 1
MBarnes, Bos Bret Sayre 1 Scott Swanay 0
JAnderson, LAA Tim Heaney 0
KSmith, CWS Scott Engel 0

Fred Zinkie’s Commentary

In what was likely my biggest overpay since I joined Tout Wars in 2011, I grabbed Yu Darvish at $174 with a runner-up bid of $12. Perhaps some of my leaguemates didn’t realize that Darvish has been returned to waivers, and others likely doubt that he will amount to anything in the second half. Still, his upside is probably greater than that of anyone else who will be on waivers from this point forward, and I had more FAAB than I knew what to do with. And grabbing injured players during the abbreviated week is generally a solid plan, as I can move Darvish to my DL in just a few days. I made a similar move with Ryan Braun, who cost me $2 and will effectively cost me three days of Denard Span before I can stash him on my DL. Finally, I made a low-cost acquisition of Elias Diaz, who has been respectable at the dish this year and should play regularly until Francisco Cervelli recovers from (another) concussion.

Amed Rosario garnered a bid of $46 by Ray Flowers. The 22-year-old is going to be a liability in the OBP category (lifetime .283 mark), but he was a coveted prospect at this time last year and has some speed. Dan Straily also garnered a significant bid, fetching $33 from Zach Steinhorn, who is likely looking to fill out his rotation and pick up extra whiffs and wins in this short week. Straily faces the Rays on Friday. My favorite bid by a leaguemate was Ron Shandler’s $8 acquisition of Jeff McNeil, who is thriving in the Minors this year (1.043 OPS) and should get a shot with the Mets by the beginning of August. Other players who were targeted as stash additions during this short week were Jung Ho Kang (Bret Sayre, $6), Peter Alonso (Sayre, $6) and Julio Urias (Tim Heaney, $1).

Todd’s Take

1. Tim Heaney 127.5 $59
2. Fred Zinkie 102 $234
3. Jeff Zimmerman 100 $18
4. Derek VanRiper 92 $130
5. Joe Pisapia 91 $313
6. Zach Steinhorn 89.5 $257
7. Scott Engel 79.5 $34
8. Bret Sayre 79 $299
9. Brent Hershey 70 $450
10. Ray Flowers 68.5 $220
11. Al Melchior 68 $93
12. Tim McLeod 67.5 $219
13. Scott Swanay 58 $70
14. Scott Pianowski 57.5 $267
15. Ron Shandler 50 $280

Obviously, mixed league formats don’t deal with crossover players which is why the totals are much lower.



SKingery, Phi Charlie Wiegert 122
TRoss, SD Gene McCaffrey 27 Jeff Boggis 12
JGyorko, StL Rudy Gamble 6
ELauer, SD Gene McCaffrey 3
SDuggar, SF Perry Van Hook 0
VCaratini, ChC Perry Van Hook 0
JUrias, LAD Perry Van Hook 0


RBorucki, Tor Gene McCaffrey 3
JCave, Min Perry Van Hook 0
CaJoseph, Bal Perry Van Hook 0
CIannetta, Col Perry Van Hook 0
RGsellman, NYM Perry Van Hook 0
LTrivino, Oak Perry Van Hook 0
CFerguson, LAD Perry Van Hook 0
MStrahm, SD Gene McCaffrey 0
TClippard, Tor Gene McCaffrey 0
FLiriano, Det Gene McCaffrey 0

Rudy Gamble’s Commentary

In leagues like Tout Wars where you must start your acquisitions in their first week, the post-All Star Break FAAB is an opportunity to add a sexy prospect or take a flier on a befallen starter at half the normal opportunity cost for hitters and zero cost for pitchers (since it’s doubtful anyone has 9 relievers + starters pitching on Fri-Sun).
Last year, I used this FAAB period to put aggressive (and unopposed) bids on Ozzie Albies (I’m a genius!) and Noah Syndergaard (I’m fallible!) while another owner picked up Brent Honeywell. I also had a sizable bid on Devers if I didn’t win Albies that looks good in retrospect as well (10 HRs from July 25th on). This year, I excitedly dug into the prospect pool and found bupkus I liked. I would have bid on Eloy Jimenez but Scott White grabbed him a week ago for $6 and a week’s worth of zeds. It is likely I missed out on an impactful rookie but hopefully hindsight will show they were less foreseeable than 2017 Albies/Devers.
While there was no sexy prospect nabbed this period, Charlie Wiegert aggressively went after Scott Kingery who is just like a prospect except comes with multi-position eligibilty, a secure spot on the 25-man roster, and 3 months of MLB stats that, like his name, include the letters s, c, and k. Kidding aside, the logic makes total sense to me. Our Steamer/Razzball projections still have him as a 20/20 upside type and he has a couple paths to regular playing time.
Gene MccCaffrey had a rough pre-ASB with James Paxton and Garrett Richards hitting the DL and reloaded with two Hodgepadres in Tyson Ross and Eric Lauer. Would be surprised if Gene lets these two out of their cage outside of Petco.
Perry Van Hook made three $0 bids on Steven Duggar, Victor Caratini, and Julio Urias.
As for me, I won Jedd Gyorko on a $6 bid. Similar to my $1 bid for Dexter Fowler in LABR mixed (albeit out of $100 vs $1000), this is 80% a short-term play because the Cardinals play 5 games from Thur-Sun (while everyone else besides the Cubs play 3 games) and 20% lottery ticket.

Todd’s Take

1. Rudy Gamble 116.5 $503
2. Adam Ronis 114.5 $605
3. D.J. Short 106 $552
4. Michael Beller 100.5 $145
5. Scott White 99 $220
6. Greg Ambrosius 84 $170
7. Gene McCaffrey 83 $96
8. Corey Parson 81 $703
9. Charlie Wiegert 77.5 $696
10. Perry Van Hook 74.5 $248
11. Jeff Boggis 60 $138
12. Ray Murphy 59.5 $234
13. Tim McCullough 51.5 $397
14. Tom Kessenich 51.5 $195
15. Anthony Perri 41 $561

Look like we’re in for a fun finish with the top couple of teams also having a lot of FAAB to take advantage of the impending players yet to emerge.



JGray, Col Dr. Roto 108 Kyle Elfrink 99 Paul Sporer 61
Stephania Bell 47 Jake Ciely 23
Andrea LaMont 13
SCastro, Mia Kyle Elfrink 57
NKingham, Pit Paul Sporer 44 Dr. Roto 19 Jake Ciely 13
Peter Kreutzer 7
RGsellman, NYM Kyle Elfrink 33
JBell, Pit Stephania Bell 27
EJackson, Oak Kyle Elfrink 21 Andrea LaMont 12 Peter Kreutzer 7
KCalhoun, LAA Stephania Bell 16 Andrea LaMont 14
IHapp, ChC Dr. Roto 14 Andrea LaMont 0
AHedges, SD Dr. Roto 12 Jake Ciely 10 Michael Rathburn 6
Andrea LaMont 1
WSmith, SF Paul Sporer 8
MHarvey, Cin Peter Kreutzer 7 Paul Sporer 7 Justin Mason 2
LTrivino, Oak Andrea LaMont 6 Paul Sporer 7
JBradley, Bos Peter Kreutzer 5 Andrea LaMont 2
MFranco, Phi Andrea LaMont 4 Andrea LaMont 0
AKnapp, Phi Michael Rathburn 3 Dr. Roto 1
DStraily, Mia Jake Ciely 3 Paul Sporer 5
DMesoraco, NYM Paul Sporer 2
SGaviglio, Tor Justin Mason 1
ADeSclafani, Cin Justin Mason 1
CRichard, SD Peter Kreutzer 1 Justin Mason 1
ONarvaez, CWS Andrea LaMont 0 Jake Ciely 0
MGarver, Min Jake Ciely 0 Dr. Roto 1
MKepler, Min Andrea LaMont 0 Dr. Roto 9
TRichards, Mia Justin Mason 0 Dr. Roto 5


MCanha, Oak Peter Kreutzer 4
ARomine, NYY Michael Rathburn 3
KSuzuki, Atl Paul Sporer 2
RChirinos, Tex Paul Sporer 2
WFlores, NYM Andrea LaMont 2
FRodney, Min Andrea LaMont 0
KMorales, Tor Andrea LaMont 0
SLeon, Bos Andrea LaMont 0

Todd’s Take

1. Jake Ciely 0.700 $290
2. Clay Link 0.683 $54
3. Dr. Roto 0.633 $128
4. Justin Mason 0.633 $190
5. Kyle Elfrink 0.500 $392
6. Peter Kreutzer 0.500 $356
7. Michael Rathburn 0.467 $105
8. Paul Sporer 0.417 $424
9. Howard Bender 0.400 $122
10. Andrea LaMont 0.367 $137
11. Stephania Bell 0.367 $504
12. Jeff Mans 0.333 $203

Keep in mind even though this is a head to head league, there’s no playoffs, best record wins.