Tout Wars Mixed: Game of Inches

Tim Heaney, of, shares the frantic, lamenting thoughts over his mixed Tout Wars squad…

Following a 4-for-31 offensive day, my Tout Wars mixed team needs a jolt as it remains in third place behind my colleague Nicholas Minnix and’s Fred Zinkie.

I’m on my last legs. I brought in, from outside sports nonetheless, Dan Devine, Norman Dale, Eric Taylor, Herb Brooks and others to rile my guys up.

One day. One day until failure or success … regret or reward. Truly a game of inches.

B.J. Upton and Madison Bumgarner can only do so much. None of my three saves pickups have done the job (thanks, Terry Collins and Jack McKeon). Several of my swipers haven’t been in the lineup or haven’t even attempted to take a bag. Paul Konerko hasn’t played. Aramis Ramirez, whom I cut this past weekend because of playing time concerns, hit a homer.

As Zinkie notes in his final-day preview, my main places to gain are stolen bases and batting average, a stat that I hate to rely on and rarely account for in drafts. If my team catches absolute fire, I could gain two points in BA; that would give me my best chance to win. Of course, another skid like yesterday’s would bury me with the bronze medal.

There’s a little more optimism with my staff. Ryan Dempster pitches at PETCO Park – things are decided in my hometown, of all places. I still have six-ish closers. I can still lose points if I go quiet in K’s and Nando DiFino’s Zack Greinke, or someone else, wins and my staff can’t muster a victory.

Optimism quelled. I might have to pray for Wild Card tiebreaker games, which are included.

And Fred, buddy, I hear you on the whole “united front” thing, but we’re tied in saves. Let’s start by breaking that knot, preferably by a few from me. 🙂 I agree, however, on a Brandon Morrow blow-up; Nick needs to be dealt one final frustrating blow by the talented but erratic arm. I’m within WHIP striking distance of my colleague, for whom I might have to wear a Phillies jersey if he finishes in front of me.

If I have to don Jimmy Rollins threads and Nick takes the title? Double whammy. Of course, a 1-2 KFFL finish would be pretty sweet, but the missed chance at glory hurts more than a few minutes of jersey-donning shame.

I still appreciate how well I’ve fared and how lucky I’ve been in this league, but the time for talk is through … I’m not kidding. I’m too nervous to write or speak anymore.

Take a knee, boys. Listen to coach D’Amato.

4 thoughts on “Tout Wars Mixed: Game of Inches”

  1. Inches? How about millimeters? Betancourt notches a save, one I *HAD* to have. I’m depending on the Friars to do some damage to one Ryan Dempster. I’m a much bigger fan tonight than usual. And batting average is making us all sick.

  2. Nick gets the save he needed with Betancourt. We’re now tied in categories, but Minnix holds the breaker (HR). With WHIP still a see-saw, it’s gonna be a loooonnnnnnnnnnnng night.

  3. Brandon Morrow has killed me. WHIP it, WHIP it good, Tim. I’m a huge Padres fan tonite, but that may very well not be enough. Loooooooong day.

  4. Other than a couple of tense moments in Morrow’s 6-inning day, that Chris Sale blown save – HUGE – was the first of many possible tense moments on the day. Go Blue Jays!

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