Tout Wars on the Last Day of the 2016 Season, Probably.

Today is the last day of the 2016 season, unless either or both St. Louis and Detroit win, in which case there might be a playoff and makeup game played on Monday. And then, if things go right (or wrong, depending on your perspective) there could be another playoff game on Tuesday. It’s all delineated in this story at

With that in mind, here’s a look at today’s action, with links to the onRoto pages where you can see the live standings (click Live Scoring in the left nav of each league’s page to see up-to-the-minute results):

Tout Head 2 Head: Jeff Zimmerman is up 3-2 in pitching over Andrea LaMont, and tied 2-2 in hitting. But it’s close! If Jeff wins a single “game” today, he is league champ. If he loses both pitching and hitting, Brent Hershey will likely win in a tie-breaker.

Tout Mixed Draft: While you would rather be Adam Ronis, up two points on Rudy Gamble, there are a number of tight pitching categories that could turn for both teams, depending on how they do today (and tomorrow, and Tuesday). It ain’t over, but Ronis, last year’s champ, is up, over Gamble, last year’s second place finisher, for now.

Tout Mixed Auction: Zach Steinhorn is up five and a half points over Fred Zinkie. If Zinkie were to pass Steinhorn in strikeouts (he’s only seven behind) Steinhorn could conceivably collapse his way out of the lead. The only problem? Steinhorn has three starters today, Zinkie none. Game to Steinhorn, probably.

Tout NL: This is one to watch. Todd Zola is ahead of Derek Carty by three points, but there are points to win and lose for one or both of them in almost every category. Todd, like Ronis in Mixed Draft, is surely glad to be up, but this one is too close to call.

Tout AL: It’s possible to conceive a scenario in which Patrick Davitt catches Seth Trachtman as Trachtman swoons on the final day to lose his five and a half point lead. There are enough points in potential play to see how it could happen, but the odds of such a perfectly awful storm for Trachtman are very slight.