Who Is Winning Tout Wars, September 9 Edition: Trachtman, Carty, Zinkie, Ronis

There are just a little more than three weeks left in the season, which seems like a good time to check in on the Tout Wars pennant races.


On August 28, Larry Schechter had a slight lead over Seth Trachtman, 82.5 to 80.5, but since then Schechter’s team has tanked (only Jeff Erickson’s team has played worse, and Jeff’s in last place on the season). As a result, Trachtman now has an eight point lead over Lawr Michaels, and an 11 point lead over Schechter.

Any lead that can be opened up that quickly, especially since Trachtman’s team has been a middlin’ performer the last two weeks, can be closed just as quickly. See the standings here.


Earlier in the season, Derek Carty had a 10 point lead in this league, but Todd Zola caught up to him more than a month ago, and the two have been going back and forth ever since. Today Carty has a two point lead over Zola, and a 10 point lead over Scott Wilderman.

Since August 15th, the leagues best team has been Phil Hertz’s, but he’s stuck in fifth place, 13.5 points behind the leader. Zola has had the second best team, continuing to do what got him there, while Carty’s team has ranked sixth as his hitting has lagged.

This looks like a two-horse race between Zola and Carty, but watch out if any of the Brian Walton-Phil Hertz-Scott Wilderman troika who trail them get hot. See the full standings here.


What was a tight five-team race at midseason has turned into a battle, for now, between Fred Zinkie and Zach Steinhorn, with Zinkie one point ahead of Steinhorn. But don’t count out Cory Schwartz, whose team has struggled recently but is just seven points behind Zinkie, and Joe Pisapia, who is 11.6 points behind and playing well.

Zinkie has won the Mixed Auction league three times, and Schwartz has won once. Steinhorn and Pisapia are looking for their first Tout Wars victories. See the full standings here.


Since August 1st, Adam Ronis has gained 23 points and climbed from fifth to first, while Anthony Perri has lost 15 points and dropped from first to fifth. Ronis leads Rudy Gamble by 9.5 points, and Rudy is just points ahead of Rick Wilton and Tom Kessenich.

Since August 15th Ronis and Tom Kessenich have been in overdrive (Ronis in the top 5 in all categories, Kessenich in the Top 3 in seven cats). If that continues this thing is over. See the full standings here.


Look for a separate post soon, with updated W-L records based on the Roto cats. See the incompleteĀ standings here.


Patrick Davitt is the 2016 champion. See the leaderboard here.