About Tout

How did Tout Wars get started?

Tout Wars was created to bring together fantasy baseball writers, the experts, and their readers/listeners, those who consider themselves expert, and those who long to be an expert. We are all an important part of this vital industry. The primary purpose of the league is to foster a sense of community in the fantasy baseball industry.

What will the Tout Wars website provide me?

This website will keep you up to date on what is happening in the Tout Wars leagues. We know that other people’s war stories can be boring, but we are here to educate and to entertain. Many of the participating members will create content here and on their respective sites throughout the year related to Tout Wars. You’ll find mentions here, with links to excellent sites in the sidebar.

How can I follow along during the season?

During the season there are links to the individual league standings in the sidebar and the teams’ current rosters. Follow the History link to view results from past seasons and other data that might be of interest.

How can I participate in Tout Wars?

Tout Wars leagues are very stable, as would be expected from a league of established fantasy baseball experts, but in recent years we’ve grown from three leagues to six as we’ve tried to include more fantasy baseball professionals. Invites are distributed rather than solicited. Read the league constitution for league membership rules. Your best bet is to publish your fantasy baseball writing, perform on radio or host a podcast, and participate in events with the fantasy community. If you meet the criteria you may ask to be included on the waiting list for openings. Recommendations from current members are the best way to receive an invite.

How can I contact Tout Wars?

Tout Wars is run by a board comprising five of the league’s longest-running members. To contact the board click here.

9 thoughts on “About Tout”

  1. Sorry Mike. The Doubt Wars sign ups are chaotic and at a busy time, but I thought we got everyone.

    So I’m sorry you’re going to miss this messed up season, no matter how great it turns out.

    But I hope you get to enjoy the real games, and rejoin us in 2021 (I hope there is such a thing).

    And I’m sorry for the problem this year.


  2. Have submitted form to participate in Doubt Wars several times & have received no email confirmation or a link at OnRoto.

  3. What is Sunday’s schedule, isn’t NL only auction today…. the spreadsheet is still empty.

  4. Hi Jesse,

    The eligibility requirements are detailed in Tout Wars constitution. The big one is you have to have been working as fantasy baseball media in some significant way for three years.

    Everyone new who enters the league in recent years has been referred to the board by current members, or has made themselves known by writing about Tout.

    But the bottom line is that there is a substantial waiting list and not a lot of turnover, so once you’re eligible please let us know you’re interested, and win the favor of some champions who play in the league to endorse you.


  5. Hi,

    I own/run a fantasy sports blog that is 1 year young and growing rapidly. I have been a fan of your site/leagues for quite some time. What course of action might I be able to take to be considered by you?

    Jesse Ferreira

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