Tout Wars FAB Report: Week of July 22

Here are the results of this week’s FAB bidding. Remember, if you want to check out the standings, rosters and full transactions for particular league, just click in the section heading.

American League

JFoscue, Tex Jason Collette 44
LJimenez, Tor Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 30
CFulmer, LAA Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 9
ABarger, Tor Mike Podhorzer 9
SBarlow, Cle Jeff Erickson 5
JJung, Det Rob Leibowitz 5
CMead, TB Jeff Erickson 5
TKahnle, NYY Patrick Davitt 0
CJulks, CWS Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 0
SBerroa, Tor Mike Podhorzer 0

National League

IAlvarez, Atl Steve Gardner 54
VVodnik, Col Peter Kreutzer 13
TFitzgerald, SF Grey Albright 12
RRyan, LAD Steve Gardner 12
AAlzolay, ChC Erik Halterman 7
JHerrera, Ari Steve Gardner 1
MVargas, LAD Rick Graham 1

Mixed Auction

EJulien, Min Tristan Cockcroft 65
IAlvarez, Atl Frank Stampfl 53
SBrown, Oak Todd Zola 37
XEdwards, Mia Todd Zola 37
VRobles, Sea Brent Hershey 31
LLynn, StL Tristan Cockcroft 31
JFoscue, Tex Doug Anderson – Mike Carter 27
MGonzales, Pit Doug Anderson – Mike Carter 13
JPaxton, LAD Andy Behrens 6
BDrury, LAA Brent Hershey 4
JBart, Pit Doug Anderson – Mike Carter 3
AMartin, Min Kev Mahserejian 3
BWisely, SF Jeff Zimmerman 2
AChapman, Pit Scott Engel 1
RRyan, LAD Jeff Zimmerman 1

Mixed Draft

VRobles, Sea Seth Trachtman 110
IAlvarez, Atl Scott White 74
TPhillips, Phi Ryan Bloomfield 53
WPerez, Det Ryan Bloomfield 38
DHudson, LAD Rudy Gamble 32
AMartinez, Cle Adam Ronis 23
BBaldwin, CWS Dr. Roto 10
ARuss, NYY Dr. Roto 8
GMarquez, Col Garion Thorne 7
JJobe, Det Scott White 6
CKelly, Det Dr. Roto 5
JEstes, Oak Shelly Verougstraete 3
HHarris, Oak Shelly Verougstraete 3

Head to Head

YDiaz, Ari Joe Gallina 34
RRay, SF Michael Govier 32
JYepez, Was Joe Gallina 21
CKershaw, LAD Joe Gallina 19
RNelson, Ari Greg Jewett 15
ACobb, SF Frank Ammirante 9
CCarrasco, Cle Lauren Auerbach 8
GMarquez, Col Frank Ammirante 5
MSchuemann, Oak Michael Govier 5
LCampusano, SD Joe Gallina 3
TDArnaud, Atl Joe Gallina 3

Mixed Draft with Alternate Categories

JYepez, Was Matt Trussell 157
WPerez, Det Matt Trussell 86
MMeyer, Mia Sara Sanchez 43
JIglesias, NYM Carlos Marcano 14
ERosario, Atl Ryan Boyer 13
TPhillips, Phi John Laghezza 8
DomSmith, Bos Carlos Marcano 8
CMead, TB Chris Towers 5
DPeralta, SD Carlos Marcano 3
BJoyce, LAA C.J. Kaltenbach 2
KMontero, Det Derek VanRiper 2

Tout Wars FAB Report: Post break 7/19-7/21

Here are the results of this week’s FAB bidding. Remember, if you want to check out the standings, rosters and full transactions for particular league, just click in the section heading.

American League

RBaldwin, Bos Larry Schechter 126
SBrown, Oak Jason Collette 44
DSchneemann, Cle Eric Samulski 41
JBloss, Hou Jason Collette 22
HHarvey, KC Eric Samulski 19
RVilade, Det Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 19
DWaters, KC Mike Podhorzer 7
JWilson, Oak Eric Samulski 4
GCleavinger, TB Rob Leibowitz 2
NSenzel, CWS Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 2
AKnizner, Tex Eric Samulski 1
AlJackson, TB Chris Blessing 1
CSands, Min Doug Dennis 0
THolton, Det Doug Dennis 0
GSantos, Sea Doug Dennis 0
GHampson, KC Doug Dennis 0
DRasmussen, TB Andy Andres 0
CCriswell, Bos Andy Andres 0
LHendriks, Bos Andy Andres 0

National League

RHinds, Cin Scott Pianowski 200
YDiaz, Ari Wilderman/Prior 57
JPalacios, Pit Ian Kahn 42
ACanario, ChC Grey Albright 37
MMastrobuoni, ChC Scott Pianowski 33
ERosario, Atl Brendan Tuma 26
SHilliard, Col Phil Hertz 11
PMaton, NYM Phil Hertz 6
EHaase, Mil Ian Kahn 2
TPhillips, Phi Rick Graham 1
RYarbrough, LAD Brendan Tuma 1
ElWhite, Atl Rick Graham 1
KNewman, Ari Rick Graham 1
SBouchard, Col Rick Graham 1
RRodriguez, SF Brian Walton 1
JChavez, Atl Scott Pianowski 0

Mixed Auction

RHinds, Cin Todd Zola 117
LButler, Oak Scott Chu 73
JWilson, Oak Jeff Zimmerman 58
JYepez, Was Scott Chu 53
PCrowArmstrong, ChC Dave Adler 42
DDeLosSantos, Ari Andy Behrens 42
AMartinez, Cle Dave Adler 31
BJoyce, LAA Andy Behrens 22
GUrshela, Det Scott Chu 18
JFraley, Cin Doug Anderson – Mike Carter 13
JPalacios, Pit Scott Swanay 13
YDiaz, Ari Frank Stampfl 12
TPhillips, Phi Jeff Zimmerman 11
RNelson, Ari Scott Chu 8
SArrighetti, Hou Todd Zola 7
JIglesias, NYM Scott Engel 6
CCarrasco, Cle Kev Mahserejian 3
RGarcia, Was Scott Engel 2
DomSmith, Bos Kev Mahserejian 2

Mixed Draft

LButler, Oak Shelly Verougstraete 123
RHinds, Cin Brian Entrekin 121
PCrowArmstrong, ChC Seth Trachtman 58
JYepez, Was Brian Entrekin 44
LOrtiz, Pit Brian Entrekin 44
JBleday, Oak Scott White 43
JSiri, TB Dr. Roto 36
JCaminero, TB Seth Trachtman 31
TMahle, Tex Seth Trachtman 25
JBloss, Hou Dr. Roto 21
AKirk, Tor Garion Thorne 21
APuk, Mia Tim McLeod 17
MSchuemann, Oak D.J. Short 10
RNelson, Ari Garion Thorne 8
RGarcia, Was Mike Gianella 5
JIglesias, NYM Anthony Aniano 5
EClement, Tor Adam Ronis 4

Head to Head

RHinds, Cin Sky Dombroske 55
LButler, Oak Michael Govier 32
SFrelick, Mil Lauren Auerbach 17
JEstes, Oak Lauren Auerbach 7
TPhillips, Phi Greg Jewett 3
RRyan, LAD Greg Jewett 3
JHoffman, Phi Greg Jewett 0
TStephenson, Cin Greg Jewett 0

Mixed Draft with Alternate Categories

RHinds, Cin Joe Orrico 185
LButler, Oak Sara Sanchez 124
CKershaw, LAD Zach Steinhorn 83
JSprings, TB Joe Orrico 65
EClement, Tor Joe Orrico 46
YDiaz, Ari Joe Orrico 45
MWallner, Min Derek VanRiper 37
RRyan, LAD Derek VanRiper 37
XEdwards, Mia Ray Flowers 24
AMartinez, Cle Sara Sanchez 16
AWells, NYY Sara Sanchez 12
HRenfroe, KC Matt Trussell 12
MHaniger, Sea Matt Trussell 11
AKirk, Tor Carlos Marcano 5
TFitzgerald, SF Matt Cederholm 3
JBrebbia, CWS Carlos Marcano 3
CEstevez, LAA Ryan Boyer 2
ADuvall, Atl Ryan Boyer 2
MSpence, Oak Matt Cederholm 1

Tout Table: Break Time!

It’s time for our annual question at this point of the season:

The All Star break is approaching. What are your plans on and off the field?

Seth Trachtman (, Yardbarker, @sethroto): The break is a great time to reassess and recharge. We’re not quite to the home stretch in leagues, but there’s time to research what categories and positions need fixing on my teams and also get away from the grind for a few days so that I’m ready to put in the effort for the second half.

Joe Orrico (Fantasy Pros, @JoeOrrico99): The week will be a nice break for me, as someone who does daily write-ups recapping the slate, but I’m also going to take the opportunity to thoroughly assess each one of my teams and figure out which leagues need more attention than others. I’m also going to spend the week updating all of my rankings while there is a bit of calm. So essentially, a break but still a strong focus on fantasy.

Doug Dennis (BaseballHQ, @dougdennis41): I like having a static week to assess categories and see if I can find win/win trades and incrementally improve teams. I use the time also to catch up on MLB team news, injuries, lineups, their trades, their view of their chances, things that can have an impact on how they deploy their players the rest of the season. Off the field, so to speak, I often buy my flight and reserve my room for Baseball HQ’s Arizona Fall League First Pitch Symposium at the end of October. Gives me something to look forward to once the season ends and it starts getting cold. 🙂

Sara Sanchez (, @BCB_Sara): I’m going to take a look at my teams and try to strategize. But I’m also going to use the time to reevaluate some of the assumptions that I need to change going forward. One example I’m already pondering a bit (that we just talked about on the most recent episode of Fantasy Feud) is how to adapt to the offensive environment in the second half. What that might look like strategy and player wise. I’m also going to sit by the pool and drink some rosĂ© because that’s why God invented pools and July.

Larry Schechter (Winning Fantasy Baseball, @LarrySchechter): Great time to start my fantasy football prep. While Scott Fish bowl has been drafting and many others drafting best ball team, etc. I haven’t looked at anything yet

Tim McLeod (Prospect361, @RunTMcP361): The MLB Draft will be my principle focus and with a weaker draft class there should be plenty of surprises. Does an Aussie go off-the board first? I’ll probably skip the All-Star game and being that Robbie has determined that the future of the game isn’t worthy of a full game, also the Futures Game. I really should catch up on some chores but if I cut the lawn, it will only grow back making even more work. It’ll be covered in snow in another couple months anyway.

Greg Jewett (The Athletic, @gjewett9): Take one mental health day off. Note where teams can move in the standings and map out how to maximize FAAB the rest of the way. Last, focus on the trade deadline; for my niche, it’s a potentially volatile time covering closers with so many reliever names being floated, but moves are dependent on the standings a week ahead of the trade deadline.

Frank Stampfl (SportsGrid, RotoExperts, @Roto_Frank): Business as usual. We’ll still be putting out daily podcasts next week with a bit of a different spin because of the All-Star break.

Steve Gardner (USA TODAY Sports, @SteveAGardner): (In addition to listening to Frank’s podcasts) I’ll be checking out my teams’ strengths/weaknesses and trying to figure out what trades I can make to get in position for a solid second-half run. With numbers staying the same for a few days, it allows more time for analysis AND trade talks with other managers in my leagues. I’ll definitely be watching the Futures Game, the HR Derby and the All-Star Game because I’m still a baseball fan at heart — even when the games don’t count in the fantasy standings.

Michael Govier (Pallazzo Podcast, @mjgovier): I am going to dive fully into the MLB Draft on Sunday night with my pal Rogelio Castillo. Then I am going to review all of my 16 teams one by one to determine what chances I have left if any of winning or placing at all in each league. I have been looking forward to the ASB to take stock of my teams for possible trades which the break is good for giving me time to dissect my competitors rosters. I don’t need to be twisting my butt deeper into my office chair with FAAB analysis & so on. Hopefully outside of this review I will be able to start working on fantasy football analysis. It never ends! And I’ll tell you this, compared to other jobs I’ve worked in my life, this one takes the cake! If my biggest complaint is spending too much time with fantasy sports research, then that’s just fine by me. Enjoy the break!

CJ Kaltenbach (Fantasy Guru, @TheSeigeDFS): Looking at the closers most likely to move and get aggressive getting their potential replacements on the bench. I typically don’t hold a spec on my bench which is aggressive, but this is the time of year I need to clear out a roster spot or two to do that in case one of my guys moves from a closer role to a set-up role. After that, just tracking categories of need and prospects that will get the call up that could help that process. Other than that, it’s gladiator drafting season!

Phil Hertz (Baseball HQ, @prhz50): . On Wednesday, I’ll take a look at my teams and see which strategies to implement going forward. Until then, I might look at a couple of innings or the derby, but this is my time to chill

Scott Pianowski (Yahoo! Fantasy Sports, @Scott_Pianowski): Football prep. Golf. Poker. Reading. Walking the dog. Rewatching old movies, looking at some new documentaries. Life.

Sky Dombroske (Fantistics Insider Baseball, @SkyDombroske): The extra day they added to the break a few years ago is a godsend for me, as I’m frequently getting a little burned out by this time of year with my crazy spring/early summer schedule. I’ll probably take 2-3 of the 4 days and not pay attention to baseball at all, and then use the last day and a half to set my expectations for each of my teams in the second half and start planning acquisitions to take them in the desired directions.

Corbin Young (Baseball HQ, Rotowire, @corbin_young21): Summer vacation, so taking trips to Hawaii to see family and friends. Football work, plus regular baseball, beaches, eating, and enjoying the time. Regarding my fantasy teams, looking to attack categories the team is deficient in, and paying attention to closer movement since I need saves in most leagues.

Rick Wolf (SiriusXM Fantasy, @RickWolf1): For Tout Wars, we need to vigilant. Holding onto 1st place can be harder than charging at it from 3rd or 4th. We will look at all the categories, track faab bids of other players and decide what that one trade that needs to be made is to solidify things. This year, it might be a closer so we will start adding those second closers where the rumor is that the current closer will be traded. Off the field, it is prepare for the FSGA Summer Conference starting on the 21st and hitting the gym and pool everyday next week. Cheers folks!

Fred Zinkie (Yahoo/Rotowire, @FredZinkieMLB): I will spend a bit of time assessing each of my rosters. Trying to develop a post-break plan for them. And I’ll continue to ramp up fantasy football prep.

Ryan Boyer (Rotowire, Baseball Prospectus, @RyanPBoyer): I’ll be taking a little vacation with the family. Driving six hours each way with a four- and six-year-old in the car. Wish me luck. As far as “on the field” goes, part of this time of the year, much like it is with real teams, is an honest evaluation of whether to buy or sell in your keeper/dynasty leagues. It’s looking like a mix of both for me this year across all my leagues.

Mike Podhorzer (Fangraphs, @MikePodhorzer): The ASB really gives me a chance to breathe. No more stressing about which reliever is going to blow my starting pitcher’s win or which offense is going to decide not to score enough runs to put my starting pitcher’s team ahead when he departs the game! It’s a welcome mental break, which also gives me the opportunity to really analyze my roster’s strengths and weaknesses to prepare for the final two and a half months.

D.J. Short (NBC Sports, @djshort): As we all know, the MLB schedule is unrelenting. For redraft teams, it gives you a little bit more time to think of how to catch up in certain categories, but the real interesting part is taking stock of dynasty/keeper teams and deciding whether to go for it or reload for next season. It’s probably my most active time in terms of making trades. Off the field, I’m going to be spending a lot of time thinking about Rotoworld/NBC’s strategy for football season. Fantasy never ends! (And that’s a good thing)

Ariel Cohen (CBS Sports, @ATCNY): Off the field – We will right in the thick of our softball seasons, so that will continue! As far as fantasy – going to do some category scouting to see where I need to focus the team on – then look for some trade possibilities in all of my teams. ASB is a great time to do that! Then, of course, I’ll watch our hometown boy Pete try to win another HR Derby, and root for the NL in the ASG !

Todd Zola (Mastersball, @toddzola): I’ve been putting it off long enough, I’ll use the break to plan my rebuild (hopefully retool) in a couple of keeper leagues. That said, I’ll be doing in Las Vegas, hanging with my Rotowire brethren on the company outing. I’d rather it be in Cape Cod where we can all go and take in some Cape Cod league action (my usual ASB activity), but I’ll be a company man and head to Vegas instead.

Ryan Bloomfield (BaseballHQ, @RyanBHQ): My favorite video game is back! I’ll be playing EA Sports College Football 25, which comes out Tuesday after an 11-year hiatus. Also, two episodes of the Bubba and the Bloom podcast, looking at preseason ADP vs. year-to-date Rank by position. Check us out!

Nick Pollack (Pitcher List, @PitcherList): Taking a moment to reflect on the first half to take notes for the off-season. We can forget about trends and understandings of success when looking at the full season marks at the end of the year and having a flag post to remind us of our convictions can go a long way!

Rob Leibowitz (Rotoheaven, @rob_leibowitz): Probably spending way too much time on OOTP to notice there was an All-Star break and maybe take the family camping. My team is coming around a little after crashing following our hot start. Patience on with the kiddos like Keith is starting to pay off, so it’s time to assess and make a push via the trade market.

Ryan Hallam (Fighting Chance Fantasy, @FightingChance): Definitely going to see what moves can be made to improve fantasy teams, enjoying the home run derby, and also taking some time away to recharge for the home stretch!

Zach Steinhorn (Steinhorn’s Universe on Substack, @zachsteinhorn): I’ve found the All-Star break to be an ideal time to make trades. At this point, you should know your team’s strengths and weaknesses and which category improvements would result in the largest roto point gain. A big part of the trade negotiation challenge is that player market values can change daily based on performance, so it’s easy to get cold feet. This can be frustrating for both managers. With no new games to complicate our thinking, it’s a lot easier to make clear and rational decisions.

Howard Bender (Fantasy Alarm, @RotoBuzzGuy): As a multi-sport “athlete” there is no down time. I can appreciate limiting all MLB talk to potential trades to bolster the second half, but we’ve got fantasy football work to do!

Joe Gallina (Fantasy Alarm, @joegallina): I plan to evaluate my fantasy baseball rosters’ weaknesses and strengths, plan out what moves I need to make to improve my fantasy teams, watch the HR derby, and do some heavy-duty fantasy football prep.

Michael A. Stein (Fantasy Judgment, @FantasyJudgment): I plan on assessing my teams’ needs and plotting out potential trade targets. I’ll also continue roasting in the 90+ degree heat and humidity that is almost as hot as our New York Mets.

Dave Adler (Baseball HQ, @daveadler01): Well, gotta watch the Futures Game (looks like it will be on TV this year! Woohoo!) on Saturday and draft on Sunday. Then, ignoring the boring HR Derby, I’ll assess the second-half projections of my squad and look for free agent or trade candidates who might make a good match.

Patrick Davitt (BaseballHQ, @patrickdavitt): Mourn a couple of my disaster teams, assess the others for opportunities, do the BaseballHQ Radio ASB roundtable with Todd and Ray, go to the pool and drink … well, not rosĂ©, but something. Might watch the game.

MIke Gianella (Baseball Prospectus, @): In Tout in particular, look for stashes since it’s a short week. In other leagues, make sure I don’t have SP in there who aren’t going during the short week and put relievers in if I can. Off the field, I’d like to get some non-baseball writing done (I’ve been saying this for two months now)

Vlad Sedler (FTN Fantasy, @rotogut): Take a much-needed break from box scores and analysis. Get refreshed to finish the roto season strong.

Andy Andres (BaseballHQ, @sabermetrics101): Going on a road trip to let my mind wander, and then use Thursday to take a good hard look at my roster and available free agents.

Scott Swanay (FantasyBaseballSherpa, @fantasy_sherpa): Spending time with our cute kitten, Nero, whom we just adopted from our local SPCA last weekend. Photos available upon request.

Lauren Auerbach (Fantrax, @lkauerbach): I like the mid-season breather, as it allows me to recharge and reassess my teams. I also catch up on baseball articles and podcasts that I’ve yet to get to. Off the field, I’ll be kicking off the ASB by seeing the Savannah Bananas and then spending the week prepping for our upcoming kitchen renovation. Fun and stressy!

Andy Behrens (Yahoo Fantasy Sports, @andybehrens): Well, I’ve got some work to do. It’s a great week to FAAB some prospects and shop for trades.

Matt Cederholm (Baseball HQ, @TheBigHurtHQ): In keeper leagues, it’s a good point to look at where you are and change course if needed. in redrafts like Tout, I’m starting to think about attacking/defending specific categories instead of just looking for the best players.

Jeff Zimmerman (Fangraphs, @jeffwzimmerman): Knock off a few studies I haven’t had time for during the regular season. Also, do dive on everyone rostered and see if any need to hit the waiver wire.

Anthony Aniano (Rotoballer, @AAnianoFantasy): Take a short break from stats, sports, and baseball. Walk away from the computer and enjoy

Eric Cross (Rotoballer, @EricCross04): This is something that should be done throughout the season in general, but I’ll definitely be taking an even closer look at where my teams need upgrades, both for redraft and dynasty. And since a good chunk of my content is dynasty and prospect focused, I’ll be busy with the MLB draft as well. As for outside baseball, I’m taking advantage of the nice weather and doing things outside with my two kids.

Jeff Boggis (Fantasy Football Empire, @JeffBoggis): Come to the realization that I won’t be winning my tout league this season but won’t quit trying to move up in the league standings. Completing the Scott Fish Bowl #SFB fantasy football league draft which is now in the 18th round. And if anyone needs a fantasy football draft preparation spreadsheet, please take a look at (shameless plug).

Peter Kreutzer (, @kroyte): I will spend time trying to fix my pitching problem (1 qualitative point so far), though mostly I need to make better roster decisions week by week. If that turns out to be true, and Blake Snell, Jordan Montgomery, and Braxton Garrett are effective in the second half, I’ll have more time this week for corn on the cob.

Adam Ronis (SiriusXM Fantasy, @AdamRonis): Football prep and work on potential trades for my baseball rosters.

Chris Clegg (Pitcher List, @RotoClegg): The All Star break is a nice time to recoup, but for me, it’s all MLB Draft content and writeups. After those are complete it will be time to assess fantasy teams and what categories I can make jumps in by using the waiver wire or making trades. After the break, im heading to Florida to cover prospects in the Florida Complex and Florida State Leagues.

Tout Wars FAB Report: Week of July 8

Here are the results of this week’s FAB bidding. Remember, if you want to check out the standings, rosters and full transactions for particular league, just click in the section heading.

American League

AMartinez, Cle Patrick Davitt 169
KHiura, LAA Eric Samulski 101
MWallner, Min Doug Dennis 73
BHarris, Oak Rob Leibowitz 44
JOrnelas, Tex Eric Samulski 25
JEstes, Oak Chris Blessing 23
AChafin, Det Jason Collette 19
CVazquez, Min Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 14
LWeaver, NYY Andy Andres 11
DDaniel, LAA Jeff Erickson 7
KMontero, Det Chris Blessing 7
JWebb, Bal Rob Leibowitz 2
LGarcia, LAA Patrick Davitt 2
SWhitcomb, Hou Eric Samulski 2
CMcDermott, Bal Eric Samulski 2
KFarmer, Min Andy Andres 2
LGuillorme, LAA Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 2
JAlcala, Min Eric Samulski 1
GSpeier, Sea Doug Dennis 0

National League

ACivale, Mil Derek Carty 155
JYepez, Was Ian Kahn 108
XEdwards, Mia Ian Kahn 67
DMyers, Mia Ian Kahn 33
QPriester, Pit Peter Kreutzer 23
SSchwellenbach, Atl Erik Halterman 23
JBeeks, Col Brian Walton 22
JGallo, Was Wilderman/Prior 18
TFitzgerald, SF Peter Kreutzer 15
AMonasterio, Mil Derek Carty 11
DFloro, Was Grey Albright 3
DPeralta, SD Peter Kreutzer 3
RVasquez, SD Brendan Tuma 2
GHolmes, Atl Brian Walton 2
ASanchez, Mia Wilderman/Prior 1
MAmaya, ChC Rick Graham 1
RGarcia, Was Brendan Tuma 1
TLipscomb, Was Wilderman/Prior 1
JMerryweather, ChC Rick Graham 1

Mixed Auction

PMeadows, Det Dave Adler 95
MWallner, Min Brent Hershey 87
BLee, Min Dave Adler 85
YaRodriguez, Tor Doug Anderson – Mike Carter 36
GMitchell, Mil Tristan Cockcroft 35
RTellez, Pit Kev Mahserejian 35
APuk, Mia Scott Swanay 30
APallante, StL Scott Chu 17
BHudson, Mil Todd Zola 13
ESuarez, Ari Frank Stampfl 12
MMercado, Phi Jeff Zimmerman 12
JSingleton, Hou Scott Chu 11
MVargas, LAD Kev Mahserejian 11
LSosa, CWS Doug Anderson – Mike Carter 11
HRenfroe, KC Doug Anderson – Mike Carter 7
JWinckowski, Bos Doug Anderson – Mike Carter 7
HBirdsong, SF Scott Engel 4
CKelly, Det Scott Chu 3
MSchuemann, Oak Scott Engel 3
KMontero, Det Kev Mahserejian 2
VVodnik, Col Kev Mahserejian 1

Mixed Draft

YDiaz, Ari Mike Gianella 53
YGarcia, Tor Garion Thorne 52
PMeadows, Det D.J. Short 50
APallante, StL Anthony Aniano 35
JBeeks, Col Ray Murphy 27
JSuwinski, Pit Ray Murphy 27
TTaylor, NYM Ryan Bloomfield 27
JWinckowski, Bos Garion Thorne 21
JTrevino, NYY Garion Thorne 16
AVesia, LAD Shelly Verougstraete 15
IAnderson, Atl Dr. Roto 15
JSingleton, Hou Dr. Roto 14
JMcNeil, NYM Mike Gianella 12
MWallner, Min Shelly Verougstraete 12
RContreras, LAA Shelly Verougstraete 8
JRojas, Sea Shelly Verougstraete 8
LSosa, CWS Adam Ronis 6
JWilson, Oak Shelly Verougstraete 3
AWells, NYY Ray Murphy 2
VVodnik, Col Rudy Gamble 2
MVargas, LAD Scott White 0

Head to Head

SBaz, TB Greg Jewett 163
BLee, Min Ryan Hallam 81
BRice, NYY Lauren Auerbach 78
DHerz, Was Ryan Hallam 51
JSanchez, Mia Greg Jewett 45
MYoshida, Bos Greg Jewett 45
JQuintana, NYM Nick Pollack 41
HRenfroe, KC Michael Govier 32
CKeith, Det Sky Dombroske 26
FMontas, Cin Ariel Cohen 23
RTellez, Pit Greg Jewett 18
HBirdsong, SF Ryan Hallam 14
LOrtiz, Pit Michael Govier 12
LSosa, CWS Greg Jewett 9
DMyers, Mia Blake Meyer 8
MMercado, Phi Joe Gallina 3
ZNeto, LAA Joe Gallina 1

Mixed Draft with Alternate Categories

BLee, Min Matt Cederholm 178
AlSuarez, Bal Matt Trussell 41
LOrtiz, Phi Ray Flowers 39
JSingleton, Hou Ray Flowers 26
FFermin, KC Chris Towers 17
MVargas, LAD Chris Clegg 13
HBirdsong, SF Derek VanRiper 11
TTaylor, NYM John Laghezza 9
AKittredge, StL Zach Steinhorn 5
APuk, Mia Chris Clegg 5
DSolano, SD C.J. Kaltenbach 3
TFreeman, Cle Jeff Boggis 2
JMcNeil, NYM John Laghezza 2
CGreen, Tor Chris Towers 2
DDaniel, LAA Jeff Boggis 1
MDubon, Hou Chris Clegg 1

Tout Wars FAB Report: Week of July 1

Here are the results of this week’s FAB bidding. Remember, if you want to check out the standings, rosters and full transactions for particular league, just click in the section heading.

American League

JNoel, Cle Jason Collette 276
DFesta, Min Jason Collette 151
JWinckowski, Bos Andy Andres 42
TNevin, Oak Andy Andres 33
MClevinger, CWS Eric Samulski 21
DHill, Tex Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 14
BJoyce, LAA Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 14
RContreras, LAA Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 14
AAlvarez, Oak Eric Samulski 9
RKreidler, Det Eric Samulski 5
JVotto, Tor Rob Leibowitz 3
CCarrasco, Cle Jeff Erickson 1
HCrouse, LAA Mike Podhorzer 1
DCameron, Oak Jeff Erickson 1
BFrancis, Tor Eric Samulski 1
BBaker, Bal Doug Dennis 0
SBarlow, Cle Andy Andres 0
BBrieske, Det Andy Andres 0
LAllen, Cle Patrick Davitt 0

National League

BJohnson, SD Scott Pianowski 72
VBellozo, Mia Peter Kreutzer 43
GGallegos, StL Wilderman/Prior 27
LOrtiz, Pit Peter Kreutzer 23
MMercado, Phi Peter Kreutzer 23
DVillar, SF Erik Halterman 22
ECabrera, Mia Erik Halterman 16
YChirinos, Mia Steve Gardner 12
HBirdsong, SF Brendan Tuma 11
PHodge, ChC Grey Albright 7
RFernandez, StL Phil Hertz 3
ACobb, SF Brian Walton 2
ASchunk, Col Brendan Tuma 1
MLuciano, SF Scott Pianowski 1
JLuzardo, Mia Rick Graham 1
JIglesias, NYM Rick Graham 1

Mixed Auction

HKjerstad, Bal Tristan Cockcroft 85
MWacha, KC Frank Stampfl 57
DFesta, Min Dave Adler 52
HWesneski, ChC Bret Sayre 52
BRodgers, Col Frank Stampfl 43
JNoel, Cle Dave Adler 43
LMatos, SF Doug Anderson – Mike Carter 26
MKopech, CWS Brent Hershey 24
CSpiers, Cin Frank Stampfl 23
LOrtiz, Pit Brent Hershey 15
KGinkel, Ari Doug Anderson – Mike Carter 11
SArrighetti, Hou Brent Hershey 11
MRojas, LAD Brent Hershey 11
DSolano, SD Brent Hershey 11
SFairchild, Cin Scott Swanay 10
JQuintana, NYM Scott Swanay 10
CCarrasco, Cle Andy Behrens 7
AVesia, LAD Andy Behrens 6
MToglia, Col Kev Mahserejian 6
MMikolas, StL Justin Mason 5
JButto, NYM Scott Engel 5
PHodge, ChC Doug Anderson – Mike Carter 5
JBauers, Mil Kev Mahserejian 5
KIsbel, KC Brent Hershey 4
KHendricks, ChC Jeff Zimmerman 3
JMalloy, Det Jeff Zimmerman 3
KHigashioka, SD Kev Mahserejian 2

Mixed Draft

JNoel, Cle Mike Gianella 136
DFesta, Min Shelly Verougstraete 130
DDaniel, LAA Shelly Verougstraete 73
HWesneski, ChC Ryan Bloomfield 52
CMayo, Bal Dr. Roto 45
MSpence, Oak Seth Trachtman 35
BLee, Min Dr. Roto 25
CMize, Det Ray Murphy 23
SFrelick, Mil Anthony Aniano 20
HBirdsong, SF D.J. Short 10
DSolano, SD Ryan Bloomfield 10
PHodge, ChC Tim McLeod 7
JJunis, Mil Seth Trachtman 6
TRogers, Mia Garion Thorne 5
BRortvedt, TB Adam Ronis 4
CCarrasco, Cle Rudy Gamble 4
MMercado, Phi Tim McLeod 3
MMcLain, Cin Scott White 0
KBryant, Col Scott White 0

Head to Head

NMarte, Cin Frank Ammirante 211
JWood, Was Sky Dombroske 172
DFesta, Min Greg Jewett 63
MToglia, Col Greg Jewett 45
LKnack, LAD Ryan Hallam 34
DDaniel, LAA Frank Ammirante 34
GMitchell, Mil Michael Govier 33
MFesta, NYM Frank Ammirante 33
MYoshida, Bos Ryan Hallam 31
LMatos, SF Frank Ammirante 23
KHendricks, ChC Greg Jewett 18
IKinerFalefa, Tor Greg Jewett 18
SFairchild, Cin Blake Meyer 14
KHigashioka, SD Blake Meyer 12
HWesneski, ChC Lauren Auerbach 11
JWinckowski, Bos Michael Govier 11
BNaylor, Cle Blake Meyer 9
JNoel, Cle Joe Gallina 7
CSantana, Min Lauren Auerbach 7
JGray, Was Michael Govier 6
BRodgers, Col Ariel Cohen 4

Mixed Draft with Alternate Categories

JWood, Was Sara Sanchez 254
HKjerstad, Bal Matt Cederholm 113
JNoel, Cle Geoff Pontes 89
MSano, LAA Matt Cederholm 85
LKnack, LAD Matt Trussell 54
HWesneski, ChC Matt Cederholm 36
LLynn, StL Zach Steinhorn 32
KHigashioka, SD Sara Sanchez 24
DPeterson, NYM Chris Clegg 21
RPressly, Hou Carlos Marcano 15
TMiller, ChC Matt Cederholm 12
KClemens, Phi John Laghezza 5
BWisely, SF Carlos Marcano 4
JBauers, Mil Chris Clegg 3
SArrighetti, Hou Jeff Boggis 2

Tout Table: Reactions to the 2024 baseball

This week’s query:

How, if at all, has the current dead ball landscape affected your in-season management?

Scott Chu (Pitcher List, @ifthechufits): From what I’ve seen so far, the primary issue is with flyballs, which have a SLG that is over 100 points worse than it was in 2021 and over 80 points worse than what we saw in 2023. HR/FB% is also down quite a bit. I’ve done two things so far – I am more skeptical of players who showed a spiked HR/FB% in 2023 and also am moving projections down on players who hit an abundance of flyballs as they are less valuable in 2024 than 2023. While some flyball hitters can work through this, some of the most profoundly impacted players happen to be the ones who hit a ton of fly balls – Spencer Torkelson, Jorge Soler, Adolis Garcia, and Jake Burger all are good examples of players with very high flyball rate who are struggling with lower HR/FB rates. Austin Riley also is facing this issue, though he is not as extreme of a flyball hitter. Not all high flyball rates are bad, but the very high flyball rate guys who broke out last year seem to be having trouble repeating, and I’ll be more skeptical of them until/unless we see flyballs doing more damage league wide.

Anthony Aniano (Rotoballer, @AAnianoFantasy): Finding competent pitching, ERA around 4.00, has been easier to locate of the waiver wire and with the rash of pitching injuries this season that has been a huge bonus. Free agents, and late round picks like Seth Lugo, Luis Gil and others have benefited from the dead ball and have become reliable top-tier starting pitchers.

Chris Blessing (BaseballHQ, @C_Blessing): It has changed my in-season management dramatically. In daily transaction formats, I’ve lived off the waiver wire for pitching, trading some of my best performing pitchers for hitters who are still lifting the ball in the air. In AL Touts, I can’t seem to make headway with pitching stats and my idea of punting saves has backfired significantly since those points and the lower WHIP would allow me to gain grown. Most leagues I am apart of, the standings are littered with hitting prowess and the leagues are wide-open because pitching, top to bottom, has a lot of parity between the teams. Our pitching staffs all have these restrictor plates that doesn’t allow for great advantages. Teams who manage the pit stops throughout the season will end up coming up on top. I don’t even like Nascar and I’m dropping Nascar metaphors.

Scott White (CBS Fantasy Sports, @CBSScottWhite): Mainly, I’ve been laser focused on using pitcher excess to acquire high-end hitters in all of my trade discussions, particularly in shallower leagues where I can backfill my pitching staff off the waiver wire rather easily. And when I say, “high-end hitters,” I don’t necessarily mean ones who are currently producing and will obviously demand a premium. Anyone with a rock-solid track record is liable to pick things up as the weather warms up, as happened for many of these same players in 2022. As for what I’m giving up in such deals — i.e., a pitcher — I’m not going to be especially choosy about it (if the other party demands someone else, fine) unless it’s a dyed-in-the-wool ace.

Michael A. Stein (Fantasy Judgment, @FantasyJudgment): Power has become scarce and finding it on the waiver wire is next to impossible. It has helped augment the pool of available pitchers which is necessary to offset all of the injuries around the league.

Howard Bender (Fantasy Alarm, @RotoBuzzGuy): In-season strategies really haven’t changed that much in roto leagues. It’s still about boosting yourself in the categories that you are lacking in and have the greatest chance for movement. For H2H or points leagues, however, I do find myself focusing much more on improving my rotation so I can steal points and categories that way. It’s like a retro-run to the mid-to-late 90s when it was all about saves and steals. Let’s pour one out for good old-fashioned Earl Weaver baseball when life was all about the 3-run HR.

Jeff Zimmerman (Fangraphs, @jeffwzimmerman): Nothing points to the ball being different as the cause of the power outage. Of the balls hit between 105 mph and 110 mph and 20 deg and 25 deg LA, the average distance (June only) over the past four seasons is 392 ft (2021), 392 ft (2022), 395 ft (2023), and 393 ft (2024). When the ball was “juiced” the distances were in the 400’s. The most likely cause of the power drought, IMO, is the heavy transition from fastballs to secondaries. Hitters, especially rookies, are struggling with non-fastballs. Finally, defensive talent is up with the league’s .287 BABIP being the lowest since 1992. Now with the lower run environment, there is nothing anyone can do. Since the season is about half over, you’re stuck with your team and the only hope is try to roster any power sources that emerge before your league mates.

Patrick Davitt (BaseballHQ, @patrickdavitt): Quite a bit more interested in high-K, high-FB pitchers than in past years, a bit less interested in FB hitters than in past years.

Eric Samulski (Rotoballer, @SamskiNYC): I think the only way we can adjust mid-season is in trade discussions or with waiver wire starting pitchers. I’m more likely to stream a high-strikeout pitcher with potential HR issues in a matchup where I think those HR issues may not be exacerbated. I think it has also made it harder to find power on the wire and makes me less likely to take a chance on a power-only hitter unless he has a long track record of success in various run environments. I do think, to a certain extent, this is also less about the ball and more about there being so many good pitchers in the league and fastballs being used less often, so hitters aren’t able to use that velocity to supply their own power.

Jeff Erickson (Rotowire, @Jeff_Erickson): It’s already difficult to trade pitching for hitting, and I think that the current landscape has made it even more difficult. Those that have had any sort of hitting surplus are holding tight, and perhaps looking to build a buffer before trying to cash in and address their starting pitching needs.

Shelly Verougstraete (Fantasy Feud Podcast, @ShellyV_643): As with most things, it depends on your league size and type. With 15-teamers, there isn’t much you can do. You might have been lucky to grab a hot hitter like Heliot Ramos instead of Luis Matos a few weeks ago. In the shallow leagues, there are more consistent players on the wire but it will still be a dog fight to pick up the hot flavor of the week. Don’t give up thought! There is still plenty of time to find the right match for your team.

Mike Gianella (Baseball Prospectus, @): It mostly hasn’t. I have a lot of Anthony Santander and Nolan Gorman on my teams.

Ray Flowers (Fantasy Guru, @TheRayFlowers): With injuries occurring on an hourly basis, we’ve had to expand the player pool into unknown waters causing the need to take “more chances” than we used to. Never have guys like Gio Urshela and Luis Garcia been so attractive, which is kinda sad if we are being honest.

Mike Podhorzer (Fangraphs, @MikePodhorzer): It hasn’t. Everything is always relative, so if offense is down, every fantasy team is going to be impacted. The positive is my offense has performed better in the standings than expected, given how injury-ravaged they have been! So even if I feel like my offense stinks, it might be less stinky than other teams.

Jeff Boggis (Fantasy Football Empire, @JeffBoggis): For the most part, it has not made my in-season management much different. If anything, when I evaluate trades or roster moves, I give devalue hitters with a higher FB %.

Erik Halterman (Rotowire, @erik_halterman): The main thing for me is making sure I’m not lazily trusting my initial instincts about how well a player has been playing after glancing at his stat line. For example, league-average ERA this year is 4.00, down from 4.33 last year. If you see a guy with an ERA in the 3.80s and think, “that’s about half a run better than league average, so he must be pretty good,” take a second to re-calibrate. It’s actually only 0.1-0.2 runs better than average, the equivalent of an ERA around 4.20 last year. Likewise, a pitcher with an ERA around 4.20 this year might initially pop as above-average when you’re scanning the waiver wire, but it’s a below-average mark this season.

Vlad Sedler (FTN Fantasy, @rotogut): Hasn’t changed much for me since I don’t play in trade leagues. I’m more aggressive with hitters who stand out in FAAB, but viable ones are far and few between.

Carlos Marcano (Triple Play Fantasy, @camarcano): Big time, for me. I’ve had to spend more on hitting as it has turned to be the premium part of the game. It has been less complicated to get solid pitchers on the waiver wire than hitters, big time.

John Laghezza (The Athletic, @JohnLaghezza): In any league I’m short on power because of the moosh ball, it’s become a leap-before-I-look situation. I’ve used combinations of elevated pulled BBEs and 90th percentile EV to try and be first on power breakouts. It did not work on Ryan Noda or Tyler Nevin but the Helio Ramos experiment has been fun so far — plus I’m expecting the warm weather to spice things up a little.

Brian Entrekin (Fantasy Pros, BaseballHQ, @bdentrek): I would like to say it hasn’t affected me much at all, but that may be a lie. I’ve noticed in recent weeks I’ve been more focused on adding power on the wire compared to usual due to the lack of power some teams are producing.

Andy Behrens (Yahoo Fantasy Sports, @andybehrens): I would say it has mostly led to me cursing Jake Burger with surprising regularity.

Corbin Young (Baseball HQ, Rotowire, @corbin_young21): Since I’m trailing in pitching categories, I’m being aggressive with streaming pitchers since they can make a positive impact on the standings and weekly categories. Not taking it into account too much but may give a slight edge to fly ball pitchers with strikeout skills.

Grey Albright (RazzBall, @razzball): Since I drafted perfectly in all leagues, I’ve been fine.

Scott Swanay (FantasyBaseballSherpa, @fantasy_sherpa): It’s probably led me to take a few more chances streaming pitchers than I might have otherwise.

Doug Dennis (BaseballHQ, @dougdennis41): I have not adjusted anything as a result, but I am very short of offense on a few teams so being late to the party in FAAB on some offensive players has hurt.

Todd Zola (Mastersball, @toddzola): Fly ball distance is increasing, so the window to act may be closing – or opening. It’s closing to take advantage of low-walk, high fly ball pitchers, but opening to avoid them.

Tout Wars FAAB Report: Week of June 24

Here are the results of this week’s FAB bidding. Remember, if you want to check out the standings, rosters and full transactions for particular league, just click in the section heading.

American League

BRice, NYY Doug Dennis 298
LButler, Oak Doug Dennis 72
MSchuemann, Oak Andy Andres 42
TGrisham, NYY Larry Schechter 39
HKjerstad, Bal Jeff Erickson 35
RGonzalez, Bos Jason Collette 34
AMartin, Min Larry Schechter 29
CStratton, KC Chris Blessing 23
BLee, Min Jeff Erickson 13
JoRodriguez, Cle Rob Leibowitz 13
GHampson, KC Eric Samulski 11
SBerroa, Tor Mike Podhorzer 9
LGarcia, Hou Eric Samulski 7
NVespi, Bal Howard Bender 6
ZKelly, Bos Howard Bender 6
CPoche, TB Larry Schechter 6
ChMartin, Bos Rob Leibowitz 4
KKelly, TB Doug Dennis 2
KKiermaier, Tor Andy Andres 1
KFarmer, Min Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 1
ZPlesac, LAA Jeff Erickson 1
RMcGuire, Bos Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 0

National League

AChapman, Pit Wilderman/Prior 249
STurnbull, Phi Brendan Tuma 139
GMitchell, Mil Erik Halterman 62
KHernandez, LAD Scott Pianowski 25
TBarnhart, Ari Peter Kreutzer 23
KClemens, Phi Brian Walton 12
NMartini, Cin Ian Kahn 12
CPache, Phi Brendan Tuma 9
FWall, Atl Rick Graham 9
DMillas, Was Wilderman/Prior 9
KTyler, Mia Peter Kreutzer 8
TNido, ChC Grey Albright 2
ATrejo, Col Brendan Tuma 2
AMorejon, SD Phil Hertz 2
KHendricks, ChC Brian Walton 2
BCrawford, StL Scott Pianowski 1
DSmyly, ChC Phil Hertz 1
ABarnes, LAD Erik Halterman 1
GSoto, Phi Steve Gardner 0
ASanchez, Mia Peter Kreutzer 0

Mixed Auction

STurnbull, Phi Jeff Zimmerman 78
LKnack, LAD Andy Behrens 41
BRice, NYY Doug Anderson – Mike Carter 37
JMcCarthy, Ari Scott Engel 27
NVelazquez, KC Jeff Zimmerman 24
AChapman, Pit Scott Engel 20
HGoodman, Col Doug Anderson – Mike Carter 17
JPaxton, LAD Frank Stampfl 17
CBrewer, ChC Andy Behrens 16
GCanning, LAA Scott Swanay 13
AMartin, Min Scott Swanay 10
NPearson, Tor Doug Anderson – Mike Carter 7
JBrebbia, CWS Tristan Cockcroft 5
MDubon, Hou Andy Behrens 5
FFermin, KC Andy Behrens 5
NSchanuel, LAA Frank Stampfl 3
JJobe, Det Brent Hershey 2
BRortvedt, TB Brent Hershey 2
MSchuemann, Oak Tristan Cockcroft 0

Mixed Draft

BRice, NYY Mike Gianella 121
AChapman, Pit Adam Ronis 78
CGreen, Tor Ryan Bloomfield 63
CQuantrill, Col D.J. Short 30
JLoperfido, Hou Dr. Roto 30
CHolderman, Pit Anthony Aniano 25
DSchneemann, Cle Garion Thorne 15
RDetmers, LAA Seth Trachtman 10
HGoodman, Col Dr. Roto 10
RGarrett, NYM Mike Gianella 10
JBrebbia, CWS Dr. Roto 6
KFreeland, Col Garion Thorne 3
KHigashioka, SD Rudy Gamble 3
HCrouse, LAA Tim McLeod 1
JHeyward, LAD Scott White 0
LKnack, LAD Shelly Verougstraete 0

Head to Head

JKelenic, Atl Sky Dombroske 52
MChapman, SF Ryan Hallam 35
CMcCormick, Hou Michael Govier 32
AHeaney, Tex Sky Dombroske 31
HKjerstad, Bal Michael Govier 28
STurnbull, Phi Greg Jewett 27
HGoodman, Col Ryan Hallam 22
HHarris, Oak Ryan Hallam 22
MSpence, Oak Lauren Auerbach 19
DCanzone, Sea Greg Jewett 18
MCanha, Det Ariel Cohen 14
JAdell, LAA Ariel Cohen 13
YChirinos, Mia Michael Govier 8
DMoore, Sea Lauren Auerbach 5
JTrevino, NYY Lauren Auerbach 3

Mixed Draft with Alternate Categories

JMcCarthy, Ari Matt Trussell 107
BRice, NYY Matt Cederholm 47
JCannon, CWS Geoff Pontes 47
HGoodman, Col Chris Towers 41
DSchneemann, Cle Derek VanRiper 37
SCecconi, Ari Matt Cederholm 27
BFalter, Pit Ray Flowers 26
EValdez, Bos Sara Sanchez 24
TRogers, Mia Chris Clegg 23
JusTurner, Tor Ray Flowers 23
MRojas, LAD Matt Cederholm 23
ADuvall, Atl Sara Sanchez 16
JMeneses, Was Chris Clegg 7
BRortvedt, TB Jeff Boggis 5
HBrazoban, Mia Jeff Boggis 3
PCorbin, Was Jeff Boggis 3
CFlexen, CWS Jeff Boggis 3
KHendricks, ChC Jeff Boggis 3
ABarger, Tor Chris Clegg 3
RTellez, Pit Joe Orrico 2
RGonzalez, Bos Jeff Boggis 1
GLux, LAD Chris Clegg 1
JStallings, Col Geoff Pontes 1

Tout Wars FAB Report: Week of June 17

Here are the results of this week’s FAB bidding. Remember, if you want to check out the standings, rosters and full transactions for particular league, just click in the section heading.

American League

DWaters, KC Jason Collette 21
JWestbrook, Bos Jeff Erickson 5
ABarger, Tor Eric Samulski 71
RStanek, Sea Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 90
JCannon, CWS Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 14
MStefanic, LAA Doug Dennis 8
OCabrera, NYY Doug Dennis 8
MTonkin, NYY Andy Andres 0
ZMcKinstry, Det Andy Andres 41
TCabbage, Hou Andy Andres 7
JMcCann, Bal Andy Andres 0
YRodriguez, Tor Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 8
AZerpa, KC Jeff Erickson 0
DJimenez, Oak Rob Leibowitz 0

National League

DHerz, Was Peter Kreutzer 83
CBiggio, LAD Scott Pianowski 83
CSpiers, Cin Brian Walton 57
TAnderson, Mia Derek Carty 52
RLaureano, Atl Peter Kreutzer 33
RMunoz, Mia Brian Walton 31
DrSmith, NYM Brian Walton 22
GStubbs, Phi Steve Gardner 21
JQuintana, NYM Ian Kahn 8
DLee, Atl Grey Albright 7
TMiller, ChC Phil Hertz 6
SDominguez, Phi Steve Gardner 6
TLipscomb, Was Ian Kahn 3
EParedes, Mil Brendan Tuma 2
KGinkel, Ari Rick Graham 2
SReidFoley, NYM Phil Hertz 1
JPMartinez, Atl Rick Graham 1
MVargas, LAD Rick Graham 1
PPages, StL Brendan Tuma 1
RMarchan, Phi Derek Carty 0

Mixed Auction

DSchneemann, Cle Kev Mahserejian 55
CSpiers, Cin Jeff Zimmerman 42
JCave, Col Todd Zola 37
JStallings, Col Todd Zola 33
SManaea, NYM Alex Chamberlain 33
CPovich, Bal Kev Mahserejian 33
WBenson, Cin Kev Mahserejian 33
JCannon, CWS Doug Anderson – Mike Carter 31
RStanek, Sea Dave Adler 23
GUrshela, Det Brent Hershey 19
JMeneses, Was Doug Anderson – Mike Carter 17
MMikolas, StL Frank Stampfl 13
AHays, Bal Tristan Cockcroft 10
JRojas, Sea Andy Behrens 6
TMyers, Mil Scott Engel 6
EValdez, Bos Scott Engel 4
MAmaya, ChC Justin Mason 1
GLux, LAD Doug Anderson – Mike Carter 1
AKittredge, StL Andy Behrens 0
TWalker, Phi Scott Swanay 0

Mixed Draft

TSoderStrom, Oak Brian Entrekin 111
AHays, Bal Brian Entrekin 77
MDubon, Hou Anthony Aniano 65
JCannon, CWS Ryan Bloomfield 48
TMyers, Mil D.J. Short 35
RStanek, Sea Dr. Roto 30
CSpiers, Cin Dr. Roto 30
GUrshela, Det Brian Entrekin 21
JMeneses, Was Dr. Roto 19
MToglia, Col Tim McLeod 17
LSosa, CWS Adam Ronis 16
DHerz, Was Scott White 13
TKinley, Col Rudy Gamble 13
MAmaya, ChC Ray Murphy 9
NPearson, Tor Tim McLeod 6
GJax, Min Mike Gianella 6
EDuran, Tex Adam Ronis 6
BWalston, Ari Shelly Verougstraete 3
JStallings, Col Tim McLeod 2
JSingleton, Hou Scott White 0

Head to Head

TMyers, Mil JB Branson 88
DHamilton, Bos Nick Pollack 76
JMerrill, SD Nick Pollack 62
JChourio, Mil Nick Pollack 41
TSoderStrom, Oak Greg Jewett 36
CFRodriguez, Mil Michael Govier 32
LSosa, CWS Michael Govier 18
CEstevez, LAA Greg Jewett 18
MToglia, Col Michael Govier 16
CBlackmon, Col Ariel Cohen 13
JBurger, Mia Joe Gallina 13
SHorwitz, Tor Lauren Auerbach 13
JSiri, TB Greg Jewett 9
YRodriguez, Tor Joe Gallina 5
JSprings, TB Joe Gallina 2
FFermin, KC Joe Gallina 1

Mixed Draft with Alternate Categories

TMyers, Mil Zach Steinhorn 73
DThorpe, CWS Chris Clegg 63
VRobles, Sea Chris Towers 61
GSanchez, Mil Sara Sanchez 46
AMcCutchen, Pit Chris Towers 42
TSoderStrom, Oak Ray Flowers 34
JBurger, Mia Matt Cederholm 31
LSosa, CWS Chris Clegg 23
CPovich, Bal Chris Towers 21
DHerz, Was Chris Towers 17
CSpiers, Cin Ryan Boyer 14
JTrevino, NYY Sara Sanchez 12
BPerkins, Mil Matt Cederholm 11
MMelendez, KC Derek VanRiper 11
GUrshela, Det Ray Flowers 11
HGaddis, Cle Sara Sanchez 9
JQuintana, NYM Matt Cederholm 4
CRea, Mil Matt Cederholm 3
BWilson, Mil Derek VanRiper 3
AHeaney, Tex Derek VanRiper 3
MMoniak, LAA Ryan Boyer 1