when the nails are gone…

you have to start chewing your fingers.

to tell the truth, i am having trouble watching games now. oh, i scoreboard watch some on my laptop, but i am better off watching TCM and Law and Order repeats . better on my nerves. and, well, my team plays better.

yesterday, as soon as i tuned into joe saunders, thinking by the sixth inning i was safe, he got whacked . thought. so i turned on the giants and watched matt cain give up a homer to troy tulowitzki.

robot chicken, here i come…

but, to give you an idea, mike and i had an email exchange, and he cannot look either. he tried earlier today and look what it did for edwin jackson (on his team).

sigh. as of now, ervin santana, his guy is beating the red sox on the stick of my guy, howie kendrick, who i got as part of my cc sabathia spoils.

if i do not write tomorrow, it will be because i have no fingers left.

a bad plight for a guitar player…

no more manicures for me this season…

why, would my fingernails factor into a tout wars blog entry?

because i don’t have any more thx to the nail biter my team is having with mlb.com’s mike siano.

swear, we have changed places maybe 10 times over the past three days, and it looks like there is no end in sight.

hopefully, over the rest of the season we can both chime in here and share our thoughts.

for now, i am in first by half a point. ugh. not enough./

i can pick up 2 points if justin masterson does his thing tonight and cops a win and 6-8 whiffs. if.

of course, like mike, i can lose 2-3 points with now rbi or a win somewhere else.

sigh. welcome to the teeter totter. to bad i cannot dig my nails into it. remember, i have none.