Doubt Wars 2021

Doubt Wars is here for 2021.

Doubt Wars is the game where you build a 23-man-roster of players for $260, using their Tout Wars Prices plus $1, and compete against a slate of civilians, and at the end of the year have your team compared against the draft-day standings of the Touts themselves.

The game is free to play, and there are prizes of fantasy magazines and memberships to fantasy websites for the civilian winners. But the real prize is knowing you were the best Doubter in 2021.

You can now sign up for Doubt Wars AL, NL and Mixed leagues. There is a form in the left sidebar at, fill it in and we’ll add you to a league by March 28th so you can get started putting your teams together.

Signups for 2021 Doubt Wars are over.


Mixed Teams are made of 14 hitters and 9 pitchers following standard Tout Wars eligibility (15 games played).

AL and NL teams are made of 13 hitters, 9 pitchers and one Swingman.

You must submit a legal roster by noon ET on April 1, because we need deadlines, and because Doubt is a reaction to what the Touts actually did, at the time they did it.

Once your league is entered (this will take a few days), look for your team in your account. If you don’t have an account sign up for one at It’s free!

To draft your team sign in, go to Team Pages | Make Transaction | Create Roster after your email.

Rosters that are not legal will be deleted. Please be careful with this. While there is some roster validation at, there is also flexibility built in which makes it possible to have an illegal roster. Please check closely that you’ve spent $260 or less for your 23 players.

At the end of the season we’ll combine the multiple onRoto leagues for each of the three contests, and add in the actual Tout Wars experts’ results, for the official final standings, by ranking the teams in each of the 10 categories.

You must be registered at with the same email address you send in using the form above for your team to show up in your list of leagues.

Good luck! And don’t stop doubting! Plus, wash your hands.