of bullets and bones and crunch time

last week. i remember back in july when i had a big lead and just wanted the season to be over with then and there and spare me, well, the tension of this last week.

which is tense.

as of now mike leads me 92-90.5

there are a handful of points i can gain or lose. there are a handful of points he can gain or lose.

as with ron, i essentially need the cooperation of our league mates, however.

i will note that i did activate chad gaudin against the royals. and, i grabbed brad kilby of the athletics, and reserved jeremy gutherie and justin masterson. meaning i still have seven starts this week to mike’s four. but, i don’t have a clue any longer how many starts jason grey and dean peterson have.

too hard to track, and, well, as with the rain in new york as i write, and that in detroit, well, que sera sera.

a good last week to you all. i have trust we will survive, but not sure in what shape…