Lawr Michaels,

lawrLawr Michaels is a San Francisco Bay Area writer and analyst who has been at the center of the fantasy baseball world since he began writing for John Benson in 1994. Since then he was the first fantasy and minor league columnist for CBS Sportsline, and his work has also appeared on MSNBC, Fox Sports,, and numerous other publications. In 1996 he founded, widely regarded as staple information for serious fantasy players. Lawr has won a number of expert leagues including Tout AL in 2001 which prompted the moniker “Zen Master” from his league mates. He is a principle character in Sam Walker’s book Fantasyland and plays himself in the soon-to-be-released film of the same name. When not doing his alternative gig as a Project Manager for ATT, or scoring games for, Lawr plays bass in the band The Biletones, and fronts the band Strictly Olga, whose first album, Downward Facing Dog, is due out late this spring.

Lawr lives in the Berkeley hills with his dogs, Jazzmine and Pavlov.

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