Todd Zola,

mail With the blessing and support of former partners Jason Grey and Rob Leibowitz and the help of Lawr Michaels, Brian Walton and JP Kastner from CREATiVE SPORTS (all five fellow Toutians), Todd has resurrected The site features an active free message forum where Todd is a frequent poster as well as a free blog that will be updated frequently once the season begins. In addition, many of his strategy and theory essays that have been buried behind a firewall are now available for free. There is subscription content as well. Please drop by and see what the fuss is all about.

Todd is a veteran of both Tout Wars and the XFL, and will be competing in LABR for the first time in 2009. He has competed in the National Fantasy Baseball Championship since its inception in 2004 and will be defending his National League auction championship in Las Vegas this season. On top of in-season content for Mastersball, Todd will be a regular contributor to the fantasy coverage at both and

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