Doubt Wars: A Feeble Start

Some years ago, a long long time ago, someone came up with the idea of Doubt Wars.

Well, many of us came up with the idea of Doubt Wars, but someone (who I am sorry I don’t remember right now) came up with the idea of calling it Doubt Wars. And that was awesome.

Here’s the idea: You choose a team taking players in either the NL, AL or Mixed drafts, paying $1 more than the “winning” Tout Wars teams paid. You fill all the required slots. You post your team here in the comments (make sure that it’s clear what league you’re in).

Ideally you’ll use this format:

Position, Player First, Player Last, LG, Price

Commas between fields will be super helpful.

The winner is the team thusly comprised that compiles the most stats.

Simple, eh?

Thanks for playing. If we get enough entries for this fatally late exercise we’ll actually report standings at the end of the year. And maybe we’ll learn something so that next year we can run a real contest. And maybe we’ll have a nice sort of prize, though it won’t be life changing, certainly.

And if you don’t want to compile a whole roster, don’t bother. A list of prices you find cheap or overpriced might be helpful to late drafters out there.