5.5 points in 0 days? Problem.

Yesterday’s carefully-constructed, category-by-category analysis turned out to be completely moot. All categories that I thought were safe were undone by a massive offensive outburst on the season’s final day. Of course, the big bats belonged to Lawr (8 HRs? Really?) and all against my stud pitchers. I still got 2 wins and 20-something strikeouts but got caught in HRs, runs and stolen bases. Net = nothing.

We still have one game left, and with Lawr holding a half point lead over Mike… it ain’t over yet. For them, anyway. Stick a fork in me.

On a completely unrelated side note, I witnessed one of the most bush, unsportsmanlike moves – though completely within the rules – in one of my local leagues. AL-only contest and I wake up to find myself one point behind first place. Jumped in to see if I could grab a Twin or Tiger or two for the final game, but the first place team had already gone in and cleaned the pool. The eight remaining DET/MIN names of any value — all claimed by him. Unlimited daily free agent access — fastest mouse wins — is a bogus way to play.

2 thoughts on “5.5 points in 0 days? Problem.”

  1. Yeah Ron, I think I would have to agree with Zack. Its really hard to label something that is within the rules as unsportsmanlike.

    Like you said “fastest mouse wins” is the real problem, not your league-mate. I would have done the same thing. Best way to fix that is that the tie-breaker game should not even be included in your league’s stats.

  2. Bush, Unsportsmanlike??? Is that because he beat you to it? You were on your way to do the same thing… that note sounded like sour grapes, please explain.

    Wanna hear bush, unsportsmanlike? How about a team that is out of it and not making moves in months clicks on and removes two closers for the last week of the season for SP who aren’t expected to start, giving the second place team (whom they don’t know) a heavy chance to gain in SV’s and beat the first place team, where there is no love lost. Thats Bush/Unsportsmanlike. But still within the rules.

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