it ain’t over till…

man, what a day i had yesterday.

i got back from a guitar lesson, in time to watch the athletics game while tracking the rangers, as i had saunders and feldman pitching. i knew that being tied with dean for wins, i needed to convert one to be able to hang onto a tie or finish first in tout.

as is my wont, i don’t run to the computer first thing when i get home. i try to exercise a little discipline and self control.

so, i made some lunch and i let jazzy and pavi out and opened the back door for them so they could either watch with me, or lie on the warm sun-baked bricks in the back yard as the afternoon passed.

when i did log in i was shocked to see that arod, jd drew, and jason kubel all already had two-homer games, and i was just two behind ron.

more amazingly, carl pavano took the ball with three days rest and had left with a lead and seven whiffs, giving me ostensibly a win sans feldman/saunders and putting me just seven whiffs behind sam with both my starters yet to pitch.

more amazingly, brad kilby, whom i picked up the sunday before to replace justin masterson, was starting for oakland making my whiff chore more attianable.

and, at 2:12, pm, yesterday, as michael cuddyer homered to tie me with ron, scott feldman logged a whiff that tied me with sam. those two achievements negated the need for my whip to stay lower than matt berry’s, and, well, one strikeout later i had the lead.

now, it is iffy. mike has already pointed out all the directions in which things can go right/wrong, depending upon.

but, i also know a serious pitching meltdown in a game like this is unlikely simply because a manager will not allow a game to get away like that.

still, yesterday john mcdonald homered, and if he can, so can nick punto.

either way, eight homers on the final day of the season with a 18 RBI, a pair of wins, and 17 whiffs is pretty sweet.

not to mention mewelde moore tossing a td pass for two of my teams: something as unexpected as 8 dingers.

like i said, what a day i had yesterday.