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Nando Di Fino is best known in fantasy circles for making David Gonos and Eric Mack late to the 2010 Tout Wars Mixed Auction. But beneath the malicious exterior lies a fantasy expert with a heart of gold. He was a research assistant for Sam Walker’s Fantasyland, where he assistant general managed the team to a ninth place finish in the 2004 AL-only side. Over the next four years, after unlocking the secrets of the league, the StreetWalkers would win two Tout Wars titles. Huzzahs were exchanged all around.

After Fantasyland was published and hit the New York Times Bestseller list, Nando joined the staff at TalentedMrRoto.com, then engineered a move that brought him, along with his boss, Matthew Berry, to ESPN. Nando graciously stepped aside to let Berry, who he refers to as “my greatest project” have most of the columns and television appearances. In 2008, Nando joined The Wall Street Journal as their fantasy sports writer. In 2010, he took over as half of the writing team behind The Daily Fix, the longest-running sports column in the WSJ. His work has also been featured in Sports Illustrated, Esquire, AOL, and Yankees Magazine. He’s done a bunch of TV and radio, and once rode a mechanical bull for a full 10 seconds.

In 2011, Nando set a record for the amount of “Nando”s in one fantasy league bio.

And in 2012, Nando joined CBSSports.com as Senior Fantasy Writer. No, he cannot comp your league. Yet.

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  1. In addition, Nando loves Lay’s Sour Cream n’ Onion chips and often has a bag of them hidden somewhere. He has also never work shorts or sandals, no matter how hot it is.

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