April Earnings Report, AL and NL Leagues

Rotoman published his April earnings report for 5×5 only leagues using Batting Average, then realized that there really should be one for Tout Wars followers that includes OBP earnings.

Here it is. The pitching sheets are identical. The hitting sheet includes an OBP column and a column calculating the difference.

Clearly OBP types like Votto and Santana and Choo, who are off to weak starts this year, retain a bigger percentage of their value because of their ability to take walks. Will that mean that other owners will covet them despite their issues?

2 thoughts on “April Earnings Report, AL and NL Leagues”

  1. Antiquated Vlookup tables. Fixed now, I think. Feel free to let me know if you see it anyplace else. Thanks!

  2. I just noticed you have Astros still in NL in your spreadsheets …

    So does ESPN for it’s android “Scores” ap …

    It’s time to move on 🙂

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