Tout Wars Auction Dates!

This year’s Tout Wars auctions will take place in New York City the weekend of March 19-20.

The drafts will be tracked as a live blog at, and at least some of the auctions will be covered over XM Sirius radio (details to be announced).

Dates and Times:

TOUT AL: Saturday, March 19, 9 a.m.

TOUT MIXED: Saturday, March 19, 3 p.m.

TOUT NL: Sunday, March 20, 10 a.m.

This year’s auctions are being hosted by MLB Advanced Media, in their offices, so there will be no onsite viewing, but we look forward to seeing you on the Internet and the radio.

Rules Changes for 2011: Brian Walton Likes Carrots

Writing at, Tout NLer Brian Walton describes changes to the Tout rules to reward better finishes. Brian hits most of the nails on the head, but the motivation for (the now abandoned plan of relegation) and this pair of less dramatic incentives wasn’t to motivate players to stay involved. They do. The issue is rewarding better finishes, in order to put a price on very risky all-or-nothing strategies adopted at midseason in an attempt to salvage things. If you don’t complete the Hail Mary, it will cost you.

2011 TOUT: Mixed League Contenders!

The 2011 Mixed League roster (# = New League, * = Rookie)

Andy Behrens, (2010 Champion)
Charlie Wiegert,
Scott Swanay, *
Fred Zinkie, *
Eric Mack,
David Feldman, *
Nicholas Minnix,
David Gonos,
Derek Carty,
Tim Heaney, *
Paul Petera,
Nano Di Fino,
Seth Trachtman
Gene McCaffrey, #
JP Kastner,

2011 TOUT: NL Contenders Announced!

The 2011 Tout NL Lineup (# = New League, * = Tout Rookie):

Nate Ravitz, (2010 Champion)
Brian Walton,
Lenny Melnick/Paul Greco,
Mike Gianella,
Peter Kreutzer,
Phil Hertz,
Rob Leibowitz, #
Scott Pianowski,
Tristan Cockcroft,
Scott Wilderman,
Cory Schwartz,
Chris Liss,
Steve Gardner, #

2011 TOUT: AL Contenders Announced!

The contenders in Tout Wars AL in 2011 are (# = New League, * = Tout Rookie)

Jason Grey, (2010 Champion)
Larry Schechter, #
Jeff Erickson,
Todd Zola, #
Dean Peterson,
Steve Moyer,
Mike Siano,
Jason Collette,
Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton,
Ron Shandler,
Matt Berry,
Lawr Michaels,