Tout Wars Mixed Draft Pennant Update!

Entering Monday’s action, or in other words, after 25 weeks of play, the Tout Wars Mixed Draft League pennant race was deadlocked. Both Perry Van Hook and Tim McLeod had 111 points each.

Since then, Perry has added a point, breaking out of a three way tie in Saves, and stands today at 112.

Tim McLeod, on the other hand, has seen his elite 57 point (out of 75) pitching staff take a beating. Felix Hernandez and James Paxton were creamed this week, while Madison Bumgarner was simply ineffectual. The bad performances were damaging psychically, but McLeod’s categorical leads were big enough to absorb the flood of earned runs and baserunners.

Going into Wednesday’s games he stands at 110.5, having gained half a point in wins (thank you Derek Holland) and lost a point in homers.

These two should be battling all week.