Gain Free Agent Insight from the Touts Each Sunday Night!

With competitions in five different formats, one or more of the Tout Wars 2019 leagues likely matches up with your chosen style of play, whether AL- or NL-only, or Mixed Auction, Draft or Head-to-Head.

For those whose leagues have weekly free agent (FAAB) acquisitions each Sunday night, the Touts are here to help you. We’ve moved our own deadlines to 8 p.m. ET each Sunday. That enables us to share with you our bids, hopefully before you have to make your own.

Sunday Night FAAB Reports

To that end, right here on, we will post as quickly as possible after 8 p.m. ET Sundays, a quick summary of the week’s top bids along with links to the detailed bidding results in each of the five leagues.

Sunday Night Chats

Further, we are going to test a new Sunday night chat, also here at It will begin at 9:00 p.m. ET and continue until all questions are answered, or midnight, whichever comes first. The chats will be hosted by one of the Touts. You can ask about the week’s bidding in any of the leagues as well as get your own league questions answered by a prominent industry analyst. Other Touts may also stop by to defend/explain their moves.

Whether these chats will become a weekly fixture will depend on how much they are used and how effective they are perceived to be – so, if they are of interest to you, please take advantage.

All of this – the weekly FAAB Reports as well as the chats – begin this Sunday evening, March 31.

Please join the Touts to gain a bidding edge in your leagues!