Tout Wars FAB Report: Week of May 1

May begins with some healthy bids on Guardians pitching.

Click on the league header to see the standings, rosters and all the transactions for all the Tout leagues.

American League

Player Team Bid
NPratto, KC Eric Samulski 158
BOber, Min Larry Schechter 138
TTrammell, Sea Larry Schechter 67
JBauers, NYY Mike Podhorzer 46
EValdez, Bos Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 39
CKluber, Bos Larry Schechter 32
KStowers, Bal Andy Andres 31
JOrtiz, Bal Doug Dennis 21
YChirinos, TB Andy Andres 21
DDunning, Tex Jeff Erickson 17
GWilliams, Cle Patrick Davitt 14
CSilseth, LAA Jason Collette 12
AHaseley, CWS Joe Sheehan 10
LVarland, Min Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 9
DHamilton, Bos Jason Collette 8
RMcKenna, Bal Doug Dennis 6
AIbanez, Det Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 0

National League

Player Team Bid
HRamos, Cin Todd Zola 113
MBrosseau, Mil Rick Graham 79
MAndujar, Pit Wilderman/Prior 68
ERivera, Ari Rick Graham 57
BDoyle, Col Erik Halterman 42
MBusch, LAD Rick Graham 41
MFulmer, ChC Rick Graham 38
NVelazquez, ChC Peter Kreutzer 33
MThompson, Was Steve Gardner 15
LSims, Cin Ian Kahn 12
JEstrada, ChC Erik Halterman 6
GCabrera, StL Brian Walton 6
HBrazoban, Mia Grey Albright 2
THenry, Ari Tristan H. Cockcroft 1
EduEscobar, NYM Derek Carty 0
AlYoung, Cin Peter Kreutzer 0
CFerguson, LAD Phil Hertz 0

Mixed Salary Cap

Player Team Bid
TBibee, Cle Doug Anderson 357
NSenzel, Cin Scott Pianowski 105
VVelasquez, Pit Scott Pianowski 77
TWells, Bal Brent Hershey 68
DDunning, Tex Bret Sayre 68
EDuran, Tex Doug Anderson 57
NCruz, SD Scott Engel 32
JAdam, TB Bret Sayre 32
DKremer, Bal Justin Mason 17
LVarland, Min Jeff Zimmerman 13
RNoda, Oak Scott Engel 12
RJeffers, Min Kev Mahserejian 11
CJulks, Hou Alex Chamberlain 11
SHilliard, Atl Brent Hershey 8
JCandelario, Was Jeff Zimmerman 6
HRamos, Cin Scott Chu 6
MVierling, Det Kev Mahserejian 5
YCano, Bal Scott Chu 2

Mixed Draft

Player Team Bid
PSmith, Ari Anthony Aniano 45
LVarland, Min Seth Trachtman 45
JrgLopez, Min D.J. Short 40
ACall, Was Rudy Gamble 32
VVelasquez, Pit AJ Mass 25
YChirinos, TB Adam Ronis 22
SManaea, SF Mike Gianella 17
JHeyward, LAD Shelly Verougstraete 13
JSears, Oak Ryan Bloomfield 10
MThompson, Was Dr, Roto 8
MMervis, ChC Scott White 6
YCano, Bal Shelly Verougstraete 6
JSanchez, Mia Dr, Roto 6
BKeller, KC Adam Ronis 6
CEncStrand, Cin Scott White 4
STaylor, KC Tim McLeod 4
VRobles, Was Dr, Roto 3
NMartinez, SD Dr, Roto 2
MLiberatore, StL Rudy Gamble 1

Head to Head

Player Team Bid
GStone, LAD Clay Link 292
TBibee, Cle Greg Jewett 236
BRooker, Oak Clay Link 44
RGrichuk, Col Ariel Cohen 35
CEstevez, LAA Ariel Cohen 25
VVelasquez, Pit Frank Stampfl 17
LVarland, Min Michael Govier 16
EDuran, Tex Ryan Hallam 12
JSanchez, Mia Ryan Hallam 11
NSenzel, Cin Greg Jewett 9
YChirinos, TB Greg Jewett 9
JSuwinski, Pit Lauren Auerbach 9
KFreeland, Col Ryan Hallam 4
JBae, Pit Lauren Auerbach 4

Mixed with IP & Saves+Holds

Player Team Bid
TBibee, Cle Brian Entrekin 221
LAllen, Cle Brian Entrekin 121
JGallo, Min Carlos Marcano 90
JBurger, CWS Carlos Marcano 90
LVarland, Min Carlos Marcano 75
WMerrifield, Tor Sara Sanchez 46
CJoe, Pit Chris Towers 37
YKikuchi, Tor Sara Sanchez 35
TWells, Bal Carlos Marcano 31
MDubon, Hou Jennifer Piacenti 23
YCano, Bal Jennifer Piacenti 23
YGomes, ChC Carlos Marcano 21
DRobertson, NYM Dylan White 11
CKluber, Bos Andy Behrens 5
BSabol, SF Brian Entrekin 4

Tout Table: Entering the Circle Trust

After a week where we discussed some disappointing players, let’s flip the script and focus on players off to productive starts.

Whose unexpectedly fast start are you most optimistic will continue?

Eric Samulski (Rotoballer, @SamskiNYC): Josh Lowe, and I’m so pissed that I don’t have enough shares. I loved the tools last year but was hesitant to jump back in because of “the Rays” and how they tend to platoon hitters or send them down. Yet, this is a different Josh Lowe. He’s cut his strikeout rate in half by being far more aggressive in the zone. His zone contact is way up, as is his pull rate and fly ball rate. It’s clear that he’s not being overly patient but is hunting his pitch early in counts, and it’s working. Given his plus raw tools, I think this new approach means his breakout is legit.

Carlos Marcano (Triple Play Fantasy, @camarcano): Jack Suwinski. He will strike out tons, like, a lot. But he will also knock the socks out of almost every ball he hits so will hit a ton of homers, too. And he is stealing bases! I touted him a lot in the draft season, but I didn’t get enough shares and I’m now regretting it. Like, a lot.

Matt Williams (The Game Day, @MattWi77iams): Perhaps not entirely unexpected, but Josh Lowe. The Rays outfielder was on the radar for a while and gathered a ton of helium upon his initial promotion to the big leagues. However, his post-hype resurgence has all of the makings of a true breakout with power and speed.

Rick Graham (Pitcher List, @IAmRickGraham): James Outman. He may not have been one of the Dodgers most hyped prospects in recent history, but all he’s done is hit at every minor league level and has continued to do so at the MLB level early on. The raw power, plus speed and plate discipline should keep him in lineups even if we see his average dip.

Chris Blessing (BaseballHQ, @C_Blessing): Luis Arraez. I put a six hit (2-8 Scouting Scale) on him as a prospect. I probably undervalued his spray approach. Through 20 games, he has a .444 BA and a .506 OBP. With BA dropping cumulatively to a modern day low last year, what if this dude flirts with .400 the entire season. Without the shift and the way he’s able to serve the ball, this could actually happen.

Ariel Cohen (CBS Sports, @ATCNY): Nico Hoerner. Perhaps the stolen base pace won’t hold, and the batting average will fall back below .300, but everything else checks out. He’s essentially a better version of Steven Kwan but isn’t regarded as highly. I spoke with Sara Sanchez about this on my podcast a few months ago – Hoerner’s lower projected stats are due to poor play because of injury in the minors, lost time and a lost COVID year. If he had a regular minors career, he’d be touted more. The lost years make him undervalued, and this fast start is mostly for real, with some standard regression.

D.J. Short (NBC Sports, @djshort): Can we give Nolan Gorman some love? Maybe the strikeouts will always be there, but he’s been more selective so far this season and the contact rate is up sharply. He’s hitting the ball very hard as well — 91st percentile or better in average exit velocity, hard-hit percentage, and barrel percentage — so his xBA (.313) was actually equal to his actual batting average at the start of the week.

Patrick Davitt (BaseballHQ, @patrickdavitt): Jorge Mateo. He’s just been a different hitter so far this year, especially compared to last (2023/2022): Ave EV (I know, I know, but…) +3.5, 90.3/86.8; Max EV +1.1, 112.4/111.3; wOBA +.154, .435/.281; xwOBA +0.96, .368/.272; xwOBACON +..059, .407/.348; HH% +10.5, 43.2/32.7. I could go on for hours, and by now you’re probably worried I might, so to the cappers: K% -10.9%, 16.7/27.6; bb% +3.2% 8.3/5.1. He’s also changed his approach to emphasize putting the ball on the ground to the left side, by what looks like deliberately topping the ball (GB% up to 57% from 39%, and pulling it (46% from 35%), and then just beating everything out with 99th percentile speed. Worth noting that his Barrel%, Barrels/PD and Solid% are all also up substantially. Anyway, to results: He stole 25 bases last year while OBPing .267; how many might he nab if he keeps the OBP anywhere near its current .414? Or even splitting the diff at a .340 OBP? He has 3 HR and 8 bags in 60 PA, so pro-rate to 600 PA and, well, you do the math! Honourable mention to Matt Chapman, who is hitting a ton to right-centre with authority.

Grey Albright (RazzBall, @razzball): If we’re talking about buying high there’s only one guy I know who always looks like he just left a dispensary, and that’s Cody Bellinger. He’s cut his strikeouts, driving the ball better and looks like he’s found his car, after watching Dude Where’s My Car on repeat for three years straight.

Brian Walton (CreativeSports2, @B_Walton): James Outman for me. Plenty of RBI opportunities with the Dodgers and he’s cashing in. He won’t maintain an 1.100 OPS for long but were talking about a guy who was a reserve round pick in NL LABR and a $1 selection in NL Tout. His BABIP is .372, but it was in that range at every level of the minors since A-ball. At 25 years old, Outman seemed old for a prospect but is delivering. And I think he will continue.

Bret Sayre (Baseball Prospectus, @BretSayreBP): The supposed playing time crunch was supposed to hinder Nolan Gorman’s value. So was the fact that he was merely average last year in his first St Louis experience. Yet there’s a reason he was so highly touted as a prospect, and I don’t think he comes out of the middle of that lineup all season. His Savant page looks like a teenager desperately in need of some Clearasil. He’s cut his strikeout rate. He’s bumped up his walk rate. He’s not chasing outside the zone. He’s demonstrating repeatable skills that he hinted at his entire minor league career. Sit back and enjoy the show.

Scott Engel (The Game Day, @ScottETheKing): Johan Oviedo. I think Oscar Marin is doing what seems to be a fine job as a pitching coach so far, he is even getting better results out of Vince Velasquez. .

Dr. Roto (, @DrRoto): I’m all in on Nico Hoerner. He’s currently hitting .355 with a .400 OBP which is impossible to sustain but I expect he’ll finish the year hitting above .300 with 25+ steals and double-digit HR. Not bad for a guy drafted in Rounds 14-15.

Jeff Zimmerman (Fangraphs, @jeffwzimmerman): Look through those who are breaking out, I don’t see anyone I really believe in. Anyone can have a hot month. The one player who sticks out is J.D. Davis who has always hit for power but was and hopefully will continue to get regular at bats.

Anthony Aniano (Rotoballer, @AAnianoFantasy): Josh Lowe. I missed him on draft day but I have done my best to make up for it with aggressive FAAB bids. A former 1st round pick who is hitting .333 with a .375 OBP and a wRC+ of 188. He’s showing power and speed with 4 HRs and 4 SBs. What I am confident about is the low K% combined with his ability to get on base bodes well for sustained success. Too many bad gave up on him last season after his difficult promotion to the big leagues. That was obviously a mistake.

Doug Dennis (BaseballHQ, @dougdennis41): I don’t really think this way. Certainly, players are going to have good and bad months, but I’m not going to chase that. I’m typically looking at the players underperforming their projections, not overperforming them. The minute I think the projection should change, more often than not, the player regresses. The only place that is not the case in April (for me) is when playing time or role drastically changes. So maybe Jose Alvarado or maybe anticipating with Aroldis Chapman? If I need saves?

Mike Gianella (Baseball Prospectus, @MikeGianella): Cody Bellinger. He looks healthy for the first time in years and is hitting the ball with authority again. He’s also not striking out nearly as much as he did in Los Angeles. He won’t match what he did in 2019 but he’s easily going to finish within the Top 100 overall. I hate agreeing with Albright, though.

Mike Podhorzer (Fangraphs, @MikePodhorzer): Nolan Gorman has done everything you want to see from a breakout performer. He has cut his strikeout rate, driven by the lowest SwStk% of his career, all the while upping his walk rate and pushing it back into double digits for just the third time in his professional career. He has hit a ton of line drives, sporting an insane 31.4% mark, though that has also resulted in the lowest FB% of his career. He has also increased his maxEV already compared to last year and his Barrel% ranks tied for 18th among qualified hitters.

Andy Behrens (Yahoo Fantasy Sports, @andybehrens): James Outman probably isn’t gonna maintain that .700-plus slugging percentage over the long haul, but he was a terror last season, both in the high minors and in his MLB cameo. It isn’t hard to imagine a .290/.370/.570 season with 30 bombs and double-digit steals. Not bad for a waiver scoop or late reserve pick.

Jason Collette (Rotowire, @jasoncollette): The Yandy Man can! All these years holding our breath waiting for him to find a positive launch angle look like they have finally paid off. He has always been able to hit the ball very hard, but not very high. His 95.8 MPH avg exit velocity this season is 4th-best in the league and he is top ten in hard hit percentage and all that comes with a 12.6-degree launch angle. He is currently in the top 20th percentile in every StatCast ranking (save speed) and top 10th percentile in half of those. All this coming from a guy that was still going way too late in drafts and auctions for his upside that appears to be here.

Frank Stampfl (SportsGrid, RotoExperts, @Roto_Frank): Nico Hoerner received some love during draft season but I don’t think anybody saw this coming. I love the combination of how much contact he makes, hitting line drives, the speed and leading off for a potentially underrated Cubs lineup. I’m still skeptical of the power but it wouldn’t if he competes for the NL batting title this season with 30+ steals and 100 runs scored.

Sky Dombroske (Fantistics Insider Baseball, @SkyDombroske): Wander Franco. With his contact ability and typical line-drive heavy approach, hitting .300 isn’t all that much of a surprise. The launch angle and exit velo increases are happening a bit earlier than I thought, but no reason to doubt them that I can see. The added SB attempts are a nice bonus too. He looks the part of an MVP candidate.

Sara Sanchez (, @BCB_Sara): Lots of names here I definitely agree with who I am excited about and drafted in a bunch of leagues (Nico Hoerner, Wander Franco, Yandy Diaz) but I’ll add another player I’m really mad I didn’t invest in, Jarred Kelenic. It was not that long ago he was a top prospect and the flaws in his swing that were holding him back his first two seasons seems to be fixed. There were already some good signs in those years (a 64th percentile barrel rate in 2021, a 114 max exit velocity in 2022) but it would be fair if people were skeptical of the 2023 breakout. These numbers are fire: max exit velo 86th percentile, average exit velo 88th percentile, barrel rate 90th percentile, and a hard-hit rate at the 97th percentile. All he’s done so far is .342/.395/.726 slash line with 11 R, 14 RBI and 7HR in a great surrounding lineup context.

Michael A. Stein (Fantasy Judgment, @FantasyJudgment): This is my opportunity to wax poetic and sing the praises of Jarred Kelenic. I have been a huge fan of his ever since he was drafted by the Mets. I was crestfallen when he was traded to Seattle because I just felt he was destined for stardom. It took longer than expected, but it appears that Kelenic has figured things out and is living up to the lofty expectations that were placed upon him. He has demonstrated great power along with plate discipline and speed. I see no reason why he can’t finish with an elite season and a Top 10 finish in the AL MVP voting. He is a star on the rise and the opportunity to buy low on him has passed.

Scott Chu (Pitcher List, @ifthechufits): Rolling charts, which I still think aren’t utilized enough, show us that Adolis Garcia is consistently laying off outside pitches and avoiding whiffs better than he ever has before. His 15-game rates are better than he’s shown at any point in recent years, and I’d be willing to bet that a lot of managers think they’d be selling high on Garcia right now. This is a player who was a top-five outfielder in 2022, and with an improved approach, he can make a run at another top-five finish.

Joe Sheehan (Joe Sheehan Baseball Newsletter, @joe_sheehan): Max Muncy, who looks more and more like a guy who just came back too soon last year. The fantasy numbers are all supported by fundamentals — barrel rate, hard-hit rate, expected stats — and he’s walking 20% of the time.

Dylan White (Baseball America, @the__arrival): I think before the season “we” were worried about how the seasons of Shane McClanahan and Spencer Strider ended. Their dream seasons portended future dream seasons except…maybe they started to break down at the end?? Well, to me, those questions seem to be answered. The two starters are studs and should have been drafted that way (by me).

Greg Jewett (The Athletic, @gjewett9): Breaking from their arbitration depression approach, the Twins have deployed Jhoan Duran as their primary save share, dare I label him, their closer through the first month of the season. He’s answered the call, converting five of six save chances while recording seven games-finished of his 10 appearances with a 13:3 K:BB (29.4 K-BB percentage) and 19.3 swinging strike rate. For hitters, Randy Arozarena fell to me in a Main Event draft, and with some trepidation, I took him over a pitcher, but he may be on the precipice of a career year. Breaking from a plan can be nerve-wracking, but so far, taking him has been far from a mistake.

Zach Steinhorn (Steinhorn’s Universe on Substack, @zachsteinhorn): Brandon Lowe is looking like a draft-day steal. His injury-marred 2022 campaign resulted in many fantasy managers overlooking him this spring but he has so far recaptured his 2021 form, providing elite-level power production at the second-base position. Staying healthy has been his biggest obstacle but the injury history could be a good thing if you’re thinking about acquiring him in a trade as the asking price will likely be reasonable.

Michael Govier (FTN Fantasy, @mjgovier): Joey Gallo will continue his consistent ways this year. I have NEVER been a Joey Gallo guy. I lucked into him for my Main Event draft with my second to last pick. From there after some poking around I realized that he was much more comfortable up in Minnesota. The mental aspect of this game is the most difficult part for us to know because it’s so private even for players in such a public eye. Plus that right field at Target Field is an excellent match for his skills. Add in the shift going bye-bye and you have a player on a rock-solid team who will hit 30 home runs this year and hit over .220. This is not a fluke. He has always had power and his 1B eligibility is a nice added touch. If you need power and someone in your league is ready to bail on his solid start (7 dongs this month which includes an IL stint), I advise bringing him aboard.

Erik Halterman (Rotowire, @erik_halterman): Of the names not yet mentioned, Justin Steele deserves a shoutout. As a late bloomer who didn’t enter an MLB rotation until age 26 and who doesn’t pop in any one area, he was something of an afterthought in draft season, but his underlying numbers since the start of last season are promising. His 9.6 BB% is a tad high, but it should work fine alongside an above-average K% (24.7) and GB% (51.9%). Those marks make Steele look like a slightly better Patrick Sandoval (22.8 K%, 9.6 BB%, 48.1 GB% since 2022).

Tout Daily: In Search of the Golden Ticket

It’s the final week of Period 1. At the conclusion of the slate, the top three Touts will gain entry into the championship tournament. Here are some of the picks the Touts hope get the job done.

Charlie Wiegert (CDM Sports, @GFFantasySports)

Pitcher: Charlie Morton – Shaking a salt on the fish and hoping for a tasty meal!

Hitter: Mini Card stack – They have to come to life soon, right? Edman, O’Neill & Walker having big day at San Fran to get things rolling.

Howard Bender (Fantasy Alarm, @RotoBuzzGuy)

Pitcher: Eric Lauer – We’re looking at good strikeout upside, a solid chance at the win and very minimal damage done to the ratios. He’s also not the most expensive pitcher available. The Tigers rank dead-last in ISO (.089), wOBA (.253) and wRC+ (58) against southpaws this season, they’re striking out nearly 30-percent of the time and Lauer is coming off back-to-back quality starts against offenses much better than that of Detroit.

Hitter: Patrick Wisdom – We’re looking at cold temperatures and the win may be blowing in a little, but Wisdom has the ability to muscle the ball over the fence even in these conditions. His .444 wOBA and 1.072 OPS against southpaws should shine bright against Blake Snell who is allowing a .407 wOBA and has given up all four of his home runs allowed to righty bats this season.

Erik Halterman (Rotowire, @erik_halterman)

Pitcher: Griffin Canning – I’m banking on the (deserved) excitement for Mason Miller causing people to turn away from his opponent, who’s generally been competent whenever health permits and gets to face the A’s.

Hitter: Brett Baty – What better way for a talented young power hitter to find his stroke at the big-league level than against a starter in Josiah Gray who owns a career 2.3 HR/9?

Jeff Boggis (Fantasy Football Empire, @JeffBoggis)

Pitcher: Charlie Morton – When It rains It pours. And I need for Morton to make it rain fantasy points tonight to have any consideration for the first golden ticket. The floor is 5-6 K’s with good run support at home tonight against Miami.

Hitter: Nicky Lopez – I needed a really cheap option at $2,300 and Lopez fit the bill. He’s had the last 3 days off to clear his head, so maybe that’s what he needs to get out of this 0 for 10 batting slump. Not expecting a lot here, but just enough to justify his low salary.

Eric Samulski (Rotoballer, @SamskiNYC)

Pitcher: Pitcher – Griffin Canning. $6400 is too cheap for Canning against the A’s. He’s always had talent, and he looked good against the Yankees. I expect 6 innings and about 6-8 strikeouts here. Plus a win

Hitter: Hitter – Matt Vierling. I can’t quit him. Especially against a LHP, and I just don’t buy what Eric Lauer is doing.

Sky Dombroske (Fantistics Insider Baseball, @SkyDombroske)

Pitcher: Joe Ryan – Seriously, look at that Yankee lineup today. Plus, Ryan has been great in the early going, missing more bats than in the past.

Hitter: Javy Baez – I’m not a fan of Baez’s swing at everything approach, but he’s been a bit better this season, he’s hit in 9 straight, and like others I am not a believer in Eric Lauer.

Todd Zola (Mastersball, @toddzola)

Pitcher: Brady Singer – Thought about Mason Miller, but couldn’t pull the trigger. Hoping Singer helps me finish this period on a high not.

Hitter: Vinnie Pasquantino – There are a lot of nice options at first base, hoping to get some low rostership with Vinnie P in the late game.

Tout Wars FAB Report: Week of April 24

The injuries never end, so neither do the FAB bids. Here are this week’s runs, with winning bid and team.

Be sure to check out the rosters, standings and all the moves for each league by clicking on the league headers.

American League

Player Team Bid
LAllen, Cle Andy Andres 183
MMiller, Oak Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 179
MThaiss, LAA Rob Leibowitz 73
JDiaz, Oak Eric Samulski 47
SWoodsRichardson, Min Andy Andres 38
JFamilia, Oak Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 29
RRefsnyder, Bos Patrick Davitt 29
JCaballero, Sea Jason Collette 24
JSchoop, Det Mike Podhorzer 18
JFoley, Det Jeff Erickson 13
BRocchio, Cle Andy Andres 7
PMaton, Hou Patrick Davitt 4
JWinckowski, Bos Eric Samulski 3
YCano, Bal Joe Sheehan 2
FMontas, NYY Andy Andres 0
GCleavinger, TB Doug Dennis 0
MMoore, LAA Doug Dennis 0

National League

Player Team Bid
JLucchesi, NYM Phil Hertz 118
PDeJong, StL Steve Gardner 67
MMoustakas, Col Brian Walton 32
KNelson, Ari Ian Kahn 21
MLeiter, ChC Ian Kahn 21
JButto, NYM Derek Carty 11
BPerkins, Mil Tristan H. Cockcroft 7
JHerrera, Ari Phil Hertz 4
OMiller, Mil Rick Graham 3
DUnderwood, Pit Tristan H. Cockcroft 3
KPillar, Atl Erik Halterman 2
NDavis, Col Tristan H. Cockcroft 2
BWisely, SF Peter Kreutzer 0
LTorrens, ChC Peter Kreutzer 0
LWilliams, LAD Derek Carty 0

Mixed Salary Cap

Player Team Bid
MMiller, Oak Kev Mahserejian 261
LAllen, Cle Alex Chamberlain 205
JBurger, CWS Kev Mahserejian 125
BElder, Atl Zach Steinhorn 92
AOttavino, NYM Garion Thorne 65
CQuantrill, Cle Garion Thorne 61
JSears, Oak Alex Chamberlain 42
DSmyly, ChC Garion Thorne 35
WSmith, Tex Brent Hershey 24
JDuran, Bos Scott Engel 14
JBrito, NYY CJ Kaltenbach 14
MMervis, ChC Scott Engel 13
LWeaver, Cin Jeff Zimmerman 13
JLucchesi, NYM Brent Hershey 13
GPerdomo, Ari CJ Kaltenbach 12
PSmith, Ari Scott Engel 11
CJoe, Pit Garion Thorne 11
PBattenfield, Cle Brent Hershey 9
WFlores, SF Jeff Zimmerman 8
MThaiss, LAA CJ Kaltenbach 7
JFamilia, Oak Justin Mason 7
WBrennan, Cle CJ Kaltenbach 7
MLorenzen, Det Jeff Zimmerman 5
CWallach, LAA CJ Kaltenbach 4

Mixed Draft

Player Team Bid
LAllen, Cle AJ Mass 100
CJoe, Pit Tim McLeod 72
CJulks, Hou Anthony Perri 43
JDuran, Bos Dr, Roto 34
BAbreu, Hou Tim McLeod 31
TWalls, TB D.J. Short 30
HRamirez, TB Dr, Roto 26
DSmyly, ChC D.J. Short 20
JBart, SF Ryan Bloomfield 15
JLucchesi, NYM Rudy Gamble 12
TWells, Bal Dr, Roto 12
SHilliard, Atl Ray Murphy 12
KIsbel, KC Ray Murphy 12
YGomes, ChC D.J. Short 10
PBattenfield, Cle Ryan Bloomfield 9
EDuran, Tex Rudy Gamble 8
DomSmith, Was Anthony Aniano 5
JRogers, Det Tim McLeod 5
JButto, NYM Dr, Roto 5
JFamilia, Oak Rudy Gamble 2
RStripling, SF Dr, Roto 2
JDiaz, Oak Shelly Verougstraete 2
MThaiss, LAA Shelly Verougstraete 1
RYarbrough, KC AJ Mass 1
FMejia, TB Adam Ronis 0

Head to Head

Player Team Bid
MMiller, Oak Frank Ammirante 188
LAllen, Cle Greg Jewett 99
DSmyly, ChC Geoff Pontes 56
PWisdom, ChC Ariel Cohen 35
ELauer, Mil Ariel Cohen 25
BGarrett, Mia Frank Stampfl 23
JSears, Oak Frank Ammirante 19
JLucchesi, NYM Sky Dombroske 17
CJoe, Pit Lauren Auerbach 17
BOber, Min Michael Govier 16
STurnbull, Det Michael Govier 12
JDuran, Bos Sky Dombroske 11
CBethancourt, TB Michael Govier 11
TWalls, TB Joe Gallina 9
MStraw, Cle Geoff Pontes 5
PPfaadt, Ari Frank Stampfl 3
BAbreu, Hou Clay Link 1
MThaiss, LAA Sky Dombroske 1
WFlores, SF Joe Gallina 0

Mixed with IP & Saves+Holds

Player Team Bid
JOviedo, Pit Chris Towers 141
BRooker, Oak Sara Sanchez 38
DSmyly, ChC Sara Sanchez 24
WSmith, Tex Sara Sanchez 22
MMiller, Oak John Laghezza 181
MGrove, LAD John Laghezza 19
JBrito, NYY Jeff Boggis 12
THouck, Bos Jeff Boggis 2
HRamirez, TB Brian Entrekin 11
JSuwinski, Pit Brian Entrekin 11
APuk, Mia Brian Entrekin 7
BKeller, KC Brian Entrekin 7
JKarinchak, Cle Andy Behrens 16
JDuran, Bos Dylan White 11

Tout Daily: Playing Catch Up

It’s Week Period 1, Week 3 of Tout Daily. Steve Gardner has won the first two weeks. Here’s how some plan on narrowing the gap.

Matt Trussell (Razzball, @MattTruss)

Pitcher: Logan Gilbert – I do not understand Logan’s pricing, nearly 11 K/9 and 2 BB/9…I mean…what’s not to like here?

Hitter: Jose Miranda – Batting clean-up in Fenway against the ghost of Chris Sale, I’m all over Miranda tonight.

Phil Hertz (Baseball HQ, @prhz50)

Pitcher: Logan Gilbert – I can’t add much to what Matt said above – his price is too good to pass on.

Hitter: Joey Meneses – He’s started slow, but is coming on of late. Good price. Struggling Kremer is opposing pitcher.

Todd Zola (Mastersball, @toddzola)

Pitcher: Chris Sale – Need to make up ground, so fading what appears to be the Gilbert chalk.

Hitter: Luis Garcia – Running a Nationals stack (huh?) and Garcia is a free square at $2200

Brian Entrekin (Fantasy Pros, BaseballHQ, @bdentrek)

Pitcher: Marcus Stroman – I’ll take a pitcher who has increased his strikeout skills versus one of the worst teams in baseball.

Hitter: Patrick Wisdom – Let’s ride the hot bat who mashes LHP.

Erik Halterman (Rotowire, @erik_halterman)

Pitcher: Marcus Stroman – I’ll need more than three starts to buy Stroman as a genuine strikeout guy all of a sudden, but I don’t need anything more to take him against the A’s.

Hitter: Seiya Suzuki – The Cubs scored 10 runs on 20 hits in their first game against Oakland and now face Ken Waldichuk and his 10.20 ERA. I’d take all nine if I could.

Rick Wolf (SiriusXM, @RickWolf1)

Pitcher: Clayton Kershaw – Home tonight. Last year was an anomoly as Clayton has been more than 1/2 of a run better at home in 2021 and 2020. He let up 3 ER in 6 IP on the road while twirling two gems at home. I know small sample size but this future hall of famer will go against the Mets tonight. The heart of the Mets order can handle Clayton, but the rest will look silly.

Hitter: Carlos Santana (value) – He is in Coors, costs just $3400 to roster, is LHH vs RHP who has given up 5 home runs in 10 innings pitched. Nuff said. Carlos Santana homers tonight.

Tout Wars FAB Report: Week of April 17

A couple of intriguing American League players were promoted, some drawing triple-digit bids. Check out the prices below. Remember, you can also see the rosters, standings and all the moves for each league by clicking on the league header.

American League

Player Team Bid
ZNeto, LAA Doug Dennis 403
TBradley, TB Jeff Erickson 223
EJulien, Min Eric Samulski 197
TJankowski, Tex Andy Andres 81
KSmith, Oak Andy Andres 76
TBibee, Cle Patrick Davitt 45
LSosa, CWS Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 28
CJulks, Hou Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 28
TWade, Oak Jason Collette 21
IHamilton, NYY Rob Leibowitz 8
CChang, Bos Jeff Erickson 7
SFujinami, Oak Jason Collette 5
PBattenfield, Cle Chris Blessing 5
EDeLosSantos, Cle Chris Blessing 1
ZPop, Tor Doug Dennis 0
DCoulombe, Bal Doug Dennis 0
JCordero, NYY Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 0

National League

Player Team Bid
DRuf, SF Steve Gardner 57
LWeaver, Cin Phil Hertz 53
CRea, Mil Ian Kahn 44
ERios, ChC Peter Kreutzer 7
MMathias, Pit Rick Graham 7
TMarcano, Pit Derek Carty 6
TLocastro, NYM Tristan H. Cockcroft 5
JChavez, Atl Wilderman/Prior 5
DrSmith, NYM Tristan H. Cockcroft 5
CBrogdon, Phi Wilderman/Prior 4
BWilson, Mil Peter Kreutzer 3
TBarnhart, ChC Steve Gardner 2
AVesia, LAD Derek Carty 1
BSullivan, SD Phil Hertz 0
CHolderman, Pit Tristan H. Cockcroft 0
MChavis, Was Derek Carty 0

Mixed Salary Cap

Player Team Bid
ZNeto, LAA Nick Pollack 125
BKeller, KC Doug Anderson 113
BRooker, Oak Scott Pianowski 113
BGarrett, Mia Kev Mahserejian 73
EJulien, Min Garion Thorne 61
JOviedo, Pit Scott Engel 42
JDDavis, SF Zach Steinhorn 33
MDubon, Hou Jeff Zimmerman 31
GCanning, LAA Jeff Zimmerman 26
OPeraza, NYY Scott Engel 21
HRamirez, TB Brent Hershey 21
VRobles, Was Justin Mason 17
NMaton, Det Scott Chu 16
WMiley, Mil Zach Steinhorn 12
NAnderson, Atl Brent Hershey 11
JKarinchak, Cle Scott Swanay 9
ADiaz, Oak Jeff Zimmerman 7
ZJackson, Oak Justin Mason 3
ZPlesac, Cle Nick Pollack 3
JQuijada, LAA Scott Chu 3
CRea, Mil Scott Engel 3
YGomes, ChC Scott Chu 3
TWalls, TB Brent Hershey 2
MKing, NYY Scott Swanay 0

Mixed Draft

Player Team Bid
EJulien, Min Anthony Aniano 75
ZNeto, LAA Ryan Bloomfield 72
RCastro, Pit Adam Ronis 68
WBrennan, Cle Dr. Roto 58
BRooker, Oak Seth Trachtman 45
KHernandez, Bos Ray Murphy 36
JQuijada, LAA Tim McLeod 34
NMaton, Det Rudy Gamble 32
OPeraza, NYY Dr. Roto 32
PWisdom, ChC Adam Ronis 18
VRobles, Was Tim McLeod 17
JBurger, CWS Tim McCullough 16
MDubon, Hou Adam Ronis 16
MMiller, Oak Shelly Verougstraete 13
TBibee, Cle Tim McLeod 11
WMiley, Mil Mike Gianella 6
NSenzel, Cin D.J. Short 5
MStrahm, Phi Rudy Gamble 3
MMaldonado, Hou Ryan Bloomfield 3
JPaxton, Bos Dr. Roto 3
JSchreiber, Bos Dr. Roto 2
GCanning, LAA Scott White 0

Head to Head

Player Team Bid
TBradley, TB Clay Link 178
BBaty, NYM Greg Jewett 154
VGrissom, Atl Michael Govier 82
TWalker, Phi Clay Link 67
HRamirez, TB Ryan Hallam 47
BKeller, KC Joe Gallina 44
ZNeto, LAA Frank Stampfl 43
BMarsh, Phi Michael Govier 42
JBerrios, Tor Frank Stampfl 34
SSteer, Cin Lauren Auerbach 31
MStrahm, Phi Lauren Auerbach 31
WMyers, Cin Frank Stampfl 27
JDDavis, SF Michael Govier 23
KFreeland, Col Frank Stampfl 23
MDubon, Hou Joe Gallina 11
GCanning, LAA Sky Dombroske 11
DKremer, Bal Ariel Cohen 9
PBattenfield, Cle Michael Govier 9
GCooper, Mia Sky Dombroske 6
MZunino, Cle Ariel Cohen 3
RCastro, Pit Paul Sporer 3
CJulks, Hou Joe Gallina 2
CRagans, Tex Paul Sporer 0

Mixed with IP & Saves+Holds

Player Team Bid
ZNeto, LAA Jeff Boggis 361
TEdman, StL Dylan White 321
TBradley, TB Brian Entrekin 121
ADeSclafani, SF Carlos Marcano 107
JBerti, Mia Carlos Marcano 102
GCooper, Mia Alex Fast 55
VRobles, Was Carlos Marcano 48
JBerrios, Tor Chris Towers 44
HGaddis, Cle Brian Entrekin 44
BRaley, NYM Jennifer Piacenti 31
EJulien, Min John Laghezza 11
RCastro, Pit Brian Entrekin 11
DJameson, Ari Matt Truss 9
CBethancourt, TB Andy Behrens 9
BAbreu, Hou Matt Truss 8
JLowe, TB Chris Clegg 8
JDDavis, SF Chris Clegg 7
KFreeland, Col Jeff Boggis 6
FCordero, NYY Jeff Boggis 6
JQuijada, LAA Andy Behrens 6
BGarrett, Mia John Laghezza 4
KCarpenter, Det John Laghezza 3
WMiley, Mil Jeff Boggis 2
VVelasquez, Pit Jeff Boggis 2
TMancini, ChC Jeff Boggis 2
MTaylor, Min Jeff Boggis 2
MLiberatore, StL John Laghezza 1
JBart, SF Chris Clegg 1

The Touts are Man(oah)ning up

Welcome to Period 1, Week 1 of Tout Daily, the DFS league composed of 30 Tout Wars participants. We play once week, concluding with a three-day survivor tournament crowning the Tout Daily Champion. On the days we play, some of our favorite picks will be shared. Here are some of the favorites for Tuesday’s slate.

Todd Zola (Mastersball, @toddzola)

Pitcher: Pablo Lopez – I realy wanted to use Ohtani, but I landed on some stud batters, so it’s Lopez and Alek Monaoh

Hitter: Eddie Rosario – Stacking Cardinals (chalk) with a Dodgers mini-stack. A $2300 Eddie Rosario, batting fifth against Luis Cessa is the glue

Ryan Hallam (Fighting Chance Fantasy, @FightingChance)

Pitcher: Alek Manoah – Solid strikeout rate in his career vs the team that has scored the fewest runs so far

Hitter: Nolan Arenado – .500 hitter in 8 ABs against Freeland and he’s kind of decent hitting at Coors

Joe Gallina (Fantasy Alarm, @joegallina)

Pitcher: Alek Manoah – Faces the Tigers who have the lowest wOBA (.250) and have scored the fewest runs in baseball (27) this season.

Hitter: Paul Goldschmidt – Goldy crushes LHP & has a career .332/.422/.608 triple slash at Coors Field

Anthony Aniano (Rotoballer, @AAnianoFantasy)

Pitcher: Alex Manoah – For a significant discount compared to other pitchers on today’s slate ($7,700) he faces a Tigers offense that stikes out an average of 10 times per game, has a team average of .205, and averages only 3 runs per game.

Hitter: Ronald Acuna – Acuna is 5 for his last 8 over his last two games and he faces Luis Cessa whos last season allowed 10 home runs to right handed hitters in 42 inning pitched.

Rick Wolf (SiriusXM, @RickWolf1)

Pitcher: Pablo Lopez –

Hitter: Mookie Betts – The chalk of the slate tonight. He is batting .500 when facing the lefty Alex Wood. Betts is batting leadoff and willbe the catalyst for the lineup tonight. He is used at 2B also to make another OF spot available. He is expensive, but will be worth it tonight.

Phil Hertz (Baseball HQ, @prhz50)

Pitcher: Pablo Lopez – He’s looked like an ace so far, but he’s not priced that way.

Hitter: Austin Riley – I like a lot of Atlanta hitters tonight. Riley more so than most.

Sky Dombroske (Fantistics Insider Baseball, @SkyDombroske)

Pitcher: Jacob DeGrom – DeGrom against the worst offense in MLB to this point

Hitter: Ronald Acuna – Luis Cessa is a gas can vs RHB

Matt Trussell (Razzball, @MattTruss)

Pitcher: Shohei Ohtani – Dude is just out here toying with sweepers mid start, just nasty

Hitter: Jarred Kelenic – Not ready to call his career toast just yet. Favorable hitting conditions in Chicago and I like SEA to put up some runs.

Jeff Erickson (Rotowire, @Jeff_Erickson)

Pitcher: Corbin Burnes – I’ll gamble on a recovery with the discounted price and likely low ownership.

Hitter: Jordan Walker – He’ll be heavily rostered, but at that price I can’t avoid eating the chalk.

Steve Gardner (USA TODAY Sports, @SteveAGardner)

Pitcher: Corbin Burnes – The chalkiest of chalk considering his $8500 price tag

Hitter: Tommy Edman – Hitting second against a left-hander at Coors Field? I’ll take him — and throw in a Goldschmidt for good measure.

Howard Bender (Fantasy Alarm, @RotoBuzzGuy)

Pitcher: Alek Manoah – Detroit stinks!

Hitter: Corey Seager – Jordan Lyles stinks!

Erik Halterman (Rotowire, @erik_halterman)

Pitcher: David Peterson – More talent than you’re usually going to get in his price range ($6,800), making for a nice pairing with deGrom. Risky matchup vs. the Padres but a great home park.

Hitter: Trey Mancini – Slow start, but a competent hitter batting cleanup against Chris Flexen while costing $2,900 is tough to turn down

Tout Table: Eyes on the Prize

This week’s query is:

What playing time situations have your attention, either for someone to play or reserve?

As usual, the Touts came through with a bevy of intriguing names and scenarios to follow. Speaking of a follow, if you’re on Twitter, please give Tout Wars a follow, and note those contributing to each installment are included with the tweet promoting the post, not to mention their Twitter handle is listed with their comment.

Brian Walton (CreativeSports2, @B_Walton): St. Louis Cardinals outfield. Tyler O’Neill is in a rough spot – told to take it easy at times to avoid injury but he chose a bad spot to cruise. He appears to be in his manager’s doghouse, opening the door for Dylan Carlson to escape his own exile. With Lars Nootbaar out, Alec Burleson has slipped into the playing rotation, but that could reverse as soon as Noot is healthy. Carlson and O’Neill are the only real CFs, so one of them is going to start. I don’t need to mention Jordan Walker, because he is going to play. Right now, the stocks of Carlson and Burleson are up with O’Neill and Nootbaar down.

Nick Pollack (Pitcher List, @PitcherList): San Francisco Giants rotation. It looks as if Anthony DeSclafani could be getting more innings than we expected in a six-man rotation, making him an intriguing streaming target.

Doug Dennis (BaseballHQ, @dougdennis41): Always interested in guys like Luke Raley, Gabriel Arias, Ezequiel Duran, Kyle Lewis, etc and whether they can play their way into more PAs.

Matt Williams (The Game Day, @MattWi77iams): Given the age and injury history of David Robertson, I am interested to see how the Mets bullpen rotation shakes out as the season moves on. Robertson, Ottavino, Raley, and Smith should all see some save chances.

Rudy Gamble (Razzball, @RudyGamble): Most hitter/SP playing time questions I had going into the season have been resolved (e.g., E. Ruiz, Donovan, etc.). Manaea being the 6th SP was surprising but he is starting Easter weekend so my concerns are allayed for now. My attention is mainly on unresolved closer situations in Arizona and Oakland as well as possibly in flux ones like Washington and Detroit.

Greg Jewett (The Athletic, @gjewett9): One can anticipate how the Rays make their lineups based on platoon advantages, but they’ve leaned into the strong springs by Luke Raley and Josh Lowe, which boosts their appeal going forward, especially in weeks with right-handed heavy opponent pitcher match-ups. Since chasing saves remains a weekly occurrence, how the Diamondbacks, A’s, Tigers, Angels, Mariners, Twins, Marlins, Phillies and Nationals high-leverage ladders evolve throughout April may identify some sleeper save targets. Also, a hearty congrats to Liam Hendriks ringing the bell after his bout with cancer and hoping stashing him in the first FAAB run in Tout yields saves in June.

Dr. Roto (, @DrRoto): The always fun to watch merry-go-round platoon that the Rays employ. Also watching the Phillies 1B situation with Hall out for a few months.

Sara Sanchez (, @BCB_Sara): I assume this was supposed to be a position player question, but my mind immediately went to bullpens for some reason. This Cubs bullpen situation is wild. Fulmer for two-inning saves, Alzolay coming in with a K/9 over 15 for multiple innings, just lots of things that could be compelling and not nearly enough information to know how it will settle. The Mets bullpen is giving me similar vibes with the Robertson/Ottavino situation. Also, as a person who invested in Pressley in a few different leagues this Astros situation has me concerned — he’s thrown 3 innings the K/9 is way down and he does not have a save yet…I’m already stressing about saves in multiple leagues.

Scott Chu (Pitcher List, @ifthechufits): The Tigers outfield (and specifically, the leadoff role) is interesting to me as Matt Vierling could be a 15/15 player in a full season. I’m also keeping an eye on the top of the St. Louis. Edman batting 9th against all righties would hurt his value, but Brendan Donovan has the skills to stay up there. Alec Burleson hitting second puts him much more firmly on my radar in 12-teamers because hitting in front of Goldschmidt and Arenado is a good way to score runs.

Mike Alexander (Razzball, @Roto_Wan): I’m watching the Toronto second base rotation. Whit Merrifield seems destined for a super-sub role spelling outfielders and mixing in there. I want to know if Santiago Espinal has a strong grip on second, though. I see PT opening up with the injury propensity in that lineup so Espinal may be an everyday player any moment.

Larry Schechter (Winning Fantasy Baseball, @LarrySchechter): I heard Craig Mish say that Joey Wendle should be playing mostly full-time, and he’s eligible at 2B-SS-3B, so I took him as my back-up infielder for a couple of mixed league teams. The first time they faced a LHP he was benched…so I was watching this…but now he’s on the IL. Still, someone to watch when he’s healthy.

Peter Kreutzer (, @kroyte): I’m the wise guy in a mixed league who went after Dauton Varsho (I’m not unhappy about that) and was happy to add the excellent hitter Alejandro Kirk as my catchers, with sneaky catchers Shea Langeliers and Blake Sabol as backups. But Toronto isn’t playing Kirk at DH when he’s not catching, which knocks him down a solid peg. Maybe two. I thought Varsho and Kirk were set em and forget em, but the last few days I’ve played the wrong guy and left the best hitter on the bench. I’m looking for some clarity here. I suspect many others are, too.

Glenn Colton (SiriusXM, @GlennColton1): In the AL, I am watching Matt Vierlilng. If he gets full time at bats with his speed and hard hit rate (47% last year), there could be serious value. In the NL, I continue to be puzzled by the Dylan Carlson situation. Brian Walton probably knows better, but how do they give up on a guy who is only 24 and has already logged over 1200 PA in MLB?

Todd Zola (Mastersball, @toddzola): Oh where art thou, Kyle Stowers? Are you really sitting so Ramon Urias and Adam Frazier can be in the lineup? And now Baltimore opens the week facing three lefties in four games? Oy vey. I’m with Doug on Luke Raley as the Strat-O-Matic Rays love their platoons and Raley is one a few lefty swingers. I’m also in lockstep with the handsome Scott Chu and the smart Glenn Colton with Matt Vierling. Where do I collect my “L” for James Outman and Ji-Hwan Bae?

Shelly Verougstraete (NBC Sports EDGE Baseball, @ShellyV_643): If you would have asked before the season began which Atlanta catcher would have more starts, my answer would not have been Travis d’Arnaud. Sean Murphy lead all catchers last year in plate appearances and I thought the move to the East Coast would help boost his runs and RBI production, but he has to get on the field for that to happen. I am still holding Murphy in shallower 10 and 12-team leagues but this situation is very concerning.

Jennifer Piacenti (Sports Illustrated, @jenpiacenti): I’m watching who gets the time in CF for Houston. If it’s Chas McCormick, he could be worth adding as he has both power and speed. He hit leadoff on Saturday, and that could lead to some runs scored, too- if he gets enough playing time. Corey Julks and Jake Meyers are also somehow still in the mix, but should probably remain on the waiver wire.

Patrick Davitt (BaseballHQ, @patrickdavitt): A little curious about what kind of run Ryan Noda might get at 1B for OAK. Like Todd, I’m also wondering about Stowers’ future.

Ariel Cohen (CBS Sports, @ATCNY): Closer situations around the league, of course. Especially the Twins, Phillies and Mariners.

Ray Murphy (BaseballHQ, @RayHQ): Kansas City OF for me. Not that they’re a bunch of breakout candidates exactly, but with a new manager I’m watching to see how the playing time is spread out. Kyle Isbel’s paternity leave messed with things for a few days, and Drew Waters will get into the mix at some point down the road. But right now it seems like Isbel, Edward Olivares and MJ Melendez might be regulars vs. RHP. That would be a little bit less fractured of a PT situation than we were projecting entering the season.

Anthony Aniano (Rotoballer, @AAnianoFantasy): Milwaukee’s 2B and Brice Turang. I’d love to see him cement his role everyday with his power/speed ability. Second is Francisco Alvarez of the Mets. They brought him up so now play him.

Dylan White (Baseball America, @the__arrival): Very curious how the Oriole infield shakes out this year with Gunnar, Urias, Mateo shining, Adam Frazier…with Norby and Westburg and Ortiz waiting on the farm. The Cardinal outfield situation has also been interesting all season – with the whole Jordan Walker thing (and Yepez and Burleson) – but now with the O’Neill/Marmol feud and Nootbaar coming back from injury soon, there are a lot of potential moving parts.

Michael A. Stein (Fantasy Judgment, @FantasyJudgment): I thought the Mets catching situation would provide some clarity for Francisco Alvarez now that Omar Narvaez will be out for 2 months. I have Alvarez rostered in a few leagues and was anxious to plug him in my lineup only to see him benched for two straight games. The Mets’ offense is anemic so it seemed logical Alvarez would split time catching or be the DH in order to infuse some juice into the lineup and give hime some much-needed experience. But the Mets never seem to handle situations like this the right way, so I am worried Alvarez will only see a limited number of at bats for the foreseeable future.

Vlad Sedler (FTN Fantasy, @rotogut): Intrigued by the Giants and if J.D. Davis can earn more PT against righties. Also, curious if Matt Mervis will ever get a chance to mix in with the Cubs this season, being logjammed by Patrick Wisdom, Eric Hosmer and Edwin Rios.