One thought on “Why First-Place Lawr Michaels Traded CC Sabathia…”

  1. Thanks for this description of your thought process. Always a crap-shoot when making a trade deadline move, especially when you’re tossing your ace up there.

    I think your battle for 1st place is going to be right down to the wire, what with Peavy’s first game back being postponed due to not wanting to have to run the base paths at Wrigley. Gotta keep that ankle safe!

    And now Siano’s still got 10 RBI on you. That can easily be made up in five weeks, but might be tough if Granderson keeps striking out. Kendrick I love, especially if the Angels offense stays hot.

    I wonder, were there no other bites for CC other than Dean Peterson? He’s such a stud down the stretch, I would have thought you might have been able to lure a true marquee hitter from somebody?

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