One thought on “Same Strategy, Different Results”

  1. I love your Trunk and Branches theory that “one builds a foundation with the Arods and Sabathias and Figgins of the baseball world, but one wins with the Downs and Pavanos and Everetts.”

    I couldn’t agree more. Gotta have the sturdy, stat producing foundation, but also must have the standouts to carry the day and make the difference.

    By the alternate token, when the foundational players let us down, it doesn’t matter who our standouts are. Picks 1-5 must be strong, 6-10 reliable, and 11-20 make the money! As in golf, “drive for show, putt for dough.”

    I wonder, as you do, what Dennis, Van Holt, Liss, or Grey would say about each of their various teams, good and bad. Also, if given the chance, would they (or would you) draft your various teams in a fantasy league of experts?

    I’m not sure I’d draft myself…..more on that at

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