The Tout Wars Leaderboard Has Been Updated!

All Time Top 10 Earners (these are imaginary dollars, based on a $100 buy in, standard roto payout to top four or five places)

Larry Schechter 9 years $3,020
Mike Lombardo 5 years $1,579
Jason Grey 11 years $1,380
Fred Zinkie 3 years $1,345
Ron Shandler 16 years $1,146
John Coleman 5 years $849
Sam Walker 6 years $840
Trace Wood 6 years $840
Tristan Cockcroft 7 years $713

See the whole list here.

3 thoughts on “The Tout Wars Leaderboard Has Been Updated!”

  1. There are errors. We don’t know who some of the players are for some years. Those are the yellow highlighted lines. But your other issues aren’t issues.

    In the early years, noted on the website, some players played in both the AL and NL leagues. Shandler won both, that’s how he earned more than $1K in 1998. Thank LIMA.

    Players in the blue lines are partners. The partnership’s winnings are counted as a team. But so are half earnings for each partner individually.

    As for the negative earnings, look at it this way: You put up a $100 to play, but in a 15-team league when finish fifth your share of the pool is $49. You win $49, which makes you net -$51.

    I hope this helps explain how the whole thing works. Thanks for writing.

  2. Looks like there are errosrs abound in there. How’d shandler win over $1000 in 1998 when no one has ever won nearly that amount in any other seasons. Also there appears to be a number of instancecs where the same player is listed in multiple entries. Should be combined. Also looks like instances of fourth or fifth place finishes where money should have be earned, not lost. Double check the file.

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