Rotowire’s Derek VanRiper Explains How He Won Tout Mixed Auction.

Over at Rotowire’s blog.

Good health and good pitching pickups on the waiver wire were a part of it, but to get the full measure check out the full post. His showing of draft prices and season earnings for each roster spot is instructive.

Doubt Wars Mixed: Triplets Win! Triplets Win!

Not only do Bob Russo’s Triplets win the 64-team 2014 Mixed League Doubt Wars contest, they did so scoring 26 points. That’s an average finish in all categories of better than third!

The second-place Watch the Junk!, by contrast, had an average finish of 17th per category. Top Tout Warrior Zach Steinhorn had an average finish of 21st, third best overall.

The Triplets finished first in Runs, RBI, On Base Percentage, Homers, Wins, Strikeouts, ERA and WHIP!

Here are the standings (actual Tout Wars teams are shown in gray):

Screenshot 2014-10-01 14.37.18

And how did Bob’s Triplets approach perfection? Almost every player was a hit (click to enlarge):

Screenshot 2014-10-01 14.39.07

Screenshot 2014-10-01 14.39.24

I wonder how Bob did in his regular leagues?

Doubt Wars AL: The Final Standings

Rick Wolf and Glenn Colton had a year for the ages. They crushed the Doubt Wars competition again this year, as they did in 2013, too. Only this time they also won Tout Wars. Very impressive performances for the boys from Fantasy Alarm.

On the civilian side, the Ohio Wolverines edged Freedman’s Bureau for the top spot. Here are the full standings (gray teams are actual Tout Wars draft day stats).

Screenshot 2014-10-01 11.05.22

The Ohio Wolverines winning roster (click to enlarge):

Screenshot 2014-10-01 11.06.42

Screenshot 2014-10-01 11.07.03