Tout Wars FAB: April 6

Baseball is back, and so is the Tout Wars FAB Review. After each run, we’ll post the results for the six leagues using FAB for weekly pickups. Each league is linked via the league header. There you can see the standings, roster and transactions for your favorite Tout. Normally, the run occurs Sunday night at 8:00 PM ET, with the results online by 8:30 PM.

American League

Player Team Bid
APollock, CWS Patrick Davitt 701
RTapia, Tor Larry Schechter 320
SNeuse, Oak Joe Sheehan 71
JrgLopez, Bal Howard Bender 57
AOller, Oak Rob Leibowitz 38
CChang, Cle Howard Bender 38
TAlexander, Det Larry Schechter 35
OMiller, Cle Ryan Bloomfield 21
SVogt, Oak Rob Leibowitz 17
CArcher, Min Mike Podhorzer 13
DAcevedo, Oak Patrick Davitt 9
AMunoz, Sea Rob Leibowitz 8
TWard, LAA Doug Dennis 8
HRamirez, TB Doug Dennis 8
ROHearn, KC Rob Leibowitz 6
AChafin, Det Patrick Davitt 5
BZimmermann, Bal Chris Blessing 5
THearn, Tex Chris Blessing 5
VReyes, Det Joe Sheehan 5
MBush, Tex Jeff Erickson 3
KGutierrez, Bal Chris Blessing 1
RMcGuire, CWS Jeff Erickson 1
BRaley, TB Jason Collette 1
DColeman, KC Doug Dennis 0
DTate, Bal Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 0
JChargois, TB Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 0

National League

Player Team Bid
SManaea, SD Peter Kreutzer 981
RGrichuk, Col Lenny Melnick 825
CKimbrel, LAD Derek Carty 802
MBeaty, SD Phil Hertz 135
DCastillo, Pit Tristan H. Cockcroft 119
MMoniak, Phi Wilderman/Prior 108
MVierling, Phi Wilderman/Prior 88
SDuggar, SF Brian Walton 76
GPerdomo, Ari Steve Gardner 75
MFranco, Was Brian Walton 65
CSmith, Ari Brian Walton 51
DBard, Col Ian Kahn 44
CSulser, Mia Grey Albright 43
KWright, Atl Phil Hertz 35
TEstrada, SF Wilderman/Prior 33
HStrickland, Cin Lenny Melnick 31
DMay, LAD Steve Gardner 26
JarGarcia, SF Peter Kreutzer 11
TanScott, Mia Ian Kahn 8
DEllis, Ari Grey Albright 7
DSolano, Cin Peter Kreutzer 4
DNunez, Col Wilderman/Prior 3
MDubon, SF Grey Albright 3
ArGarcia, Cin Steve Gardner 0

Mixed Salary Cap

Player Team Bid
CAbrams, SD Doug Anderson 701
RGrichuk, Col Justin Mason 222
MBrash, Sea Bret Sayre 172
BStott, Phi Michael Rathburn 77
RYarbrough, TB Tim Heaney 46
DRuf, SF Scott Engel 46
JHarrison, CWS Jeff Zimmerman 45
JrgLopez, Bal Jeff Zimmerman 43
CStratton, Pit Scott Engel 40
DCastillo, Pit Derek VanRiper 37
DPeralta, Ari Jeff Zimmerman 35
IKennedy, Ari Scott Swanay 35
DRobertson, ChC Scott Swanay 35
DTate, Bal Scott Engel 24
MKelly, Ari Brent Hershey 22
SHoward, Tex Justin Mason 13
TWade, LAA Brent Hershey 11
ABass, Mia Tim Heaney 11
GPerdomo, Ari Bret Sayre 7
EAndrus, Oak Tim Heaney 0
MBoyd, SF Scott Swanay 0
DGerman, NYY Scott Swanay 0

Mixed 15 Draft

Player Team Bid
CAbrams, SD Scott White 127
MBrash, Sea Mike Gianella 121
BMiller, Tex Tim McLeod 87
JMateo, Bal Scott White 87
KHigashioka, NYY Anthony Perri 76
MGore, SD Scott White 67
JFraley, Cin Scott White 67
DCastillo, Pit Tim McLeod 62
DRobertson, ChC Mike Gianella 53
KHiura, Mil Scott White 47
DBard, Col Ray Murphy 42
MBumgarner, Ari Seth Trachtman 40
DPeralta, Ari Anthony Perri 40
MKeller, Pit Scott White 37
MKelly, Ari Anthony Perri 35
JBrubaker, Pit Anthony Perri 35
SBrown, Oak Ray Murphy 34
CWalker, Ari Rudy Gamble 32
MMikolas, StL Tim McLeod 27
PCorbin, Was Anthony Perri 26
RJeffers, Min D.J. Short 25
TDavidson, Atl Perry Van Hook 23
JHarrison, CWS Perry Van Hook 21
KSmith, Oak Scott White 17
JChargois, TB Tim McLeod 12
DKeuchel, CWS Charlie Wiegert 7
NLodolo, Cin Rudy Gamble 6
KGibson, Phi Charlie Wiegert 6
JPederson, SF Adam Ronis 4
HDozier, KC Adam Ronis 3
MGivens, ChC D.J. Short 3
EPagan, SD Perry Van Hook 2
RYarbrough, TB Shelly Verougstraete 2
DFletcher, LAA AJ Mass 0
TWade, LAA Shelly Verougstraete 0

Head to Head

Player Team Bid
BStott, Phi Frank Stampfl 68
RSuarez, SD Greg Jewett 36
MKelly, Ari Frank Stampfl 33
DHudson, StL Clay Link 28
DPeralta, Ari Greg Jewett 2
JHarrison, CWS Chris Welsh 1

Mixed 12 Draft (IP and Saves+Holds)

Player Team Bid
CAbrams, SD Andy Behrens 202
MBrash, Sea Alex Fast 150
JPena, Hou Jennifer Piacenti 106
RGrichuk, Col Matt Truss 94
RSuarez, SD Alex Fast 80
BStott, Phi Brian Entrekin 71
TMegill, NYM Jennifer Piacenti 61
SKwan, Cle Alex Fast 60
KSmith, Oak Jake Ciely 42
RDetmers, LAA Brian Entrekin 41
TNaquin, Cin Brian Entrekin 41
JLowe, TB Jake Ciely 38
HGreene, Cin Matt Truss 32
ZEflin, Phi Andy Behrens 31
WContreras, Atl Jennifer Piacenti 31
NSenzel, Cin Jake Ciely 25
NLodolo, Cin Jake Ciely 22
JHicks, StL Brian Entrekin 16
TWade, LAA Sara Sanchez 12
MBumgarner, Ari Mike Alexander 12
TRainey, Was Matt Truss 7
RSanmartin, Cin Sara Sanchez 4
DLamet, SD Chris Clegg 3

Doubt Wars Sign Up! Last Call!

We’ve extended the deadline to get teams in until noon on April 7th, shortly before the real games begin. Sign up now using the form here. Or email with your name, the email address you’re registered with at and which Doubt leagues (AL, NL, Mixed) you would like to play in.