Tout Wars FAB Report: Week of July 25

The calm before the storm. There will no doubt be some deals consummated this week in time for next Sunday’s July 31 FAB run, but there will be many more announced before Tuesday, but they won’t be available until Sunday, August 7.

If you want to check out the standings, roster and all the moves for any of the leagues, all you need to do is click on the league heading.

American League

Player Team Bid
NPratto, KC Doug Dennis 203
CPinder, Oak Ryan Bloomfield 42
ZJackson, Oak Larry Schechter 42
KCrawford, Bos Jason Collette 24
RMontero, Hou Patrick Davitt 19
YolmSanchez, Bos Jason Collette 17
CSchmidt, NYY Chris Blessing 13
SWatkins, Bal Jeff Erickson 13
CArcher, Min Howard Bender 8
RQuinn, TB Chris Blessing 7
EClement, Cle Howard Bender 4
BZimmer, Tor Ryan Bloomfield 4
JKelly, CWS Joe Sheehan 3
KLee, Hou Jeff Erickson 3
CChang, TB Jeff Erickson 3
JMatijevic, Hou Jeff Erickson 3
DHall, Bal Patrick Davitt 1
CCulberson, Tex Patrick Davitt 0

National League

Player Team Bid
JBleday, Mia Todd Zola 57
NVelazquez, ChC Todd Zola 53
MBrosseau, Mil Wilderman/Prior 14
JDelay, Pit Ian Kahn 13
DVillar, SF Phil Hertz 8
MPapierski, Cin Grey Albright 3
APujols, StL Wilderman/Prior 3
RCano, Atl Grey Albright 3
BFalter, Phi Derek Carty 2
ASampson, ChC Derek Carty 1
SEffross, ChC Peter Kreutzer 0
TGott, Mil Peter Kreutzer 0
AWynns, SF Steve Gardner 0

Mixed Salary Cap

Player Team Bid
JAdell, LAA CJ Kaltenbach 68
NPratto, KC Justin Mason 37
EPhillips, LAD Scott Swanay 28
DBundy, Min Bret Sayre 23
ZPlesac, Cle Doug Anderson 23
APollock, CWS Derek VanRiper 22
GUrshela, Min Brent Hershey 21
NMazara, SD Doug Anderson 17
BKeller, KC Brent Hershey 13
DMoore, Sea Scott Swanay 13
JQuintana, Pit Bret Sayre 12
SBrown, Oak Tim Heaney 11
KCrawford, Bos Jeff Zimmerman 11
BDalbec, Bos CJ Kaltenbach 8
SEffross, ChC Justin Mason 5
JBleday, Mia Jeff Zimmerman 2
ABaddoo, Det Derek VanRiper 2
EDuran, Tex Scott Engel 2
ZJackson, Oak Scott Engel 2
DPeralta, Ari Justin Mason 1

Mixed Draft

Player Team Bid
RSuarez, Phi Charlie Wiegert 62
MKeller, Pit Tim McLeod 34
HDozier, KC Jeff Barton 22
MFranco, Was Jeff Barton 22
LRengifo, LAA Rudy Gamble 17
ASlater, SF Rudy Gamble 12
EDuran, Tex Scott White 4
NPratto, KC Scott White 4
MStassi, LAA Adam Ronis 4
JBrubaker, Pit Adam Ronis 4
SHoward, Tex Shelly Verougstraete 1
JCandelario, Det Perry Van Hook 0

Head to Head

Player Team Bid
NHoerner, ChC Ariel Cohen 48
SWatkins, Bal Andrea LaMont 38
ASampson, ChC Ariel Cohen 32
JDuran, Min Ryan Hallam 31
JMiranda, Min Clay Link 29
RUrias, Bal Andrea LaMont 27
DGerman, NYY Frank Stampfl 27
TEstrada, SF Andrea LaMont 14
NPratto, KC Frank Stampfl 12
APollock, CWS Chris Welsh 10

Mixed with IP & Saves+Holds

Player Team Bid
MCarpenter, NYY Jeff Boggis 70
NPratto, KC Brian Entrekin 21
KCrawford, Bos Brian Entrekin 21
BRaley, TB Steve Phillips 20
JOdorizzi, Hou Steve Phillips 15
ASlater, SF Brian Entrekin 12
JJunis, SF Brian Entrekin 7
EHaase, Det Brian Entrekin 6
AHicks, NYY Brian Entrekin 6
JBart, SF Jake Ciely 2
RUrias, Bal Jake Ciely 2
IParedes, TB Sara Sanchez 2
BGarrett, Mia Jake Ciely 1