Tout Wars FAB Report: Week of April 1

Welcome to the first Tout Wars FAB report of the 2024 season. This is the second run, but the person responsible for generating these reports was otherwise detained last Wednesday night. Here’s a hint, his name rhymes with Zodd Tola.

Each Sunday, between 8:15 and 8 :30 PM ET, a review of the winning Tout Wars FAB bids will be posted. If you to see the standings and rosters, just click the header above each league’s FAB rundown.

American League

Player Team Bid
OCabrera, NYY Chris Blessing 197
AMartin, Min Larry Schechter 54
NPearson, Tor Andy Andres 18
CBradford, Tex Jeff Erickson 13
NBurdi, NYY Andy Andres 9
HGaddis, Cle Chris Blessing 5
LErceg, Oak Chris Blessing 4
DMoore, Sea Chris Blessing 3
JVotto, Tor Eric Samulski 3
EClement, Tor Jason Collette 2
CSmith, Cle Jason Collette 2
AChafin, Det Eric Samulski 1

National League

Player Team Bid
WMiley, Mil Wilderman/Prior 37
MWaldron, SD Erik Halterman 22
MRojas, LAD Wilderman/Prior 19
ODunn, Mil Grey Albright 17
JIrvin, Was Ian Kahn 13
ERosario, SD Scott Pianowski 11
AMonasterio, Mil Grey Albright 7
SFairchild, Cin Ian Kahn 3
STurnbull, Phi Rick Graham 2
JRomero, StL Phil Hertz 0
ONarvaez, NYM Derek Carty 0
DLee, Atl Derek Carty 0

Mixed Salary Cap

Player Team Bid
JFoley, Det Scott Chu 261
JDDavis, Oak Dave Adler 102
MConforto, SF Bret Sayre 68
OCabrera, NYY Justin Mason 43
JTriolo, Pit Tristan Cockcroft 39
EHancock, Sea Tristan Cockcroft 28
DFry, Cle Andy Behrens 26
EMontero, Col Brent Hershey 24
JarWalsh, Tex Brent Hershey 21
EOlivares, Pit Scott Engel 14
ABender, Mia Justin Mason 13
AMarsh, KC Justin Mason 13
JWinker, Was Tristan Cockcroft 13
WFlores, SF Alex Chamberlain 11
GGallegos, StL Brent Hershey 11
JSborz, Tex Tristan Cockcroft 8
MartPerez, Pit Frank Stampfl 8
GPerdomo, Ari Jeff Zimmerman 7
WCastro, Min Todd Zola 7
HRamirez, TB Frank Stampfl 2
CKelly, Det Dave Adler 0

Mixed Draft

Player Team Bid
OCabrera, NYY Ray Murphy 48
EMontero, Col Seth Trachtman 25
GGallegos, StL Ray Murphy 23
BAlexander, Ari Shelly Verougstraete 12
CBiggio, Tor Adam Ronis 12
RBlanco, Hou Ray Murphy 11
STurnbull, Phi Ray Murphy 11
EHancock, Sea Seth Trachtman 10
NNastrini, CWS Mike Gianella 9
CJoe, Pit D.J. Short 5
CKelly, Det Adam Ronis 4
HRamirez, TB Rudy Gamble 4
JAssad, ChC Rudy Gamble 4
JFrance, Hou Shelly Verougstraete 3
ESwanson, Tor Tim McLeod 3
RYarbrough, LAD Dr. Roto 3
ROHearn, Bal Garion Thorne 1
ABender, Mia Shelly Verougstraete 0

Head to Head

Player Team Bid
AUribe, Mil Clay Link 77
BSinger, KC Blake Meyer 59
TDArnaud, Atl Frank Ammirante 55
MMeyer, Mia Sky Dombroske 44
MWacha, KC Nick Pollack 42
MConforto, SF Frank Ammirante 33
OCabrera, NYY Greg Jewett 27
MHaniger, Sea Michael Govier 16
JFoley, Det Michael Govier 16
CCarrasco, Cle Ryan Hallam 14
BTurang, Mil Michael Govier 11
STurnbull, Phi Sky Dombroske 11
CJoe, Pit Blake Meyer 10
CBlackmon, Col Lauren Auerbach 9
EHancock, Sea Michael Govier 8
JMcArthur, KC Michael Govier 4
JBoyle, Oak Michael Govier 4
RYarbrough, LAD Blake Meyer 2

Mixed with IP & Saves+Holds

Player Team Bid
JHicks, SF Ryan Boyer 83
BBrown, ChC Matt Cederholm 63
RNelson, Ari Sara Sanchez 48
OCabrera, NYY Ray Flowers 38
YGomes, ChC Zach Steinhorn 22
JFrance, Hou Derek VanRiper 11
MGrove, LAD C.J. Kaltenbach 7
CJoe, Pit Sara Sanchez 2
TMegill, Mil Derek VanRiper 1
AWood, Oak Joe Orrico 0

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