Tout Wars FAB Report: Week of July 1

Here are the results of this week’s FAB bidding. Remember, if you want to check out the standings, rosters and full transactions for particular league, just click in the section heading.

American League

JNoel, Cle Jason Collette 276
DFesta, Min Jason Collette 151
JWinckowski, Bos Andy Andres 42
TNevin, Oak Andy Andres 33
MClevinger, CWS Eric Samulski 21
DHill, Tex Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 14
BJoyce, LAA Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 14
RContreras, LAA Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 14
AAlvarez, Oak Eric Samulski 9
RKreidler, Det Eric Samulski 5
JVotto, Tor Rob Leibowitz 3
CCarrasco, Cle Jeff Erickson 1
HCrouse, LAA Mike Podhorzer 1
DCameron, Oak Jeff Erickson 1
BFrancis, Tor Eric Samulski 1
BBaker, Bal Doug Dennis 0
SBarlow, Cle Andy Andres 0
BBrieske, Det Andy Andres 0
LAllen, Cle Patrick Davitt 0

National League

BJohnson, SD Scott Pianowski 72
VBellozo, Mia Peter Kreutzer 43
GGallegos, StL Wilderman/Prior 27
LOrtiz, Pit Peter Kreutzer 23
MMercado, Phi Peter Kreutzer 23
DVillar, SF Erik Halterman 22
ECabrera, Mia Erik Halterman 16
YChirinos, Mia Steve Gardner 12
HBirdsong, SF Brendan Tuma 11
PHodge, ChC Grey Albright 7
RFernandez, StL Phil Hertz 3
ACobb, SF Brian Walton 2
ASchunk, Col Brendan Tuma 1
MLuciano, SF Scott Pianowski 1
JLuzardo, Mia Rick Graham 1
JIglesias, NYM Rick Graham 1

Mixed Auction

HKjerstad, Bal Tristan Cockcroft 85
MWacha, KC Frank Stampfl 57
DFesta, Min Dave Adler 52
HWesneski, ChC Bret Sayre 52
BRodgers, Col Frank Stampfl 43
JNoel, Cle Dave Adler 43
LMatos, SF Doug Anderson – Mike Carter 26
MKopech, CWS Brent Hershey 24
CSpiers, Cin Frank Stampfl 23
LOrtiz, Pit Brent Hershey 15
KGinkel, Ari Doug Anderson – Mike Carter 11
SArrighetti, Hou Brent Hershey 11
MRojas, LAD Brent Hershey 11
DSolano, SD Brent Hershey 11
SFairchild, Cin Scott Swanay 10
JQuintana, NYM Scott Swanay 10
CCarrasco, Cle Andy Behrens 7
AVesia, LAD Andy Behrens 6
MToglia, Col Kev Mahserejian 6
MMikolas, StL Justin Mason 5
JButto, NYM Scott Engel 5
PHodge, ChC Doug Anderson – Mike Carter 5
JBauers, Mil Kev Mahserejian 5
KIsbel, KC Brent Hershey 4
KHendricks, ChC Jeff Zimmerman 3
JMalloy, Det Jeff Zimmerman 3
KHigashioka, SD Kev Mahserejian 2

Mixed Draft

JNoel, Cle Mike Gianella 136
DFesta, Min Shelly Verougstraete 130
DDaniel, LAA Shelly Verougstraete 73
HWesneski, ChC Ryan Bloomfield 52
CMayo, Bal Dr. Roto 45
MSpence, Oak Seth Trachtman 35
BLee, Min Dr. Roto 25
CMize, Det Ray Murphy 23
SFrelick, Mil Anthony Aniano 20
HBirdsong, SF D.J. Short 10
DSolano, SD Ryan Bloomfield 10
PHodge, ChC Tim McLeod 7
JJunis, Mil Seth Trachtman 6
TRogers, Mia Garion Thorne 5
BRortvedt, TB Adam Ronis 4
CCarrasco, Cle Rudy Gamble 4
MMercado, Phi Tim McLeod 3
MMcLain, Cin Scott White 0
KBryant, Col Scott White 0

Head to Head

NMarte, Cin Frank Ammirante 211
JWood, Was Sky Dombroske 172
DFesta, Min Greg Jewett 63
MToglia, Col Greg Jewett 45
LKnack, LAD Ryan Hallam 34
DDaniel, LAA Frank Ammirante 34
GMitchell, Mil Michael Govier 33
MFesta, NYM Frank Ammirante 33
MYoshida, Bos Ryan Hallam 31
LMatos, SF Frank Ammirante 23
KHendricks, ChC Greg Jewett 18
IKinerFalefa, Tor Greg Jewett 18
SFairchild, Cin Blake Meyer 14
KHigashioka, SD Blake Meyer 12
HWesneski, ChC Lauren Auerbach 11
JWinckowski, Bos Michael Govier 11
BNaylor, Cle Blake Meyer 9
JNoel, Cle Joe Gallina 7
CSantana, Min Lauren Auerbach 7
JGray, Was Michael Govier 6
BRodgers, Col Ariel Cohen 4

Mixed Draft with Alternate Categories

JWood, Was Sara Sanchez 254
HKjerstad, Bal Matt Cederholm 113
JNoel, Cle Geoff Pontes 89
MSano, LAA Matt Cederholm 85
LKnack, LAD Matt Trussell 54
HWesneski, ChC Matt Cederholm 36
LLynn, StL Zach Steinhorn 32
KHigashioka, SD Sara Sanchez 24
DPeterson, NYM Chris Clegg 21
RPressly, Hou Carlos Marcano 15
TMiller, ChC Matt Cederholm 12
KClemens, Phi John Laghezza 5
BWisely, SF Carlos Marcano 4
JBauers, Mil Chris Clegg 3
SArrighetti, Hou Jeff Boggis 2

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