All Time Tout Wars Leaderboard

Each year we update the Tout Wars leaderboard, which gives us a glimpse at who the most successful Tout Warriors have been over the years.

The idea is simple. Each entry costs an imaginary $100. Imaginary winnings are divided proportionally to the top 30 percent of the leagues each year.

There is a Google Sheet where you can see all the results.

A couple of notes:

Fred Zinkie is in the lead, but he and Rudy Gamble are tied for best results the last five years, on average. Zinkie did not play in 2019, and will be moving to the NL only league this year, which should be interesting (to say the least). Note: Adam Ronis is just behind those two.

Larry Schechter ranks second on our list, despite coming a cropper the last six years. That’s how dominant he was the nine years before that.

Mike Lombardo is notably sixth of all time. He passed away last year and will always be remembered as a great player.

Jason Grey is seventh all-time at this point, but only because he gave up the fantasy life for real-life scouting. Go figure.

Feel free to load the sheet and make your own sorts. You’ll find me at the bottom of the list with my buddies the lamentedly departed Steve Moyer and the wonderfully game and very smart Scott Pianowski. All I can say is we’ve had our moments, made our impressions, but failed to grab the ring.