Tout Wars FAB Report: Post Break Edition

The calm before the storm? Bidding was sparse in every league as we come out of the break.

To check the standings, rosters and all the moves, click on the heading above each league.

American League

Player Team Bid
NSolak, Tex Rob Leibowitz 73
EHernandez, Tex Larry Schechter 47
JLeclerc, Tex Doug Dennis 16
VMachin, Oak Larry Schechter 12
JJimenez, Det Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 2
PFairbanks, TB Mike Podhorzer 1
CHamilton, Min Larry Schechter 0

National League

Player Team Bid
JSegura, Phi Steve Gardner 49
JAlvarado, Phi Peter Kreutzer 28
YMercedes, SF Ian Kahn 21
ABarnes, LAD Grey Albright 7
SFairchild, Cin Grey Albright 3
SCishek, Was Phil Hertz 2
CMitchell, Pit Phil Hertz 0

Mixed Salary Cap

Player Team Bid
JOdorizzi, Hou Zach Steinhorn 78
ASlater, SF Scott Pianowski 44
GHenderson, Bal Bret Sayre 44
RUrias, Bal Scott Engel 32
KFinnegan, Was Tim Heaney 23
DVillar, SF Scott Pianowski 22
SHaggerty, Sea Scott Engel 15
APuk, Oak Scott Pianowski 11
ADiaz, Cin Justin Mason 7
CBethancourt, TB Brent Hershey 5
LRengifo, LAA Jeff Zimmerman 1
JBrubaker, Pit Jeff Zimmerman 1
RStanek, Hou Scott Swanay 0
ANola, SD Bret Sayre 0

Mixed Draft

Player Team Bid
MMeyer, Mia Mike Gianella 83
MCarpenter, NYY Mike Gianella 77
AMunoz, Sea Tim McCullough 51
LTaveras, Tex Mike Gianella 44
BGarrett, Mia Shelly Verougstraete 32
EHaase, Det Jeff Barton 31
KWaldichuk, NYY Tim McLeod 27
YDeLosSantos, Pit Tim McLeod 19
ABaddoo, Det Adam Ronis 12
JAdam, TB Scott White 6
BRaley, TB Scott White 4
RUrias, Bal Adam Ronis 4
JBart, SF Mike Gianella 4
JPaxton, Bos Seth Trachtman 3
MMaldonado, Hou Scott White 0
KFinnegan, Was Adam Ronis 0

Head to Head

Player Team Bid
MMeyer, Mia Dan Strafford 95
MCarpenter, NYY Nick Pollack 61
JBrubaker, Pit Ariel Cohen 44
JMcNeil, NYM Ariel Cohen 23
LTaveras, Tex Greg Jewett 18
BGarrett, Mia Greg Jewett 18
BBelt, SF Greg Jewett 15
JBart, SF Nick Pollack 7
MMaldonado, Hou Nick Pollack 7
CKelly, Ari Ariel Cohen 4

Mixed with IP & Saves+Holds

Player Team Bid
ERuiz, SD Matt Truss 181
TyAnderson, LAD Sara Sanchez 77
JBerrios, Tor Sara Sanchez 67
AMunoz, Sea Chris Clegg 8
MMeyer, Mia Jake Ciely 8
KCalhoun, Tex Jeff Boggis 2
JBrubaker, Pit Jeff Boggis 1
KFarmer, Cin Jeff Boggis 1
DPeterson, NYM Jeff Boggis 1
SEspinal, Tor Jeff Boggis 1
LTaveras, Tex Andy Behrens 0

Tout Table: Plans for the Break

Every year at this time, we ask the Touts:

Over the All Star break, I’m going to

Alex Fast (Pitcher List, @AlexFast8): Reasses where my team is at. After an extremely hot start, the team has been slumping and hard. How do I pull myself from this hole? Do I attach just one or two categories each week? Or go for a full assault on all the categories I can? Do I need to make some trades?

Doug Dennis (BaseballHQ, @dougdennis41): I am going to compare stats to date with balance of the season projections and see if anything shakes out that I can use in trade discussions. Otherwise, I’mma sleep.

Todd Zola (Mastersball, @toddzola): Clean my apartment, catch a couple of Cape Cod League games and make a final decision on what I want to do in several keeper/dynasty leagues.

John Laghezza (The Athletic, @MLBMovingAvg): Get as far away from baseball as humanly possible. I’ve been grinding analysis, videos and content nonstop for over ninety days straight. The best thing I can do for my own sanity, as well as my own fantasy game and quality of 2H content is to decompress. Right before I return, I want to remind myself to remain vigilant in my process and pick right back up where I left off.

Patrick Davitt (BaseballHQ, @patrickdavitt): Take in ‘Hamlet’ at the Stratford Festival, go swimming a few times, and w/r/t fantasy, wonder what hit me and start figuring out what trades I can make and start making them.

Derek VanRiper (The Athletic, @DerekVanRiper): Try to spend more time outside, away from my computer. I don’t have an annual ASB tradition related to my teams, but if I do anything project-related, I’ll begin the process of building out my 2023 sheets.

Michael A. Stein (Fantasy Judgment, @FantasyJudgment): I am going to give serious thought to what exactly Edwin Diaz will need to do in order for me to finally believe that he is a closer the Mets can depend on in critical pennant race games down the stretch.

Larry Schechter (Winning Fantasy Baseball, @LarrySchechter): I’m going to work on Fantasy Football prep

Peter Kreutzer (Ask Rotoman, Fantasy Baseball Guide, @kroyte): Pray that deGrom and Tatis make it back onto the field for the rest of the season. I wasn’t able to stay competitive enough without them to have a shot at a complete turnaround, but they could make the rest of the way a lot more fun.

Ron Shandler (, @RonShandler): I’ve got a few buddies coming over to watch the ASG and play Quint-Inning. There are enough players to draft up fantasy squads from the All Star rosters.

Rudy Gamble (Razzball, @RudyGamble): Just relax. It’s taken some work but I’ve found a healthy-ish balance on optimizing my fantasy teams’ success + delivering daily/weekly/ROS projections. Hoping to avoid burnout in 2H as football becomes an increasing portion of my focus.

Dr. Roto (, @DrRoto): Figure out any way I can gain 27 points to catch Jeff Erickson in FSGA.

Howard Bender (Fantasy Alarm, @RotobuzzGuy): Spending the time I would have spent on baseball and turning it towards fotball because….well…that’s what we do.

Steve Gardner (USAToday Fantasy Sports, @SteveAGardner): Make a blockbuster trade with Dr. Roto to get us both closer to thwarting Jeff Erickson’s chances of winning FSGA. Outside of that, I’ll look forward to seeing Shohei Ohtani, Byron Buxton and some of my other favorite players I don’t have rostered anywhere do something spectacular in the ASG — and enjoy not having it hurt my fantasy teams in the process.

Ariel Cohen (CBS Sports, @ATCNY): I’m going to A) Take stock of the value gainers and drainers since draft day. B) Work on some rest of season projections C) Evaluate each fantasy team for possible trades D) Evaluate each team for non-traditional strategies in order to maximize points down the stretch. E) Relax and enjoy the summer!

Mike Podhorzer (Fangraphs, @MikePodhorzer): Pray to the injury Gods that they don’t take any more of my players.

Grey Albright (RazzBall, @razzball): Vancouver, where I will walk around asking if anyone knows Tim McLeod, only to discover everyone in Canada doesn’t know everyone else.

Alex Chamberlain (Rotographs, @DolphHauldhagen): Quickly review ~150 SP blurbs and ~150 RP blurbs, and write new blurbs for those without, like this year’s rookies and breakouts. Being able to reflect on my preseason thoughts on the midseason will allow me to reflect on those thoughts this coming offseason, so there’s kind of an internal dialogue with myself about my player analysis and, invariably, my biases and blind spots.

D.J. Short (NBC Sports Edge, @djshort): Work on a second half content plan for NBC Sports EDGE and also take care of some trade talks I’ve been ignoring in some dynasty leagues. It helps to have a bit of a pause. This is also an ideal time to talk trade in a format such as this with so much focus on prospects from the Futures Game and the draft.

Jeff Zimmerman (Fangraphs, The Process, @jeffwzimmerman): Try to automate pulling projections from Razzball and have them populate my projection spreadsheet.. And drink beer. And whiskey.

Jeff Erickson (Rotowire, @Jeff_Erickson): … Vegas. I guess I’m also going to have to figure out how to take credit for that FSGA league that Clay Link is kicking butt in.

Adam Ronis (Fantasy Alarm, @AdamRonis): Strategize how I can put my teams in successful positions for the second half.

Toby Guevin (BatFlipCrazy Podcast, @batflipcrazy): I use a few filters to determine who to move in and out, including recent playing time patterns, Razzball weekly/bi-weekly projections, schedule (opponent/numbers of games) and specific team needs (i.e. if I need speed, power, ratios, etc.)

Joe Sheehan (The Joe Sheehan Baseball Newsletter, @joe_sheehan): Sit by a pool, read, and listen to a zillionty fantasy podcasts.

Matt Williams (, @MattWi77iams): The plan is to a break much needed break away from baseball, but that is unlikely to happen because I love this game too much. Hopefully plenty of poolside cold beverages will be involved though.

Glenn Colton (Fantasy Alarm, @GlennColton1): Try to figure out how to make each team better — improve standings of teams that do not have realistic chance, look for out of the box high risk/high reward moves for teams that are still alive but need a major push in the second half, and find ways to solidify lead for those teams winning. Oh, and also use the baseball break to do more fantasy football prep!

Mike Gianella (Baseball Prospectus, @MikeGianella): In Tout, I’ll try to focus on one or two stashes. The short All-Star week and Tout’s rules provide an excellent opportunity to find a difference maker without too much of a stats penalty. I’ll also be looking at opportunities to load up on SP or middle relief streamers because of the short week. In my keeper leagues, this is where I’m either looking to trade away what I have left if I’m not going for it this year or try to find a few more deals to push me over the top if I am in contention. I also try to do something fun with my kids. The break from baseball is nice in its way.

Chris Towers (CBS Fantasy Sports, @CTowersCBS): I have so many teams whose struggles I can’t really make sense of — why is this team with so many good players struggling to hit? So, I’m going to take the time to pause and figure out to what extent my faith in those players might be misguided, or whether I just need to trust the process.

Jason Collette (Rotowire, @jasoncollette): Honestly, anything but baseball. No desire to watch the derby or the ASG and I have an important real job conference next week to keep me occupied. It’s OK to take a break from the daily grind.

Anthony Aniano (Rotoballer, @AAnianoFantasy): Enjoy the All Star Game as well as the Home Run Derby. Otherwise put my self in a chair on the beach while enjoying a drink with a mini-umbrella in it.

Sara Sanchez (, @BCB_Sara): Drink some rosé by the pool while I read something completely unrelated to work or baseball, before I try to figure out how to evaluate the MLB power environment for the second half. I need home runs and RBI’s in Tout Wars and a couple of other leagues. It’s a tricky problem to solve given the ball/humidor situation and while I have some ideas on how to move up in those categories going forward, I know it’s going to be a bit of a guessing game.

Shelly Verougstraete (Dynasty Guru, @ShellyV_643): There are so many household chores I’ve been been putting off. Do you know anyone that wants to paint a couple rooms? Baseball-wise, I’ll look to see if I can pull a couple trades in Tout since my team has been in a major slump the past month or so.

Frank Stampfl (Fantasy Pros, @Roto_Frank): Aruba for my honeymoon

Tim McLeod (, @RunTMcP361 ): I’m going to tell all my Vancouver friends that Grey is in town and that he’s buying the double/doubles! I’m also going to lobby the Mayor of Toronto to see if he’ll present JT Realmuto with a key to the city. Have a good break, folks!

Zach Steinhorn (CreativeSports2, @zachsteinhorn): Try to make a trade. While it’s never a good idea to simply make a trade for the sake of making a trade, the All-Star break is a great time to thoroughly examine your roster and assess strengths and weaknesses. We’re at the point in the season where a key FAAB pickup could help to address a weakness but there might not be enough time remaining for that player to significantly impact the standings. A carefully constructed trade for a high-end player is often a more effective route. The other benefit of trading during the break is that with no games taking place, player market values aren’t constantly changing, so you can be more decisive and avoid a situation where you get cold feet because the pitcher you’re about to trade just threw a shutout.

Tout Daily: Clean Slate

Period 4 begins tonight so the Touts all have a clean slate in the chase for the next three Golden Tickets into the Tout Daily Championship Tournament. Here are a few of the picks.

Ray Murphy (BaseballHQ, @RayHQ)

Pitcher: Kyle Hendricks – Hendricks looks like maybe he’s shaken off the struggles of early 2022, which of course were a carry-over from 2021. 25 K/3 BB over last four starts, with double-digit SwK in each start… suggests he’s got his changeup working again.

Hitter: Darick Hall – The Phils’ slow-pitch softball lineup is always a threat to unleash a flurry of bombs. Hall fits right into the mold, is batting cleanup, and priced nicely at $2700

Jeff Boggis (Fantasy Football Empire, @JeffBoggis)

Pitcher: Nick Pivetta – Nick Pivetta ($10,300) has allowed 2 earned runs or less in 9 of his last 11 starts.

Hitter: Elvis Andrus – In honor of the new Elvis movie, I like Elvis Andrus tonihgt at only $2,200. I am hoping that Elvis has left the ballpark several times tonight against opposing pitcher, Yusei Kikuchi.

Todd Zola (Mastersball, @toddzola)

Pitcher: Yusei Kikuchi – The Athletics have been the panacea for many a struggling pitcher

Hitter: Mookie Betts – At 4.4 K, the price is right

Tout Table: Streaming Batters

Pitcher streaming is a popular in-season play, but hitter streaming is also important. As such, the Touts were asked:

How do you go about choosing players to jump in and out of your lineup on a weekly basis?

Scott Engel (Rotoballer, @scotteTheKing): For hitters, in close calls, I will look at recent hot/cold trends, but that can sometimes backfire, so I put the most emphasis on upcoming matchups for the week. For starting pitchers, I will consider matchups, ballparks, recent outings and whether they have two turns plus look at xFIP, strand rate, etc.

Brad Johnson (Patreon/BaseballATeam, @BaseballATeam): I guess I’ll state the obvious and let others react. I look at total games (or expected starts), matchup quality, parks, and any relevant platoons (handedness or GB/FB). I’ll interact that with player quality and use anyone who is obviously in a better spot than the alternatives. For close calls – which honestly aren’t super common – I’ll either do additional analysis or “go with my gut” if I’m in a lazy mood. So much of baseball is RNG that a single decision point on an apparent coin flip isn’t worth much effort.

Doug Dennis (BaseballHQ, @dougdennis41): Top players stay in no matter what. This year (more than usual) I have to go with whoever is healthy/playing and don’t have much of an actual choice. Where I have an actual choice, I go by strength of opponent almost entirely, because of what Brad Johnson said–over hundreds of coin flips, facing the weakest possible opponent will pay out.

Matt Truss (Razzball, @MattTruss): I am a company man, and Razzball has the best tools around for just thing! The weekly planner for starting pitchers is a very valuable tool for this, additionally, the weekly hitter values are awesome. That said, I have a core group of hitters and pitchers that won’t move regardless of the numbers. I have 3 or 4 that may rotate and I look at total games being played, splits and ballpark data in addition to the Razzball tools. Then I always look at the standings to judge my SP/RP mix and where my team needs are.

Michael A. Stein (Fantasy Judgment, @FantasyJudgment): I hardly ever bench star players unless they are in a Semien-like slump or are dealing with injuries not serious enough for an IL stint. Otherwise, I oscillate between more marginal players and tend to look at the number of games players have scheduled, who their opponents are, and what ballparks the games will be played. I try to make decisions for hitters before or in the midst of hot streaks, but sometimes I overthink things rather than go with my gut instinct. Choosing pitchers is more of a crapshoot because there are so few who can be relied upon on a consistent basis. Outside of superstar pitchers, I will opt for starters who are against teams with bad lineups or have games in more pitcher-friendly ballparks.

Patrick Davitt (BaseballHQ, @patrickdavitt): I look at matchups, trying to get hitters in against weak pitchers, and vice versa. I usually use wOBA as the go-to metric. This season, I’ve also been on the lookout for teams with eight games in the week to try to amass PAs from my hitters. I’ll start two-start SPs unless a marginal SP is facing a top offense.

Mike Podhorzer (Fangraphs, @MikePodhorzer): I rarely juggle my hitters, with the tiebreaker coming from number of games in the week. I usually don’t like carrying hitters with positive value on my bench, because it’s a waste, as the hitter only really adds value when injury strikes. For pitchers, a two-start starter is almost always starting. If I still decide to bench him, then I question why I even own him. Then there’s the group that always starts each week, regardless of opponent, unless it’s one start at Coors Field. Finally, opponent’s offense and opposing starting pitcher help me decide which of my lower tier pitchers to start.

Chris Blessing (Baseball HQ, @C_Blessing): Obviously, top hitters are usually in the lineup no matter what. I look at several factors for my non-top guys. I usually roll with favorable matchups, favorable ballparks and expected lineup spot to determine whether I go with one guy over another. For pitching, I’m fairly chalk and don’t like to speculate too much. When I’m between two guys, I rely heavily on opponent strength and my scouting eye as a determining factors in close comparisons.

Mike Sheets (ESPN, @MikeASheets): I don’t swap my hitters too much. Only the fringe guys are occasionally rotated in or out, and those decisions are generally based on upcoming schedule (number of games, opposing pitchers/parks) and sometimes recent performance if it’s a coin flip. As for pitchers, I usually will sit my mid- and low-tier starters against top offenses (TOR, NYY, HOU, etc.). If I have two similar one-start pitchers that I’m deciding between, I’ll usually make that decision based on opponent and park.

Paul Sporer (Fangraphs, ESPN Fantasy Sports, @Sporer): As edges disappear in the information age, streaming hitters still has some untapped value. Looking at venues, pitcher handedness, and recent playing time trends have me churning 2-3 hitters in my lineup in an effort to maximize hitting production. Everyone knows about streaming pitchers, but streaming hitters has some hidden upside in leagues of all sizes!

Vlad Sedler (FTNfantasy, @rotogut): Always the same process assessing matchups, pitcher handedness, ballparks, number of games, lineups slot, recent production.

Scott Swanay (FantasyBaseballSherpa, @fantasy_sherpa): Hitters – I generally don’t make changes from week to week unless I’m undecided between 2 players and one has significantly more games or a much more favorable schedule than the other. For pitchers I decide among marginal options based on their upcoming matchups. At this point in the season I also start to pay more attention to categorical needs than I did the first half of the season.

Tristan H. Cockcroft (ESPN, @SultanofStat): I tend to label certain players on the roster — generally the lower quarter of the lineup and their matchup partners on the bench — matchup types, then make decisions on those players based upon pitching matchups, volume of games, pitcher handedness, ballpark factors and recent performance. If it’s a more proven type, I just roll with ‘em.

Charlie Wiegert (CDM Sports, @GFFantasySports): For hitters, how many games they’ll be playing, and the quality of the pitchers they are facing. Always look to play guys at Coors. Studs stay in no matter what. For pitchers, try to take advantage of two starts, look at opponents and who their going against. I’ll use a two start guy over closer with team having 5 games if I’m not hurting for saves.

Jeff Boggis (Fantasy Football Empire, @JeffBoggis): Yes I do. I wish all leagues allowed for daily roster changes. So many factors that you can take into consideration such as pitching matchups, ballpark dimensions, and always starting hitters in Coors field. I also will start players that are playing in a double header that day. I also take into consideration their ranks over the past 7 days to identify players on my team that are on hot streaks.

Todd Zola (Mastersball, @toddzola): In full disclosure, this question was instigated by a Twitter thread discussing using hot and cold streaks to stream hitters. There were a few Touts contributing to the discussion, so I thought it would make for a good question. Not many mentioned streaks, suggesting it isn’t part of their process. I agree with that, as streaks may be real, but they are also not predictive as they can snap at any time. That said, hot streaks often beget more playing time (as others have noted). Like my colleagues, I care about the added playing time and not the recent production.

Tout Wars FAB Report: Week of July 4

It’s July 4 weekend. There were some tabbing this as opening day weekend. That seems like half a season ago.

Here are the players the Touts hope will lead them into string final final three months. To check out the standings, rosters and all the moved for each league, just click on the appropriate section header.

American League

Player Team Bid
JVillar, LAA Larry Schechter 317
GJax, Min Doug Dennis 41
CMcCormick, Hou Joe Sheehan 39
SNeuse, Oak Rob Leibowitz 38
ZGreinke, KC Howard Bender 32
GHill, Det Larry Schechter 28
SBolt, Oak Mike Podhorzer 28
SHaggerty, Sea Mike Podhorzer 22
RRefsnyder, Bos Jeff Erickson 17
MStefanic, LAA Mike Podhorzer 12
JSuarez, LAA Joe Sheehan 9
JSears, NYY Joe Sheehan 8
MDubon, Hou Patrick Davitt 4
JBeeks, TB Patrick Davitt 2
JArauz, Bal Chris Blessing 1
BBurke, Tex Rob Leibowitz 0

National League

Player Team Bid
DHall, Phi Tristan H. Cockcroft 151
BWilson, Pit Todd Zola 23
FAlvarez, NYM Ian Kahn 14
YDeLosSantos, Pit Grey Albright 7
ABellatti, Phi Brian Walton 6
ZThompson, StL Phil Hertz 6
NCrook, ChC Ian Kahn 5
VCaratini, Mil Grey Albright 3
GPerdomo, Ari Derek Carty 3
NCrismatt, SD Peter Kreutzer 0
JLamb, LAD Peter Kreutzer 0
HPark, Pit Peter Kreutzer 0

Mixed Salary Cap

Player Team Bid
WSmith, Atl Zach Steinhorn 167
DHall, Phi Alex Chamberlain 135
KHendricks, ChC Scott Pianowski 44
DFloro, Mia Scott Swanay 38
ZPlesac, Cle Scott Swanay 34
JVillar, LAA Derek VanRiper 22
LTaveras, Tex Brent Hershey 13
EHaase, Det Scott Pianowski 11
KCalhoun, Tex Scott Pianowski 11
HRamirez, TB Derek VanRiper 11
YKikuchi, Tor Derek VanRiper 11
JSteele, ChC Scott Pianowski 6
DVogelbach, Pit Scott Engel 6
BGraterol, LAD Justin Mason 3
CKuhl, Col Jeff Zimmerman 2
ERosario, Atl Justin Mason 1

Mixed Draft

Player Team Bid
AMinter, Atl Charlie Wiegert 88
DHall, Phi Ray Murphy 74
JVillar, LAA Rudy Gamble 69
WSmith, Atl Adam Ronis 48
AWood, SF Seth Trachtman 45
SKwan, Cle Rudy Gamble 14
HKim, SD Shelly Verougstraete 12
BAnderson, Mia Perry Van Hook 11
FBautista, Bal Tim McLeod 8
GHill, Det Tim McLeod 8
PEspino, Was Perry Van Hook 7
NSenzel, Cin Rudy Gamble 7
MHaniger, Sea Scott White 6
ROrtega, ChC Adam Ronis 4
JSchreiber, Bos Perry Van Hook 4
BHand, Phi Scott White 3
JHarrison, CWS Tim McLeod 2

Head to Head

Player Team Bid
VPasquantino, KC Greg Jewett 69
JDuran, Bos Greg Jewett 27
JDuran, Min Clay Link 24
KCalhoun, Tex Ariel Cohen 23
DKremer, Bal Ariel Cohen 23
CArcher, Min Ariel Cohen 22
JYepez, StL Andrea LaMont 21
SEspinal, Tor Ariel Cohen 13
JSuwinski, Pit Andrea LaMont 8
SBarlow, KC Andrea LaMont 5
MWhite, LAD Paul Sporer 4

Mixed with IP & Saves+Holds

Player Team Bid
CAbrams, SD Chris Clegg 5
JMeyers, Hou Chris Clegg 13
PSewald, Sea Jennifer Piacenti 47
SKwan, Cle Jennifer Piacenti 31
CRaleigh, Sea Chris Towers 11
DHall, Phi Jake Ciely 7
YKikuchi, Tor Matt Truss 27
NSenzel, Cin Matt Truss 22
OGonzalez, Cle Jennifer Piacenti 23
NGordon, Min Brian Entrekin 7
MWhite, LAD Brian Entrekin 13
JCueto, CWS Brian Entrekin 4
SBrown, Oak Brian Entrekin 4

Tout Wars FAB Report: Week of June 27

Injuries continue to mount. Here is how the Touts hope to replace them.

To check out the full standings, rosters and moves for each league, just click on the league header.

American League

Player Team Bid
GSheets, CWS Chris Blessing 133
BPhillips, TB Howard Bender 132
TNevin, Bal Howard Bender 132
JSmith, Tex Chris Blessing 91
AMunoz, Sea Doug Dennis 49
DMacKinnon, LAA Jason Collette 32
CGallagher, KC Jason Collette 26
KPadlo, Sea Ryan Bloomfield 23
JHeasley, KC Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 19
DKremer, Bal Chris Blessing 15
LSosa, CWS Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 10
DAcevedo, Oak Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 9
KSuzuki, LAA Patrick Davitt 0
MBush, Tex Rob Leibowitz 0
ESwanson, Sea Patrick Davitt 0
JKelly, CWS Rob Leibowitz 0

National League

Player Team Bid
DBote, ChC Todd Zola 67
BMadris, Pit Ian Kahn 54
MWhite, LAD Ian Kahn 54
JTetreault, Was Phil Hertz 7
TraThompson, LAD Derek Carty 3
AOttavino, NYM Peter Kreutzer 0
BBoxberger, Mil Peter Kreutzer 0
PReyes, Mil Phil Hertz 0

Mixed Salary Cap

Player Team Bid
IParedes, TB Tim Heaney 146
CPoche, TB Derek VanRiper 57
JMeyers, Hou Scott Engel 46
CAbrams, SD Scott Swanay 38
HStrickland, Cin Tim Heaney 36
RMontero, Hou Zach Steinhorn 23
JLowe, TB Derek VanRiper 11
JQuintana, Pit Brent Hershey 7
SBrown, Oak Scott Engel 7
LTrivino, Oak Scott Engel 7
EAlvarez, LAD CJ Kaltenbach 6
MStassi, LAA Alex Chamberlain 4
EFedde, Was CJ Kaltenbach 3
MLorenzen, LAA Jeff Zimmerman 3
ABohm, Phi Jeff Zimmerman 3
TTrammell, Sea CJ Kaltenbach 3
MVierling, Phi Jeff Zimmerman 3
JHeasley, KC CJ Kaltenbach 2
ERuiz, SD Justin Mason 1
JUpton, Sea CJ Kaltenbach 1

Mixed Draft

Player Team Bid
JLowe, TB Seth Trachtman 256
IParedes, TB Perry Van Hook 47
BMadris, Pit Perry Van Hook 47
TTrammell, Sea Shelly Verougstraete 37
JHeasley, KC Tim McCullough 32
DKremer, Bal Shelly Verougstraete 32
BBrieske, Det Tim McCullough 28
HCastro, Det Jeff Barton 19
JTrevino, NYY Jeff Barton 18
KBubic, KC Perry Van Hook 13
EFedde, Was Perry Van Hook 13
RRefsnyder, Bos Perry Van Hook 11
MWhite, LAD Rudy Gamble 8
OOrtega, LAA Perry Van Hook 7
ANola, SD Tim McCullough 5
JSmith, Tex Scott White 4
ASampson, ChC AJ Mass 1
KHendricks, ChC Mike Gianella 1
LTrivino, Oak Adam Ronis 0

Head to Head

Player Team Bid
IParedes, TB Clay Link 41
MMelendez, KC Dan Strafford 25
EFedde, Was Ariel Cohen 23
WFlores, SF Ryan Hallam 23
ELongoria, SF Greg Jewett 18
ANola, SD Ryan Hallam 16
JrgLopez, Bal Frank Stampfl 14
JProfar, SD Frank Stampfl 13
CBiggio, Tor Nick Pollack 13
ElDiaz, Col Nick Pollack 11
KBubic, KC Nick Pollack 11
JPeterson, Mil Geoff Pontes 10

Mixed with IP & Saves+Holds

Player Team Bid
DMoore, Sea Matt Truss 21
MKepler, Min Matt Truss 21
JSuwinski, Pit Jeff Boggis 12
IParedes, TB Jeff Boggis 12
JDuran, Bos Andy Behrens 11
KBubic, KC Matt Truss 11
JSchreiber, Bos Matt Truss 6
MFulmer, Det Chris Clegg 5
CBiggio, Tor Chris Clegg 4
TTaylor, Mil Jeff Boggis 2
JAlfaro, SD Chris Clegg 1
JHeasley, KC Jake Ciely 1
OArcia, Atl Jake Ciely 1

Tout Daily: Cruz Control

It’s the third week of Period 3 in Tout Daily. Six different Touts have entries into the Tournament Championship. Tonight will be key for determining the next three finalists. Here are some of the picks to click.

Dan Strafford (FNTSY Radio, @DanStrafford)

Pitcher: Spencer Strider – The small sample in 2022 has been delightful for the former long reliever. Strider sports a 26.7% k-bb ratio on the season, the best ratio on the day. The Giants don’t strike out a ton at 22.7% against right handed pitchers on the season but that number does bump another percentage point on the road. Strider’s price point makes him cheap enough to give upside in strikeouts and to chase a win in a game where the opposing team has a 4 implied total.

Hitter: Jack Suwinski – Tonight, I’ll likely be looking to stack some Braves or Twins bats which pull in higher price points. Depending on who I pair Strider with (Contreras and Kaprielian are both cheaper options I like for some upside. Manaea would look to be chalk at the top. Cortes/Gausman are viable) I’m going to need accessible value with some upside. Suwinski is set to bat third again for the Pirates as they face Matt Swarmer of the Cubs. Swarmer has never been a huge K guy and has given up 10 home runs in his short 20 or so innings in the majors this year. I’ll take the steep discount as a free space.

Mike Gianella (Baseball Prospectus, @MikeGianella)

Pitcher: Sean Manaea – The Diamondbacks’ offense has been pretty soft this year and in the bottom 10 in nearly every advanced metric against southpaws. Manaea is coming off a poor start at the Cubs but was mostly the victim of the wind blowing out at Wrigley. I wouldn’t bet on Manaea repeating his seven no-hit innings from his earlier matchup against Arizona on April 8 but it’s a great setup for a pitcher with a high strikeout ceiling.

Hitter: Oneil Cruz – $2000 for the dynamic Pirates rookie coming off an excellent major league debut against one of the Cubs many unproven starters? Maybe Cruz puts up a goose egg but this feels like free money.

Phil Hertz (BaseballHQ, @prhz50)

Pitcher: Roansy Contreras – Like the match-up at homer versus a struggling Cub team

Hitter: Oneil Cruz – I was going to recommend Tim Anderson, but as Mr. Gianella astutely points out, it’s hard to pass up Cruz at $2000.

Anthony Aniano (Rotoballer, @AAnianoFantasy)

Pitcher: Roansy Contreras – A low cost high K upside pitchers versus a Cubs team that is 22nd (4.12) in runs per game and 24th (8.73) in strikeouts per game. Yea, I’ll take that chance.

Hitter: Rafael Devers – I was able to get Devers and JD Martinez into my lineup vs Beau Brieske who averages just under 2 HRs allowed per 9 innings (1.98) Devers is hitting .335 with 13 HRs vs RHP.

Jeff Boggis (Fantasy Football Empire, @JeffBoggis)

Pitcher: Spencer Strider – Spencer Strider ($8,600) is averaging 9.5 strikeouts over his last two starts. Incredible value this evening.

Hitter: Oneil Cruz – Oneil Cruz will make his highly-anticipated Tout Daily season debut tonight! At only $2,000, he’s my shortstop of choice.

Steve Gardner (USAToday Fantasy Sports, @SteveAGardner)

Pitcher: Nestor Cortes – Most expensive pitcher on the board, but I don’t care. The Rays can be no-hit any night. And there are some low-priced hitters I can pick to make this happen.

Hitter: Riley Greene – Yeah, Oneil Cruz is almost too good to pass up at the minimum price … but so is another highly touted prospect who was just called up. Hey, why not both?

Todd Zola (Mastersball, @toddzola)

Pitcher: Jack Flaherty – May only go five frames, but that could be enough to earn his reasonable salary

Hitter: Bryan Reynolds – Going with the mid-priced hitter approach. With a price under 4K, I’ll take a switch-hitter batting second against a suspect Cubs starter and bullpen

Tout Table: Keep or Cut?

Leagues without an IL leave fantasy managers with several tough decisions. Leagues played on the National Fantasy Baseball Championship platform use a seven-man reserve with no IL. We asked the Touts what they’d do in NFBC leagues, as well as TGFBI and the EARTH leagues, also played on the NFBC platform.

Keep or Cut? Fernando Tatis, Walker Buehler, Ozzie Albies, Freddy Peralta and Juan Segura.

Jason Collette (Rotowire, @jasoncollette): I cannot be the only one in limited bench/IR leagues already dealing with multiple injuries along with unvaxxed players getting IL’d when their team travels to Canada. I can’t recall a scoring period I didn’t already have at least 3 guys with the dreaded scarlet red letters next to their name. I can’t imagine carrying long-term injuries, no matter the talent level through what could be August. I’d rather use the roster spot to stream in talent and build what I can rather than hoping for recovery timelines to hold true (which they rarely do.)

Brent Hershey (Baseball HQ, @BrentHQ): In leagues with these parameters, I often LOOSELY begin the season affording myself 1 reserve spot for a “stash.” Many times, this is for a highly skilled rookie who’s close to an MLB debut (Oneil Cruz this year; Wander in 2021) but other times it’s for a longer-term injury play (such as Chris Sale). I try to keep that for as along as I can; but sometimes I have to abandon it re: circumstances. But by this time of the year, when there are long-term injuries like the guys above, I’d be cutting and moving on, especially in leagues that I’m competitive in. Just too much value in that extra bench spot. If I had Tatis this year in a league like this, maybe I’d still hold out a little longer if possible even with yesterday’s news. But for the rest; any late-season impact is a low-probability, best-case scenario.

Howard Bender (Fantasy Alarm, @RotobuzzGuy): Let me preface this by saying that Tout Wars unlimited IL spots is great because you already have a pretty short bench and it’s not like you can pick up an IL guy and just stash him away for nothing. You can hold the guys you drafted or purchased with FAAB and not be penalized if the injury bug takes a massive bite out of your ass. Leagues like TGFBI and EARTH Leagues where money is not on the line (charity-based) should allow for IL spots. In high stakes, ok, fine, you want to have people making tough decisions regarding who they keep because there’s a huge prize at the end, but if there’s nothing at stake, you’re penalizing people who get hit hard by injuries. We can talk the “no-trade” stuff another time. As for the specific players, I would hold Walker Buehler and Fernando Tatis as both could be high-impact even if they don’t show up until August or even September. Freddy Peralta, Ozzie Albies and Jean Segura can probably be dropped if you have no IL spots as I believe their potential impact in the final month or two of the regular season is much less.

Ryan Bloomfield (BaseballHQ, @RyanBHQ): Honestly? I think they’re all drops. Maybe Albies or Tatis are worth holding if you don’t have other injuries, but to Brent’s point, these stashes add up quickly in no-IL leagues.

Rudy Gamble (Razzball, @RudyGamble): I think they should all be dropped in mixed leagues with bench constraints. The biggest challenge is finding a bat or arm that is either 1) startable this week or 2) a valuable stash. But if either type is available in FAAB for a reasonable price, I’d rather bulk up than risk being vulnerable when injuries strike your currently healthy players.

Eric Cross (Fantrax, @EricCross04): Out of these five, it’s hard to roster any in leagues that have no IL spots. Buehler is an easy cut as it sounds like September is his return date, and he’ll likely be limited when he’s back. Same goes for Peralta. I can maybe see stashing Tatís given his upside but only if the rest of your bench is good. Can make a case for Albies in that situation as well, albeit, a less strong case.

Doug Dennis (BaseballHQ, @dougdennis41): I am stashing Tatis. That’s it. And I have learned this the hard way this season

Tim McLeod (, @RunTMcP361 ): Cut all of them except Tatis. He’s the only one of those five that has the potential for meaningful AB/IP.

Geoff Pontes (Razzball, @ProspectJesus): Tatis is likely the only stash of this group, the other return dates seem further out, if they return at all during your fantasy season. I’ve had Tatis stashed in a couple of non-IL formats, and if it wasn’t for the SS/OF combination I’m not sure I’d be as interested in doing so. Once pitchers go down with more extended injury timelines, I’m far more likely to cut bait as there will be limitations upon any pitcher’s return.

Grey Albright (RazzBall, @razzball): I made a bet that I had to hold Jean Segura all year. The bet was with Jean Segura, and I’ve managed to negotiate it down to just holding his hand.

AJ Mass (ESPN, @AJMass): Two months? I can’t afford to wait two months if I don’t have the ability to stash a guy. Maybe I’d sit on a catcher, simply because oftentimes zero stats is better than any negative stats from a replacement-level backstop. Beyond that, unless you’re currently in the top spot, you have to move on.

Patrick Davitt (BaseballHQ, @patrickdavitt): I find it hard to answer this generally. It’s a question of the opportunity costs of holding the injured guy(s), and those answers will vary pretty widely depending on the depth of the league and its reserve/IL setup. And even in an NFBC-style league with seven Reserves and no separate IL, I still have to ask: Which reserve player has to go if I keep the hurt guy? Or which free agent do I not sign if I keep the hurt guy on reserve and use a reserve to replace the hurt guy for the nonce? And how does the free agent stack up versus the reserve player? And finally, based on my expectation of the hurt guy’s return, what’s the opportunity cost of not getting those weeks of production?

Ron Shandler (, @RonShandler): Just a general comment that I don’t like leagues that penalize you for having bad luck. For some players, you know the injury risk going in, but for the vast majority, you don’t. That said, I’d want to keep all these players because any meaningful playing time in September could mean the difference between a title and also-ran. But acknowledging the artificial roster limitations imposed by leagues of this type – and this question – I’d probably only keep Tatis. But I’m burning in hell if Buehler goes 4-0 with a sub-2.00 ERA in September.

Mike Podhorzer (Fangraphs, @MikePodhorzer): Without IL spots, the first thing to consider is whether you’re seeking to pick up a player and have to decide whether to drop the injured guy. Is the player really worth adding? Is there a potentially better drop option than your injured player? Once you’re concluded it’s the injured player that has to go, then evaluate his value when healthy versus how long he’s expected to be out for. Albies is a top second baseman when healthy, but won’t be expected back until mid-August at the earliest. That means less than two months of production at most, which makes him droppable, but not an automatic. Buehler might be out even longer, so at best, you might get a couple of starts from him. That makes him an easy drop. Segura’s upside isn’t so great, so he’s an easy call to drop. While the Tatis setback is bad news, you have to keep him, as even 2-2 1/2 months of production is likely worth more than whoever you are looking to pick up. Shoulder injuries are scary for pitchers, so even if Peralta returns end of August, he might not be effective or throw enough innings per start to be worth starting. He’s a drop as well.

Ray Murphy (BaseballHQ, @RayHQ): These are emotional decisions. I sit here and look at this list and objectively say they’re all cuts except Tatis in my book. But I also couldn’t bring myself to cut Tyler Stephenson in my Main Event leageue this past weekend, either. I’ll revisit that this weekend, but I agree with the general consensus that bench spots are very valuable and not to be locked up for 6-8 weeks or more. (It is worth pointing out that the season does go to October 5th. We have about 3.5 months left, so a 7-8 week injury is about half the season.

Justin Mason (Friends with Fantasy Benefits, Fangraphs, Fantasy Alarm, @JustinMasonFWFB): I think only status is a stash right now and even he is debatable. The pitchers could easily not return and both Segura and Alvie’s are on the 60-Day IL

Scott White (CBS Fantasy Sports, @CBSScottWhite): If I may, having no IL spots is infuriating and actually serves to amplify the luck factor. Multi-week injuries are common and shouldn’t require you to forfeit your investment. I recognize it’s not an actual requirement, but it becomes a practical one as the zeros begin to pile up. When every multi-week injury is effectively a season-ender, at least as far as your fantasy team is concerned, the whole thing feels like an exercise in who stayed the healthiest, which is not what I signed up for. When it comes to IL spots, the more the merrier, I say. Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, I’ll answer the actual question. In terms of how likely to I am to stash them, I would go Tatis, Albies, Peralta, Segura and then Buehler, who I’m not confident will make it back at all.

CJ Kaltenbach (Fantasy Guru, @TheSeigeDFS): Many people have agreed with my position that the only one you can continue to hold is Fernando Tatis so I’m gonna take a pivot and talk about Tyler Stephenson. I was stunned to see him cut in 15% of leagues and 75% of leagues didn’t start him. There is no catcher out there in a 2 C league that will outperform Stephenson the rest of the way. I’m taking the zeroes with him at C2 and just streaming other positions to make up the ABs. He’ll be a top priority add for me in any league he’s available.

Sara Sanchez (, @BCB_Sara): I agree with everyone above who mentioned that the lack of IL spots serves to increase the luck factor in a league considerably. But if we are talking about an NFBC format where you don’t have IL spots, it’s important to prioritize. So I’ll do my stash/drop below, but before I do, I’d probably only stash one of these players in an NFBC format if I had more than one of them on my team. If I wasn’t stashing anyone else, I’d probably take a chance on any one of them. I’d stash: Tatís (you’ve been doing it for how long already? You always knew it was a long absence so no reason to cut him now), Albies (yes, two-months is a long time, but 2B has been not great and getting him back for Aug/Sept is worth it and seems plausible). I’m more inclined to drop the others. I think Segura is most likely to play again in 2022, but I also think he’ll be easier to get back in FAAB late in August. I just don’t have a lot of confidence that Peralta or Buehler is going to pitch again in 2022.

Toby Guevin (BatFlipCrazy Podcast, @batflipcrazy): Drop everyone except for Tatis Jr. who I’d want to get more information on. It’s always team dependent and whether you have other stashes or IL guys, but I dropped Peralta two weeks ago. The chance that the pitchers come back on time, do so with full health, volume and pitching well is low and rosters spots are valuable. With the hitters, the smaller the sample they return for the greater the variance in performance (good or bad) and the shorter period of time their skill has to play out. This assumes they’re fully healthy when back. For these reasons I generally err on the side of dropping long term injuries.

Nick Pollack (Pitcher List, @PitcherList): It feels as if all but Tatis Jr. could be drops. There are roughly four months left and given most are out for half of that time, unless any of these players are expected to produce 200% of the value of someone on the wire (unlikely), then you’re better off chasing the next thing.

Dr. Roto (FullTime Fantasy, @DrRoto): I have serious doubts that Tatis will return this season. I am not sure I would waste a roster spot in stashing any of them at this point.

Charlie Wiegert (CDM Sports, @GFFantasySports): It really depends if I need the reserve spot for a player I’m using. I’m currently holding Tatis in a league that only allows 5 reserves and no dl, and would drop him if I need the spot. I would hold Buehler until I needed the spot, but not the others.

Fred Zinkie (Yahoo! Fantasy Sports, @FredZinkieMLB): I’m stashing Tatis and dropping all of the others. Tatis has the highest upside and should be back first among this group.

Michael A. Stein (Fantasy Judgment, @FantasyJudgment): Stashing injured players limits your flexibility and creates a perpetual state of uncertainty. I try to stay open-minded, but if there are other options for healthy players that will produce then I would typically set free my injured players with no IL slots. I am facing this dilemma for several of these players right now, and Tatis is the only one I would hold onto without question…for now. That is because of his elite talent and the fact that he still could be back by August which would give him two months-worth of production. Buehler and Peralta are extremely risky because pitchers typically need significantly more time to rest, recover and rehab. It is rare that there are not any setbacks, so it is entirely plausible that neither Buehler nor Peralta pitch again this year. Albies is a top-tier second baseman, but there are other options out there to carry you through the final month of the season if indeed he does return by September. That being said, I would hang onto Albies over Segura if given a choice.

Adam Ronis (Fantasy Alarm, @AdamRonis): A lot depends on team context and where you are in the standings. If you’re fortunate and have avoided a multitude of injuries you might be able to stash one. I have Albies in a league where I am middle of the pack and I am cutting him. The only one of this group I would hold is Tatis.

Mike Gianella (Baseball Prospectus, @MikeGianella): It’s obviously dependent on what the rest of your team and particularly your IL looks like. But assuming I already have 2-3 short term injured slots I’m dropping Albies, Buehler and Segura. I’d keep Tatis. Peralta is the one I’m wavering on a little bit. I think he could be back and might give it another week or two, but it’s tough given how important pitching streamers are in this format.

Greg Jewett (Fantasy Alarm, @gjewett9): With so many esteemed colleagues already chiming in, it’s tough saying anything they did not. Like anything, league context matters. However, Albies, if he can return, will not be running, a source of his value in rotisserie will be removed, so I will be moving on from him. Hitting without a strong base from his foot, puts his average and power at risk as well. Jean Segura will be a drop in this circumstance, which stinks, but at-bats matter in NFBC formats. With no shares of Fernando Tatis Jr,, it’s easy saying I’d drop, but why risk playing this year unless he wants to be a part of the playoffs. Push his timetable back, and hope. I’d hold, but optimism fades with each report. After getting Freddy Peralta on all nine of my teams last year, he was an avoid this year. If he returns, it’s likely as a bulk reliever, so pass. Also, no shares of Buehler, but I’d drop for immediate help on a roster, there’s no reason for the Dodgers to risk his long-term health.

Joe Sheehan (The Joe Sheehan Baseball Newsletter, @joe_sheehan): What’s the saying…”physician, heal thyself”? I’m the guy holding Riley Greene and Anthony Volpe for reasons passing understanding, but I think four of these five guys are easy drops. You’re just not going to get enough playing time from Buehler, Albies, Segura, and Peralta to make up for the missing volume. Tatis is a different issue — he’s a true superstar, he’s probably the first one back from this group, and he’s the one most likely to provide steals. I’m fond of citing Scott Pianowski’s line, “injury optimism is not your friend.” These guys may be back on their current timetables…and they may not.

Shelly Verougstraete (Dynasty Guru, @ShellyV_643): It really depends on your specific league (obvious statement alert!) but if I have no IL or very limited IL, I’m dropping all of these guys. The only player that gives me a slight pause it Tatis Jr. You (most likely) knew it was going to be a long time until he contributed and while he did have a setback, he might beat all the others back.

Anthony Aniano (Rotoballer, @AAnianoFantasy): Without IL spots all of these players are droppable. With their returns being the end of August or into September being a real possibility it is tough to roster these players while maintaining a competitive roster. If you have a limited number of IL spots Tatis and Buehler would be the priority stashes due to them having the greatest impact once they return.

Jeff Boggis (Fantasy Football Empire, @JeffBoggis): I play in leagues where we have 2 IL slots to where I have utilized with beginning of the season players such as Chris Sale. As the season progressed, I’ve experienced several players on the IL and have to determine who to keep and who to drop. I’m all in favor of having IL slots and I like the idea of having it capped. You have to weigh your team against its strengths and weaknesses, along with your league standings.

Todd Zola (Mastersball, @toddzola): I’m in the all but Tatis crowd, especially since by drafting Fernando Tatis Jr., you’re essentially conceding a reserve spot, so you should have planned accordingly. Let’s wrap up by noting the current NFBC rostership for these players. Not surprisingly, it’s in sync with the Touts replies: Tatis (100% in 12 and 15 team leagues), Buehler (53% in 12, 36% in 15), Albies (50% in 12, 43% in 15), Peralta (37% in 15, 70% in 12) and Segura (15% in 12, 6% in 15).