Tout Weekend After Thoughts

There was drafting:

Tout AL

Tout AL

Tout AL

Tout NL

Tout NL

And folks wrote and talked about their auctions (the completed draft sheets are here):

TOUT NL: Kreutzer | Stampfl (on YouTube) | Albright |

TOUT MIXED 15 AUCTION: Behrens | Mason (Podcast with Cohen) | Mason | White | White (on YouTube) | Chu (podcast w/Gallina) | Engel |

TOUT MIXED 15 DRAFT: Verougstraete (Podcast with Sanchez and Short) |

TOUT MIXED 15 DRAFT SOLDS: Sanchez (Podcast with Verougstraete and Towers) | Towers | Towers (on YouTube) | Flowers | Steinhorn |

TOUT AL: Collette |

TOUT H2H: Cohen (Podcast) | Gallina (podcast w/Chu) | Ammirante |


Tout Weekend Is Coming!

The festivities kick off Saturday at 9 AM EDT, with Tout AL.

Doug Dennis will be going for his third consecutive AL title. Will he draft a starter this time?

Tout Wars Mixed Auction follows at 2 PM EDT.

Bret Sayre edged Justin Mason last year. They’re both back ready to rumble this year.

Sunday morning at 9 AM EDT Tout NL gets underway.

Derek Carty won handily last year. Eleven teams have him in their sites.

Sunday morning at 10 AM EDT Tout H2H will start it’s auction.

Greg Jewett beat the sitting champ Frank Stampfl in last year’s finals.

You can follow along with the live Google Sheet, here’s the link. If your auction isn’t showing, check the tabs!

SiriusXM will be covering the AL, Mixed Auc, and NL auctions live.

Jason Collette and Tim McLead will be hosting watch parties for the AL, Mixed Auction, and NL auctions on Playback.TV/toutwars. It’s our TW room for you to chat with Tim and/or Jason, talk about how things are going, and pick minds about his year’s expert drafts. Register at Playback.TV to participate in the chat, or click the link to watch (no signup necessary) and listen.

Matt Deutsch will be hosting Watch Party! for the H2H auction on Sunday morning. Click this link to either add the app to your phone or tablet, or if you already have the app the link will take you to our H2H watch party, where you can answer questions about the auction and its participants, gain points, and perhaps win a prize of fantasy baseball information, including Rotoman’s Fantasy Baseball Guide 2024.

The Tout Weekend Party will be Saturday night, from 8pm to 11pm, at Dave and Busters, at 234 42nd Street on the 3rd floor. This year’s Zen and Now award winner will be announced. There will be a buffet for the touts and guests may order off the menu. There will also be a cash bar.

Join Us for Tout Wars Mixed Draft Tonight! March 5, 2024.

The draft is over but you can still join in. Here’s the order:

1.Seth Trachtman
2. Ryan Bloomfield (and Brian Entrekin) hosted a live stream of the draft on YouTube
3. Adam Ronis
4. D. J. Short
5. Mike Gianella
6. Brian Entrekin
7. Shelly Verougstraete
8. Ray Murphy (and Anthony Aniano, Jason Collette, Todd Zola, and Tim McLeod live stream commentary on the draft on Playback.TV.
9. Dr. Roto
10. Tim McLeod
11. Anthony Aniano
12. Kyle Soppe
13. Garion Thorne
14. Rudy Gamble
15. Scott White

You can follow the draft board at Fantrax. Here’s the link.

SiriusXM will be carrying the draft live on their fantasy sports channel.

And something new this year. Jason Collette will be hosting a Watch Party at It’s free and if you register you’ll have access to the chatroom and video stream, where Jason will comment on selections and chat with touts in the draft room and you. Catch the watch party stream here.

Tout SOLDS+IP Draft is Today. Join the Conversation!

Tim McLeod is hosting a watching party for today’s Tout Wars Mixed Draft SOLDS, the league that uses Saves+Holds and Innings Pitched as categories (replacing Saves and Wins).

Join Tim at at Noon PM Eastern Time. Register at to use the chatroom.

You can still watch and listen if you don’t register, but registering allows you to comment.

The league expands this year to 15 teams. The participants, in pick order:

1Matt TrussellRazzball 
3Chris TowersCBS Fantasy 
4Jeff BoggisFantasy Football Empire 
5Chris CleggPitcher List 
6Zach SteinhornSteinhorn’s Universe on Substack 
7Carlos MarcanoTriple Play Fantasy 
8John LaghezzaThe Athletic 
9Derek VanRiperThe Athletic 
10Joe OrricoSports Ethos, Fantasy ProsTout Rookie
11Ray FlowersFantasy Guru 
12Matt CederholmBaseball HQTout Rookie
13Ryan BoyerRotowire, Baseball ProspectusTout Rookie
14Geoff PontesBaseball America 
15C.J. KaltenbachFantasy Guru 

You can also follow along on the SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Network.

2024 Tout Wars Draft and Hold

The first of seven Tout Wars leagues gets underway on Tuesday February 20 at 1 PM with defending champion Alan Harrison making the first pick. There will be 749 more in the 15-team, 50 roster spot Draft and Hold League.

You can follow along HERE.

Here is the draft order.

1. Alan Harrison
2. Fred Zinkie
3. James Anderson
4. Matt Williams
5. Eric Cross
6. Chris Welsh
7. Vlad Sedler
8. Michael Stein
9. Anthony Perri
10. Jorge Montanez
11. Kyle Elfrink
12. Corbin Young
13. Paul Sporer
14. Mike Alexander
15. Dan Strafford

Hail to the 2023 Tout Wars Champions!

The AL Champion: Doug Dennis

This is Doug’s second AL Championship in a row.

Doug’s and other BaseballHQ insights about Tout Wars can be read here. Mike Podhorzer wonders how he finished third!

The NL Champion: Derek Carty

Peter Kreutzer wrote a little about his season and showed some numbers explaining why Carty won. Read it here.

The Mixed Auction Champion: Bret Sayre

Bret wrote about his team winning. Read it here. Zach Steinhorn wrote about his season here.

The Mixed Draft 15 Champion: Seth Trachtman

Mike Gianella wrote about his season here.

The Head to Head Champion: Greg Jewett

Greg wrote about his winning team at Reliever Recon. Read it here.

The Draft and Hold Champion: Alan Harrison

The Mixed Draft 12 Champion: Andy Behrens

The Tout Daily Champion: Brian Entrekin

You can read recaps of how teams thought they did right after the drafts by following the links on this recap page.

Tout Wars FAB Report: Week of September 25

We made it! This is the final FAAB run of the 2023 season. Thank you for checking out the reports throughout the year.

See you in March!

Remember, you can see the standings, rosters and all the moves for each league by clicking on the jump link magically inserted under each league header.

American League

Player Team Bid
TKahnle, NYY Doug Dennis 23
MPerez, Tex Jeff Erickson 10
JCaminero, TB Jason Collette 3
CBethancourt, TB Patrick Davitt 2
TJankowski, Tex Eric Samulski 0
JJung, Tex Mike Podhorzer 0
TLarnach, Min Mike Podhorzer 0
MStefanic, LAA Andy Andres 0
TMay, Oak Rob Leibowitz 0
CGreen, Tor Andy Andres 0
TNevin, Det Andy Andres 0

National League

Player Team Bid
MWaldron, SD Steve Gardner 9
JCuas, ChC Todd Zola 9
JBerti, Mia Ian Kahn 8
TKinley, Col Brian Walton 7
CPriester, Pit Ian Kahn 4
MLuciano, SF Ian Kahn 4
JHoffman, Phi Erik Halterman 2
MMoore, Mia Erik Halterman 2
JTriolo, Pit Phil Hertz 2
ABarnes, LAD Derek Carty 0
CAnderson, Col Phil Hertz 0
GPerdomo, Ari Derek Carty 0

Mixed Salary Cap

Player Team Bid
JLeclerc, Tex Bret Sayre 51
BDoyle, Col Scott Chu 45
JAdell, LAA Justin Mason 20
JGray, Tex Brent Hershey 15
CBiggio, Tor Scott Swanay 13
SBieber, Cle Kev Mahserejian 10
KFarmer, Min Scott Chu 10
JDonaldson, Mil Justin Mason 10
JMerryweather, ChC Justin Mason 10
JMcArthur, KC Justin Mason 5
MStrahm, Phi Bret Sayre 2
APuk, Mia Scott Swanay 1
JHoffman, Phi Scott Swanay 1
GHampson, Mia Scott Swanay 1

Mixed Draft

Player Team Bid
JMcArthur, KC AJ Mass 300
CBiggio, Tor AJ Mass 70
NVelazquez, KC Adam Ronis 18
CPhillips, Cin Mike Gianella 8
AKnizner, StL Ryan Bloomfield 6
JCaminero, TB Scott White 4
MMargot, TB AJ Mass 1

Head to Head

Player Team Bid
RJeffers, Min Frank Stampfl 1
AOttavino, NYM Frank Stampfl 1
AChapman, Tex Frank Stampfl 1
BRodgers, Col Greg Jewett 4
JAdell, LAA Greg Jewett 4
AZerpa, KC Greg Jewett 4
TMegill, NYM Greg Jewett 4
JMcArthur, KC Greg Jewett 4
ROHearn, Bal Greg Jewett 4

Mixed with IP & Saves+Holds

Player Team Bid
OPeraza, NYY Dylan White 42
LTaveras, Tex Dylan White 41
MRojas, LAD Dylan White 35
EFlorial, NYY Dylan White 31
AHouser, Mil Brian Entrekin 6
AMarsh, KC Brian Entrekin 6
JAlvarado, Phi Dylan White 3
AOttavino, NYM Dylan White 3
KFarmer, Min Brian Entrekin 2
KFinnegan, Was Matt Trussell 0
BRooker, Oak Brian Entrekin 0
TTaylor, Mil Brian Entrekin 0
JYoung, Was Andy Behrens 0
MWaldron, SD Andy Behrens 0
CPhillips, Cin Andy Behrens 0

Tout Wars FAB Report: Week of September 18

And then there were two. This is the penultimate FAB run. This week’s inventory is a mix of young players and previously dropped players hoping to finish their season strong.

Remember, you can see the standings, rosters and all the moves for each league by clicking on the jump link magically inserted under each league header.

American League

Player Team Bid
JWalsh, LAA Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton 77
SGipsonLong, Det Eric Samulski 60
BDalbec, Bos Jason Collette 22
EduEscobar, LAA Larry Schechter 16
EFlorial, NYY Eric Samulski 9
BPhillips, LAA Jason Collette 7
SHorwitz, Tor Patrick Davitt 1
KFarmer, Min Eric Samulski 1
NPivetta, Bos Andy Andres 0
TClarke, KC Mike Podhorzer 0
LVarland, Min Mike Podhorzer 0
TKemp, Oak Andy Andres 0
JAdams, LAA Mike Podhorzer 0

National League

Player Team Bid
JDonaldson, Mil Ian Kahn 21
JCueto, Mia Ian Kahn 21
MConforto, SF Erik Halterman 16
JProfar, SD Ian Kahn 16
PCrowArmstrong, ChC Brian Walton 6
JLucchesi, NYM Tristan H. Cockcroft 5
JRutledge, Was Brian Walton 2
DSmyly, ChC Phil Hertz 2
MLeiter, ChC Peter Kreutzer 0
ANardi, Mia Peter Kreutzer 0
APuk, Mia Peter Kreutzer 0
ERivera, Ari Peter Kreutzer 0
AVesia, LAD Derek Carty 0
PJohnson, Atl Derek Carty 0

Mixed Salary Cap

Player Team Bid
ERuiz, Oak Scott Chu 105
BOber, Min Kev Mahserejian 60
BNaylor, Cle Scott Swanay 56
CRafaela, Bos Scott Chu 35
SLangeliers, Oak Scott Chu 30
WAbreu, Bos Kev Mahserejian 21
AHicks, Bal Bret Sayre 21
SGipsonLong, Det Jeff Zimmerman 13
EMontero, Col Brent Hershey 8
RStephenson, TB Bret Sayre 6
LGarcia, Was Justin Mason 5
MVierling, Det Scott Swanay 3
CQuantrill, Cle Nick Pollack 3

Mixed Draft

Player Team Bid
SGipsonLong, Det Shelly Verougstraete 98
KBryant, Col Adam Ronis 48
JMerryweather, ChC Adam Ronis 36
JTaillon, ChC Ryan Bloomfield 19
EMontero, Col Adam Ronis 12
TKinley, Col Tim McLeod 8
PBlackburn, Oak Seth Trachtman 6
ECarter, Tex Scott White 6
CRafaela, Bos Scott White 4
AHicks, Bal Seth Trachtman 3
JHeyward, LAD Shelly Verougstraete 2
KGibson, Bal Scott White 2
YMoncada, CWS Scott White 2
WAbreu, Bos Scott White 2
JLucchesi, NYM Mike Gianella 1
CQuantrill, Cle Tim McLeod 0

Head to Head

Player Team Bid
PBlackburn, Oak Ariel Cohen 40
TBradley, TB Ariel Cohen 35
SGipsonLong, Det Greg Jewett 16
JMerryweather, ChC Greg Jewett 9
CHolmes, NYY Frank Stampfl 6
LCampusano, SD Greg Jewett 4
JButto, NYM Frank Stampfl 3
RMauricio, NYM Frank Stampfl 2
RGrossman, Tex Greg Jewett 2
ECarter, Tex Frank Stampfl 1

Mixed with IP & Saves+Holds

Player Team Bid
MKing, NYY Sara Sanchez 14
EJulien, Min Sara Sanchez 14
JHeyward, LAD Sara Sanchez 12
JMeans, Bal Dylan White 4
MVierling, Det Dylan White 3
HKjerstad, Bal Matt Trussell 1
JAssad, ChC Matt Trussell 0
AWainwright, StL Dylan White 0
JAdon, Was Dylan White 0
CPoche, TB Andy Behrens 0