2 thoughts on “May 28 FAAB Reports”

  1. If we waited for the Bidmeister to run at noon on Monday, the way we do in my home league, the current standings would be through Sunday. But at midnight on Sunday the standings are based on the very unofficial live stat stream, and are subject to change. That really leaves the thru Saturday standings as the only good choice (though it does feel strange when the standings change with Sunday’s games).

  2. Nice write up by all of the Tout Warriors as always. A couple of personal notes based on what I did in the N.L.

    1) I bid $6 on Camp because I own Marmol (on reserve). I probably would not have bid on him at all if I did not own Marmol.

    2) The Saturday/Sunday standings rules might be a function of On Roto, Tout Wars’ most excellent stat service. My home leagues both use On Roto, and this happens there as well. I’m not sure that On Roto can offer to have the bids run off of the Live Standings feature.

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