FAAB Chat with the Touts Tonight (3/31/21)

Tonight at the 8pm the Tout Wars leagues will have their first FAAB run of the year.

Join Peter Kreutzer and others at 8:30 to chat about this week’s moves on Zoom.

Topic: Tout Wars FAAB Meetup
Time: Mar 31, 2021 08:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)


Meeting is over. Sorry to all who tried to attend and didn’t get in. Rotoman didn’t put the proper security measures in place and Zoom did something to protect us.

We’ll try it again on Sunday. Look for log in information here at Toutwars.com on Saturday.

May 12 FAABraganza! Who bought who and why.


Corbin Martin’s debut for the Astros was zeroed in on by several in this league. No solace that my bid of $123 was second to Tim McLeod’s winning bid of $149.

At the other end of the rookie spectrum I was surprised that J.P. Crawford went for only $8. He could easily work his way into an everyday role even after injured Mariners return.

There was a hefty market for players drafted in March who were in the free agent pile this week:Danny Duffy for $53 to Charlie WiegertAsdrubal Cabrera for $69 to Greg Ambrosius (dropping Carter Kieboom)Francisco Pena also $69 to Ambrosius.

There were also two teams that needed a catcher who went the $0 bid route to roster Travis d’Arnaud and Alex Avila. Any way to save a buck is worth a try. — Perry Van Hook

See all the bidding in Tout Mixed Draft.

TOUT MIXED AUCTION: Corbin Martin’s one walk nine strikeout performance on Sunday fired some Mixed Auction imaginations as well. Tim Heaney’s 154 bid won the day over Derek VanRiper’s $137.

Another C Martin, this one named Chris, drew a bid of $148 from Gene McCaffrey. Chris Martin saved a game this week for the Rangers, and could very well save some more.

Brent Hershey spent $81 on John Means, the Orioles starter who has impressed so far despite his lack of pedigree. Results are so much more important, as long as they last.

Bret Sayre went cheap, spending $1 each on Yordan Alvarez, who may get the call to Houston at any point (all he has to do is keep him active for week to put him on reserve) and Stephen Vogt, who has been hot. –Peter Kreutzer

See all the bidding in Tout Mixed Auction.

TOUT WARS AL: The two Martins were the big draws in Tout AL as well. Corbin went for $355 to Nando Di Fino, while Chris went to Howard Bender for $167. Bender coincidentally also spent $167 on Charlie Tilson, not a Martin but another guy whose first name starts with the letter C.

Jeff Erickson had the losing bid on Corbin, with $177. Doug Dennis’s $157 was the losing bid on Chris. Glenn Colton and Rick Wolf had second bid on Charlie, with $77.

Shed Long drew a $65 winning bid from Nando DiFino, which could prove savvy. I like Jason Collette’s $25 win on Jordan Luplow, who had a two homer game this week. –Peter Kreutzer

To see all the Tout Wars AL bids click here.

TOUT WARS HEAD TO HEAD: In the 12 team head to head league Clay Link picked up Corbin Martin for $66, besting Jake Ciely’s $63 bid. Burn.

Andrea LaMont had the week’s big buy, with Matt Olson drawing a bid of $224. The penultimate bid there was Ralph Lifschitz’s $28, which means Olson wasn’t a bargain but could still prove to be one.

Other interesting bids were $64 to Lucas Giolita, who is getting a little hot, from Ian Kahn, and $55 to Charlie Tilson from Dr. Roto. There was no bidding on Chris Martin in this league, by the way. –Peter Kreutzer

To see all the Tout Wars Head to Head bids click here.

TOUT WARS NL: An oft disappointing player, one I picked as a sleeper this year, gets sent to the minors, kicks it into gear and is called up. A massive winning bid ensues. That’s the log line to The Mac Williamson Story, as written this week by Phil Hertz. On Netflix in August.

Phil was supposed to be writing these notes this week, but got held up at a Mothers Day dinner. Grey Albright’s $78 bid finished second.

Harold (not Hanley) Ramirez, newly signed in Miami, went for $111 to Andy Behrens. The bids for Williamson and Ramirez expose an NL desperate for hitters. –Peter Kreutzer

You can see all the Tout Wars NL bids by clicking here.

Good luck everyone.

Tout: The Half Week in FAAB

Todd is traveling and will post this week’s FAAB charts on Friday, but here is the raw data, in case you’re interested.



Patrick Davitt:

  1. res KGiles Hou:
    1. pur JPazos Sea 15
    2. pur WHarris Hou 0
    3. pur TRogers Min 0

Rob Leibowitz:

Doug Dennis:

  1. res KMcCarthy KC:
    1. pur WHarris Hou 0

Conditional Releases

  1. rel EPagan Oak

Vlad Sedler:

  1. res WRamos TB:
    1. pur ARomine NYY 3
    2. pur JSucre TB 2
  2. rel LGurriel Tor:
    1. pur RRua Tex 12
    2. pur MPerez Tex 9
    3. pur YRamirez Bal 4

Larry Schechter:

  1. res CSisco Bal:
    1. pur ARomine NYY 13
    2. pur JSucre TB 6

Jason Collette:

  1. dis GRichards LAA:
    1. pur CPoche TB 6
  2. dis JAlvarado TB:
    1. pur JoeSmith Hou 2

Jeff Erickson:

Lawr Michaels:

Seth Trachtman:

  1. rel TFederowicz Hou:
    1. pur JSucre TB 6
    2. pur ARomine NYY 3
    3. pur DFreitas Sea 0
  2. res TWhite Hou:
    1. pur DSmithJr Tor 8
    2. pur RLaMarre CWS 0
    3. pur RRua Tex 0

Chris Liss:

  1. res CBassitt Oak:
    1. pur SOhtaniP LAA 0

Mike Podhorzer:

  1. dis IKennedy KC:
    1. pur JJames Hou 1
    2. pur SReidFoley Tor 1
  2. res MAndriese TB:
    1. pur SReidFoley Tor 1

Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton:

  1. res EAdrianza Min:
    1. pur SOhtaniP LAA 2
    2. pur JSheffield NYY 1
    3. pur AReed Hou 1
  2. res JAdduci Det:
    1. pur JSheffield NYY 1
    2. pur AReed Hou 1


Patrick Davitt: res KGiles Hou, pur JPazos Sea 15
Doug Dennis: res KMcCarthy KC, pur WHarris Hou 0
Vlad Sedler: rel LGurriel Tor, pur RRua Tex 12
Larry Schechter: res CSisco Bal, pur ARomine NYY 13
Jason Collette: dis GRichards LAA, pur CPoche TB 6
Jason Collette: dis JAlvarado TB, pur JoeSmith Hou 2
Seth Trachtman: rel TFederowicz Hou, pur JSucre TB 6
Seth Trachtman: res TWhite Hou, pur DSmithJr Tor 8
Mike Podhorzer: dis IKennedy KC, pur JJames Hou 1
Mike Podhorzer: res MAndriese TB, pur SReidFoley Tor 1
Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton: res EAdrianza Min, pur SOhtaniP LAA 2
Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton: res JAdduci Det, pur JSheffield NYY 1
Seth Trachtman: mov DSmithJr Tor SW
Doug Dennis: rel EPagan Oak



Lenny Melnick :

  1. dis TFrazier NYM:
    1. pur JMcNeil NYM 1
  2. rel PSeverino Was:
    1. pur BHoladay Mia 1
    2. pur EKratz Mil 0

Todd Zola:

  1. res CFerguson LAD:
    1. pur CBurnes Mil 17
    2. pur RMadson Was 7
    3. pur RRosario ChC 0
    4. pur BDuensing ChC 0
    5. pur TLyons StL 0
    6. pur STuivailala StL 0
  2. dis MPina Mil:
    1. pur VCaratini ChC 3
    2. pur SKieboom Was 0
    3. pur EKratz Mil 0
    4. pur RLopez SD 0

Derek Carty:

Tristan H. Cockcroft:

  1. res JHellickson Was:
    1. pur VRobles Was 1
    2. pur FReyes SD 0
    3. pur PAlonso NYM 1

Andy Behrens:

  1. res AEllis SD:
    1. pur AToles LAD 49
    2. pur JReyes NYM 21
    3. pur FReyes SD 11

Brian Walton:

  1. res JValentin Phi:
    1. pur AToles LAD 80
    2. pur JLuplow Pit 12
  2. res JPirela SD:
    1. pur FReyes SD 50
    2. pur JLuplow Pit 12

Scott Wilderman:

  1. res CSpangenberg SD:
    1. pur JReyes NYM 3
    2. pur MMoroff Pit 1
    3. pur NOrf Mil 0
    4. pur KTomlinson SF 0
    5. pur TKelly NYM 0
  2. rel JMathis Ari:
    1. pur VCaratini ChC 0

Conditional Releases

  1. rel AGarrett Cin

Phil Hertz:

  1. res CAsuaje SD:
    1. pur AToles LAD 67
    2. pur JMcNeil NYM 5
    3. pur JLuplow Pit 9
    4. pur RErlin SD 0
    5. pur ESantana Pit 0
    6. pur AConley Mia 0
    7. pur JWilson ChC 0
    8. pur RBlack SF 0
    9. pur CBurnes Mil 2
    10. pur SKelley Was 0
  2. res TomHunter Phi:
    1. pur ESantana Pit 0
    2. pur RErlin SD 0
    3. pur AConley Mia 0
    4. pur JWilson ChC 0
    5. pur RBlack SF 0
    6. pur SKelley Was 0
    7. pur CBurnes Mil 0
    8. pur COswalt NYM 0

Craig Mish:

  1. rel JPatterson Col:
    1. pur AToles LAD 11
  2. rel SCarle Atl:
    1. pur MKeller Pit 1

Mike Gianella:

Steve Gardner:

Grey Albright:

  1. dis JSamardzija SF:
    1. pur AConley Mia 11
    2. pur NCuevas Col 1
    3. pur MDenDekker NYM 1


Lenny Melnick : rel PSeverino Was, pur BHoladay Mia 1
Todd Zola: res CFerguson LAD, pur CBurnes Mil 17
Todd Zola: dis MPina Mil, pur VCaratini ChC 3
Tristan H. Cockcroft: res JHellickson Was, pur VRobles Was 1
Brian Walton: res JValentin Phi, pur AToles LAD 80
Brian Walton: res JPirela SD, pur FReyes SD 50
Phil Hertz: res CAsuaje SD, pur JMcNeil NYM 5
Phil Hertz: res TomHunter Phi, pur ESantana Pit 0
Craig Mish: rel SCarle Atl, pur MKeller Pit 1
Grey Albright: dis JSamardzija SF, pur AConley Mia 11
Andy Behrens: res AEllis SD, pur JReyes NYM 21
Scott Wilderman: res CSpangenberg SD, pur MMoroff Pit 1
Andy Behrens: mov JReyes NYM UT
Scott Wilderman: mov MMoroff Pit MI
Scott Wilderman: rel AGarrett Cin



Ron Shandler:

  1. res AMeadows Pit:
    1. pur JMcNeil NYM 8

Scott Pianowski:

Scott Swanay:

  1. res AHeaney LAA:
    1. pur CFrazier NYY 24
    2. pur AToles LAD 24
    3. pur ERamos Phi 3
    4. pur RMoronta SF 3
    5. pur SCishek ChC 2
    6. pur JJeffress Mil 1
    7. pur DRobertson NYY 0
    8. pur RStanek TB 0
    9. pur MBarnes Bos 0
  2. res WLeBlanc Sea:
    1. pur AToles LAD 13
    2. pur ERamos Phi 3
    3. pur RMoronta SF 3
    4. pur SCishek ChC 2
    5. pur JJeffress Mil 1
    6. pur DRobertson NYY 0
    7. pur RStanek TB 0
    8. pur MBarnes Bos 0
  3. res CRodon CWS:
    1. pur ERamos Phi 3
    2. pur RMoronta SF 3
    3. pur SCishek ChC 2
    4. pur JJeffress Mil 1
    5. pur DRobertson NYY 0
    6. pur RStanek TB 0
    7. pur MBarnes Bos 0

Tim McLeod:

  1. res SBieber Cle:
    1. pur LGiolito CWS 15
    2. pur DStraily Mia 6
  2. rel WAdames TB:
    1. pur ARosario NYM 6
  3. res WRamos TB:
    1. pur EDiaz Pit 5

Al Melchior:

  1. rel JIglesias Det:
    1. pur JHellickson Was 6
    2. pur CMaybin Mia 6
    3. pur TKemp Hou 6

Ray Flowers:

  1. rel RYarbrough TB:
    1. pur ARosario NYM 46
    2. pur FHernandez Sea 9
    3. pur EJackson Oak 9

Brent Hershey:

Bret Sayre:

  1. dis AVizcaino Atl:
    1. pur KCrick Pit 1
    2. pur MBarnes Bos 1
  2. res JJay Ari:
    1. pur PAlonso NYM 6
    2. pur JKang Pit 6
  3. res NWilliams Phi:
    1. pur ARosario NYM 18
    2. pur PAlonso NYM 6
    3. pur JKang Pit 6

Scott Engel:

  1. dis FCervelli Pit:
    1. pur ONarvaez CWS 3
    2. pur KSmith CWS 0
  2. dis EThames Mil:
    1. pur JBonifacio KC 5
    2. pur LGarcia CWS 3
    3. pur JWendle TB 3
    4. pur SDuggar SF 1
  3. rel MarkReynolds Was:
    1. pur JCave Min 8
    2. pur JWendle TB 4
    3. pur SDuggar SF 1
    4. pur LGarcia CWS 1

Zach Steinhorn:

  1. res CSabathia NYY:
    1. pur DStraily Mia 33
    2. pur FHernandez Sea 28
  2. res TClippard Tor:
    1. pur JJeffress Mil 13
    2. pur DRobertson NYY 8
  3. res ZWheeler NYM:
    1. pur YDarvish ChC 12

Joe Pisapia:

Derek VanRiper:

Jeff Zimmerman:

Fred Zinkie:

  1. res DMesoraco NYM:
    1. pur EDiaz Pit 6
    2. pur DRobertson NYY 2
    3. pur RStanek TB 2
  2. res GParra Col:
    1. pur RBraun Mil 2
    2. pur JWendle TB 2
    3. pur LGarcia CWS 2
    4. pur TKemp Hou 2
    5. pur DRobertson NYY 2
  3. res CMorton Hou:
    1. pur YDarvish ChC 174
    2. pur DRobertson NYY 2
    3. pur RStanek TB 2

Tim Heaney:

  1. res YMoncada CWS:
    1. pur CMaybin Mia 7
    2. pur ARosario NYM 7
    3. pur KWong StL 1
    4. pur CGomez TB 1
  2. res BSnell TB:
    1. pur LGiolito CWS 3
    2. pur JUrias LAD 1
    3. pur JAnderson LAA 0


Ron Shandler: res AMeadows Pit, pur JMcNeil NYM 8
Scott Swanay: res AHeaney LAA, pur CFrazier NYY 24
Scott Swanay: res WLeBlanc Sea, pur AToles LAD 13
Scott Swanay: res CRodon CWS, pur ERamos Phi 3
Tim McLeod: res SBieber Cle, pur LGiolito CWS 15
Al Melchior: rel JIglesias Det, pur JHellickson Was 6
Ray Flowers: rel RYarbrough TB, pur ARosario NYM 46
Bret Sayre: dis AVizcaino Atl, pur KCrick Pit 1
Bret Sayre: res JJay Ari, pur PAlonso NYM 6
Bret Sayre: res NWilliams Phi, pur JKang Pit 6
Scott Engel: dis FCervelli Pit, pur ONarvaez CWS 3
Scott Engel: dis EThames Mil, pur JBonifacio KC 5
Scott Engel: rel MarkReynolds Was, pur JCave Min 8
Zach Steinhorn: res CSabathia NYY, pur DStraily Mia 33
Zach Steinhorn: res TClippard Tor, pur JJeffress Mil 13
Fred Zinkie: res DMesoraco NYM, pur EDiaz Pit 6
Fred Zinkie: res GParra Col, pur RBraun Mil 2
Fred Zinkie: res CMorton Hou, pur YDarvish ChC 174
Tim Heaney: res YMoncada CWS, pur CMaybin Mia 7
Tim Heaney: res BSnell TB, pur JUrias LAD 1
Scott Engel: mov JCave Min UT



Anthony Perri:

Tim McCullough:

Tom Kessenich:

Ray Murphy:

Jeff Boggis:

  1. rel ACashner Bal:
    1. pur TRoss SD 12

Perry Van Hook:

  1. dis EThames Mil:
    1. pur SDuggar SF 0
    2. pur JCave Min 0
  2. rel EDiaz Pit:
    1. pur VCaratini ChC 0
    2. pur CaJoseph Bal 0
    3. pur CIannetta Col 0
  3. dis JuGuerra Mil:
    1. pur JUrias LAD 0
    2. pur RGsellman NYM 0
    3. pur LTrivino Oak 0
    4. pur CFerguson LAD 0

Charlie Wiegert:

  1. dis ABenintendi Bos:
    1. pur SKingery Phi 122

Corey Parson:

Gene McCaffrey:

  1. rel GRichards LAA:
    1. pur TRoss SD 27
    2. pur ELauer SD 1
    3. pur RBorucki Tor 1
    4. pur MStrahm SD 0
  2. dis JPaxton Sea:
    1. pur ELauer SD 3
    2. pur RBorucki Tor 3
    3. pur MStrahm SD 0
    4. pur TClippard Tor 0
    5. pur FLiriano Det 0

Greg Ambrosius:

Scott White:

Michael Beller:

D.J. Short:

Adam Ronis:

Rudy Gamble:

  1. res NGoodrum Det:
    1. pur JGyorko StL 6

Conditional Releases

  1. rel DMengden Oak



Perry Van Hook: dis EThames Mil, pur SDuggar SF 0
Perry Van Hook: rel EDiaz Pit, pur VCaratini ChC 0
Perry Van Hook: dis JuGuerra Mil, pur JUrias LAD 0
Charlie Wiegert: dis ABenintendi Bos, pur SKingery Phi 122
Gene McCaffrey: rel GRichards LAA, pur TRoss SD 27
Gene McCaffrey: dis JPaxton Sea, pur ELauer SD 3
Rudy Gamble: res NGoodrum Det, pur JGyorko StL 6
Charlie Wiegert: mov SKingery Phi OF
Rudy Gamble: mov JGyorko StL 2B



Jeff Mans:

Stephania Bell:

  1. rel TBlach SF:
    1. pur KCalhoun LAA 16
  2. rel RFlaherty Atl:
    1. pur JBell Pit 27
  3. rel HPence SF:
    1. pur JGray Col 47

Andrea LaMont:

  1. dis MZunino Sea:
    1. pur ONarvaez CWS 0
    2. pur AHedges SD 1
    3. pur SLeon Bos 0
  2. dis EThames Mil:
    1. pur KCalhoun LAA 14
    2. pur MFranco Phi 4
    3. pur WFlores NYM 2
    4. pur JBradley Bos 2
  3. dis AVizcaino Atl:
    1. pur JGray Col 13
    2. pur EJackson Oak 12
    3. pur LTrivino Oak 6
    4. pur FRodney Min 0
  4. res BNimmo NYM:
    1. pur MKepler Min 0
    2. pur KMorales Tor 0
    3. pur MFranco Phi 0
    4. pur IHapp ChC 0
    5. pur WFlores NYM 0

Howard Bender:

Paul Sporer:

  1. res TomMurphy Col:
    1. pur DMesoraco NYM 2
    2. pur KSuzuki Atl 2
    3. pur RChirinos Tex 2
  2. res MLeake Sea:
    1. pur JGray Col 58
    2. pur NKingham Pit 44
    3. pur LTrivino Oak 7
    4. pur MHarvey Cin 6
    5. pur WSmith SF 8
  3. res JOdorizzi Min:
    1. pur JGray Col 61
    2. pur NKingham Pit 44
    3. pur WSmith SF 8
    4. pur MHarvey Cin 7
    5. pur LTrivino Oak 7
    6. pur DStraily Mia 5

Michael Rathburn:

  1. dis MPina Mil:
    1. pur AHedges SD 6
    2. pur AKnapp Phi 3
    3. pur AKnapp Phi 3
    4. pur ARomine NYY 3
    5. pur ARomine NYY 3

Peter Kreutzer:

  1. dis ASlegers Min:
    1. pur MHarvey Cin 7
    2. pur EJackson Oak 7
    3. pur NKingham Pit 7
    4. pur CRichard SD 1
  2. res FLiriano Det:
    1. pur EJackson Oak 7
    2. pur NKingham Pit 7
    3. pur CRichard SD 1
  3. res BZobrist ChC:
    1. pur JBradley Bos 5
    2. pur MCanha Oak 4

Kyle Elfrink:

  1. rel KGiles Hou:
    1. pur JGray Col 99
    2. pur EJackson Oak 21
  2. dis RDevers Bos:
    1. pur SCastro Mia 57
  3. rel JBarria LAA:
    1. pur EJackson Oak 21
    2. pur RGsellman NYM 33

Justin Mason:

  1. dis FHernandez Sea:
    1. pur SGaviglio Tor 1
    2. pur TRichards Mia 0
  2. dis JSamardzija SF:
    1. pur ADeSclafani Cin 1
    2. pur TRichards Mia 0
  3. rel SRomano Cin:
    1. pur MHarvey Cin 2
    2. pur TRichards Mia 0
  4. rel DCovey CWS:
    1. pur CRichard SD 1
    2. pur TRichards Mia 0

Dr. Roto:

  1. dis KPillar Tor:
    1. pur AHedges SD 12
    2. pur MGarver Min 1
    3. pur AKnapp Phi 1
  2. rel JJimenez Det:
    1. pur JGray Col 108
    2. pur NKingham Pit 19
    3. pur TRichards Mia 5
  3. rel AHanson SF:
    1. pur IHapp ChC 14
    2. pur MKepler Min 9

Clay Link:

Jake Ciely:

  1. res TRoss SD:
    1. pur JGray Col 23
    2. pur NKingham Pit 13
    3. pur DStraily Mia 3
  2. dis FCervelli Pit:
    1. pur AHedges SD 10
    2. pur ONarvaez CWS 0
    3. pur MGarver Min 0


Stephania Bell: rel TBlach SF, pur KCalhoun LAA 16
Stephania Bell: rel RFlaherty Atl, pur JBell Pit 27
Andrea LaMont: dis MZunino Sea, pur ONarvaez CWS 0
Andrea LaMont: dis EThames Mil, pur MFranco Phi 4
Paul Sporer: res TomMurphy Col, pur DMesoraco NYM 2
Peter Kreutzer: res BZobrist ChC, pur JBradley Bos 5
Kyle Elfrink: dis RDevers Bos, pur SCastro Mia 57
Justin Mason: dis FHernandez Sea, pur SGaviglio Tor 1
Justin Mason: dis JSamardzija SF, pur ADeSclafani Cin 1
Dr. Roto: dis KPillar Tor, pur AHedges SD 12
Dr. Roto: rel JJimenez Det, pur JGray Col 108
Dr. Roto: rel AHanson SF, pur IHapp ChC 14
Jake Ciely: dis FCervelli Pit, pur MGarver Min 0
Andrea LaMont: res BNimmo NYM, pur MKepler Min 0
Paul Sporer: res MLeake Sea, pur NKingham Pit 44
Paul Sporer: res JOdorizzi Min, pur WSmith SF 8
Michael Rathburn: dis MPina Mil, pur AKnapp Phi 3
Peter Kreutzer: dis ASlegers Min, pur MHarvey Cin 7
Kyle Elfrink: rel KGiles Hou, pur EJackson Oak 21
Kyle Elfrink: rel JBarria LAA, pur RGsellman NYM 33
Justin Mason: rel SRomano Cin, pur TRichards Mia 0
Jake Ciely: res TRoss SD, pur DStraily Mia 3
Andrea LaMont: dis AVizcaino Atl, pur LTrivino Oak 6
Peter Kreutzer: res FLiriano Det, pur CRichard SD 1
Andrea LaMont: mov MFranco Phi UT
Dr. Roto: mov IHapp ChC MI

The Week’s FAAB Reports for Tout Wars, on August 14.

Mastersball always Looks FAABulous, and this week is no exception. Todd Zola and his masters weigh in on the weekly FAAB doings, with charts! Read it here.

Over at Baseball Prospectus, George Bissell is filling in for Mike Gianella on their FAAB report. The link is here. It was momentarily behind the paywall, but has been thankfully set free. Enjoy.

Tips for Draft Kings from Tout Daily Players, on August 11, 2017

Tim Heaney stepped on it in Week 1 of Period 5, winning handily over the field of Touts in Tout Daily.

Week 2 is played tonight, with the Top 2 scorers from the four-week contest winning tickets to the September 1 final.

Some Touts have sent us their top picks for tonight’s contest at Draft King.


Top Pitchers  I’m going with two “aces” that need to stop their teams losing streaks, so I expect great performances out of both, Jimmy Nelson and Danny Duffy.  Both stand in line for double digit Ks and a Win. Nelson gets Cincy at home,and Duffy gets the “rookie” White Sox team in Chitown.

Top hitters…stacking a few Nationals against Giants rookie Stratton tonight, Matt Wieters, Ryan Zimmerman and Brian Goodwin. I’m hoping Freddy Galvis will attack Seth Lugo and the Mets, and rostering studs Cano, Sano and Bautista.


Jonathan Gray and Mike Moustakas.


My top hitter for tonight’s #ToutDaily contest is: Freddie Freeman (ATL – 1B) at St. Louis against Adam Wainwright. You can roster Freeman for $1,000 less than Paul Goldschmidt at $4,700 tonight.

My top pitcher for tonight’s #ToutDaily contest is: Carlos Carrasco (SP) at Tampa Bay $8,900.  Look for him to bounce back tonight after his last two rough outings.


Ubaldo Jimenez ($6500): Deperate times, desperate measures, although to be sure Jimenez has been solid his last three starts and faces the easiest band potential strike out victims than Oakland.

Howie Kendrick ($4100): Kendrick is a great second half hitter on a .382-1-5 jag his last 10 games, facing the none too effective Chris Stratton and his 0-2 mark with a 6.63 ERA.


There are at least six SP’s tonight with a reasonable chance to post a 30+-point game. Tonight’s salaries are aligned well with the odds and I’m starting with Rich Hill at the top. Tonight is a good night to enter multiple teams and vary your #2 SP.

Neil Walker woke up yesterday. He faces righty Nick Pivetta and no doubt the highly questionable Phillies’ bullpen at $2700 – a big help in rostering expensive SPs.


Pitcher: Jimmy Nelson – second biggest favorite according to Vegas, should get a good number of Ks.

Hitter: Gregory Polanco allows me to afford Mike Trout and Jose Altuve.


Pitcher: He’s been scuffling lately, but that’s driven down the price for Carlos Carrasco ($9,700). I like the park upgrade and the strikeout upside, taking on the Rays in The Trop.

Hitter: There’s surprisingly ample low-priced hitters to afford good pitching as well as paying up for Mike Trout ($5,700). Trout’s price reflects a juicy encounter with southpaw Marco Gonzales.


Danny Duffy, KC at CWS: Keep picking on the Pale Hose, who develop more holes by the day.

Andrelton Simmons, LAA at SEA: One of the more underrated fantasy bats gets a favorable platoon turn.


Tout FAAB Reports, Trade Deadline Edition!

Sure, before the Monday transaction deadline, it was all NLers going to the AL, but next Monday the NLers will get their chance.

In the meantime, Todd Zola and the gang at Mastersball tell us what it’s all about.

And Mike Gianella surveys the various Tout and Labr formats he’s in touch with, with lots of puns for good fun (as well as astute analysis).

The Week In Transaction Analysis: 7/18/17

I didn’t write a piece this week for the Mastersball H2H transaction roundup, because there were only two purchases, but Todd Zola and his band of merry men take a look at all five Tout leagues. Read it here.

Mike Gianella made a big splash for Jose Quintana in Tout Wars NL, and has so far lived to tell about it and other transactions this week. Read his article here.