The Tout Mixed Lineup is Set!

This year’s 15 man league:

2010 Tout Wars MIXED LEAGUE

The draft starts at 9am on March 28th. We’ll be blogging live from Citi Field. Follow it here!

Fantasyland, the Tout Wars Movie, Available March 19th.

fantasyland home pageThe wait is nearly over, with the announcement that Fantasyland, the movie based on Sam Walker’s bestselling book about Tout Wars, will premiere at on March 19th, just in time for the 2010 Tout Wars drafts. So get the word out. Jed Latkin stars in Fantasyland.

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Say Hello to the New Constitution!

The new Tout Wars constitution has been posted. The changes are few (and are highlighted in red).

Major League games played last year to qualify for a position has been lowered to 15 (from 20). The object is to open up some position flexibility, which is especially important in these days of expanding pitching staffs.

Tout Wars loves the Vickery FAAB system, but the feeling was that applying Vickery on the less contested players gave owners a nearly unlimited budget, as player after player was reduced to $1. This year, FAAB bids of 10 or fewer will not be adjusted for Vickery, while bids of more than 10 will be reduced to $10 if there isn’t a higher second bid.

FAAB reclaims, if a player goes on the 60 day DL, will be rounded down, rather than up.

There is clarification of what constitutes a legal contingent bid during FAAB.

And that’s about it.

Tout Wars Needs You!

Uncle Sam playing baseballWe’re looking for league commissioners/SWATs for this season.

The ideal candidate is a fantasy baseball blogger or analyst aspiring to play in Tout Wars some day. Scrupulous ethics and ability to process details is a must. Familiarity with stat service software is helpful, too.

Work (processing FAAB and claims and  entering into stat service, then issuing a report) must be done between midnight Sunday and noon Monday every week of the season (a sub will be available when necessary).

If you’re interested please send why you think you’d be a good fit to

While compensation will mostly be increased visibility in the fantasy baseball world, and working with some of the best known analysts in the business, there will also be a cash bonus at year’s end, for jobs well done.

UPDATE: The jobs are full, we think, but if you’re interested feel free to send in your name and contact info. It will get you on top of the list for next year. Thanks.

Tout Wars NL Lineup is Set!

With the draft slated for 2 pm on March 28th, the 13 teams of Tout Wars NL are set.

This year’s competition is joined by Larry Schechter, three time Tout Wars Mixed winner, Chris Liss, last year’s Tout Wars Mixed champ, and Mike Gianella, 2009 CBSsports NL AL Experts League champ.

They join last year’s Tout NL winner Brian Walton in battle with two-time champ Scott Wilderman, and TWNL vets Nate Ravitch, Todd Zola, Lenny Melnick, Phil Hertz, Cory Schwartz, Tristan Cockcroft, Peter Kreutzer, and Scott Pianowski.

The Tout NL draft will be live-blogged on

For the NL, the games begin April 5th.

Tout Wars AL lineup is set…

The twelve teams of Tout Wars AL are set. One big change this year. Sam Walker, author of Fantasyland, has decided to move on with his two Tout Wars titles.

Taking his place is the estimable Rob Leibowitz, of, a long time Tout Wars vet who played last year in the NL league.

The rest of lineup includes 2009 champion Lawr Michaels, second place finisher Mike Siano, third place finisher Ron Shandler, and Jeff Erickson, Joe Sheehan, Jason Grey, Steve Moyer, Matthew Berry, Jason Collette, Rick Wolf/Glen Colton, and Dean Peterson.

The AL auction will be held at 4 pm on Friday, March 26th.

The event will be live blogged. We’re working on getting some unfortunately limited number of guest passes. If you’re interested, please write to, with Tout Wars Guest in the subject, and which draft you would like to attend.

The history is updated

Those hungry for Tout Wars history  can head over to the history page, where the final standings and league records are all posted. Some day we’ll get all the draft results and full final standings posted (and remember, if you have any Tout Wars data that you think might be of interest, please send it to

We’re Getting Ready to Rumble!

Draft dates have been set (March 26 and 28 at Citifield in Flushing NY), the slates are almost filled, Spring Training is almost here.

Check back soon for all the Tout Wars details.