10 Year Ago at Tout Wars

In 2001, Tout Wars drafted in the basement baseball shrine at Baseball Info Solution’s Steve Moyer’s house in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley.  What I remember most is winning the first reserve pick in the NL draft and choosing can’t-miss pitching prospect Kurt Ainsworth over the surprising spring sensation third baseman named Albert Pujols (or as Steve informed us pedantically: Poo-holes). Take a trip down memory lane with us now…

2001 NL Draft Results

2001 AL Draft Results

Does anyone have a picture from the draft?

Tout Warriors Toot About Their Teams

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Tout Mixed Draft 2011--Defending champ Andy Behrens and contenders at work

The perspectives of others

Tout vet Mike Salfino looks at how Yankee and Met players fared for wsj.com

Enjoy some photos from the drafts

This year’s Tout NL spreadsheet keeper John Toczydlowski shares some thoughts about Tout Weekend.

The crew at MLB.com made a video.

Eric Mack wishes he’d followed his own draft advice at Tout Wars.



See the draft spreadsheet here.

Click the console below for a replay of the the live blog.

TOUT MIXED Draft Live Blog, 3pm here: IT’S OVER!

The live blog is done. Click the console below to relive the auction with Jason Collette and a cast of many. The final spreadsheet with the draft’s full results is here.

Cover It Live blog here for Tout Wars AL auction, March 19 at 9 am

Look for radio coverage at Sirius/XM and mlb.com. Look for the live blog here.

LISS: Preparing for an Expert League Auction

Rotowire’s Chris Liss tells how he has prepared for this year’s Tout Wars NL auction in the Bats blog at the NYtimes.com

I’ve just added an extra buck to my Stephen Drew maximum bid.

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