Tout Wars Draft and Hold

The 2020 Tout Wars drafting season is set to commence Monday at 1:00 PM ET with the second year of our Draft and Hold league. Fourteen of the industry’s best will try to unseat Mike Sheets, the first-ever Draft and Hold champion.

Like all Tout Wars formats, the Draft and Hold is an OBP league. Each team drafts 50 players to use the entire season. There are no pickups or trades.

The draft will be conducted on Fantrax before being moved over to OnRoto, our official sponsor. Fantrax has generously provided a public link to follow the festivities:

Here are the 15 combatants, listed in draft order:

  1. Mike Sheets, ESPN (@MikeASheets)
  2. James Anderson, Rotowire (@RealJRAnderson)
  3. Matt Modica, The Athletic (@ctmbaseball)
  4. Michael Stein, Fantasy Judgment (@FantasyJudgment)
  5. Jon Hegglund, Baseball Prospectus (@JonHegglund)
  6. Brad Johnson, Rotographs (@BaseballATeam)
  7. Anthony Aniano, Rotoballer (@AAnianoFantasy)
  8. Alan Harrison, Fantasy Fix (@TheFantasyFix)
  9. Vlad Sedler, Fantasy Guru Elite (@rotogut)
  10. Dr. Roto, Fulltime Fantasy (@DrRoto)
  11. Jeff Boggis, Fantasy Football Empire (@JeffBoggis)
  12. Jeff Mans, Fantasy Guru Elite (@Jeff_Mans)
  13. Craig Mish, Fantasy Sports Network (@CraigMish)
  14. Mike Florio, Rotoballer (@MichaelFFlorio)
  15. Doug Anderson, Fantrax (@rotodaddy)

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